Andrews Software, Inc. Partner on winning team selected to build Digital Archive for NARA

Image Fortress part of winning Lockheed Martin Team

Today, Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein announced the award of a $308 million, six year contract to a team headed by Lockheed Martin to build the Electronic Records Archives (ERA) system for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The ERA system will capture and preserve the electronic records of the federal government, including Presidential, > Congressional and Supreme Court records, regardless of format, ensure hardware and software independence, and provide access to the American public and Federal officials. Image Fortress is a key member of the winning Lockheed Martin team.

After a year-long design competition, Lockheed Martin was chosen to build the archives of the future based on the technical merit of the solution it proposed, the excellence of their system and software engineering methodology, and the quality of their project management. Lockheed Martin also demonstrated that it understood the intricacies of NARA's responsibilities in the field of record-keeping.

In making the announcement, Professor Weinstein said, "I am indebted to those who acted decades and centuries ago to ensure that the records of our past were preserved for use today. These parchments, pieces of paper, photographs, and maps have allowed us to reconstruct and understand the story of our nation and its people. Today, we act on behalf not only of archivists but of all Americans of the 21st Century who will use the electronic records being created by the Federal Government, today and tomorrow, to research, write, and understand the history of our times. The ERA system will make that possible. The Electronic Records Archives' goal is clear and simple: a system that accepts, preserves, and makes accessible - far into the future - any type of electronic document."

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