Solutions for Media Vaults

Storing & managing media is what you do

It’s no secret there is an information explosion happening. Your customers are harnessing this information onslaught on ever-broadening media formats. They rely on you to store and manage this critical data. Their requirements are simple. The media should be securely housed, accurately stored and immediately accessible.

We’re here to help

ASI addresses the unique requirements of the vault environment with software specifically designed for media vaults. Maintaining accuracy, yet remaining flexible, our software solutions interface seamlessly with the client’s tape management software. The simplicity and flexibility of industry-specific software that:

Improves operations with reports that provide detailed data for operations and management analysis.

Ensures accuracy via its Audit Module, a “closed loop” program that virtually eliminates the occurrence of time-consuming and costly mistakes.

Boosts productivity by streamlining processes and workflow, integrating people, departments and technology.

Builds customer loyalty through accountability and immediate access.

Your customers trust you to manage their critical information. You should trust the only software specifically designed for the vault environment.

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