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JULY 2017

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3 Ways Cross-Training Boosts Workplace Performance

By Scott Bidwell, President/CEO

Summer's a time when people like to take a few vacation days which, for businesses, means different people may be doing other employee's jobs for a few days or weeks. For companies with little or no employee cross-training, an expected absence, such as a vacation, may present a certain amount of headache or create some level of  inefficiency as fill-in staff scramble to stay atop their collegue's responsibilities. Unexpected, unplanned-for employee absences could create major disruptions. Conversely, companies with carefully developed cross-training programs experience minimal, if any, hiccups in daily operations and performance when employees are absent - whether the absence is an expected or an unexpected absence. 

3 Benefits of Cross-Training

  1. Preserve Productivity
    Employee absences are unavoidable. Cross-training ensures your business can avoid a dip in productivity by having staff available who can cover another team member's responsibilities. For long-term absences, it could help avoid the need to bring in temp staff.

  2. Groom for Growth
    A company that invests in cross-training demonstrates an interest in career growth for employees. Engaging employees by encouraging them to "self-select" cross-training opportunities helps identify areas of interest.

  3. Tap into Internal Talent
    Cross-training allows you to leverage the talent from within your organization, reducing the need to recruit new staff to fill positions or expand departments. Because they're familiar with the new position, the time needed to bring the employee "up to speed" is greatly reduced or even eliminated. 

Records centers, shred companies and media vault operators of all sizes can boost their competitive advantage through cross-training. At ASI, we're here to help support employee training and your cross-training program. For more info on ASI solutions and training support, contact Jim Macmillan or ASI Support

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How To Decide Which Tasks to Delegate

By: Jenny Blake, July 26, 2017
Reprinted from and available at: Harvard Business Review 

Ping! Something needs your attention. Is it an email? A tweet? A text? A reminder on your phone? A calendar invite? Ping! Another one. Ping! There’s that sound again. Or maybe it’s a visual cue, an ever-ascending ticker count on your app icons or inbox.

Quick, why don’t you just respond right now? Says the devil on your digital shoulder — your sender will be instantly satisfied and you’ll be rewarded with a hit of dopamine. But wait! The angel on the other side pipes up, imploring you to aim for focus, strategy, meaning, and impact instead. A bit dazed, you return to center: What were you working on again? What was more important than whatever just came in? It’s hard to remember.

When I reach Peak Ping — a sense that I don’t have room for yet another request without sacrificing my sanity or my strategic projects — I take a moment to focus on what matters most, and remind myself that I don’t have to fly solo in my day-to-day work.

Our “angel” of favorite tasks and projects is someone else’s devil, and vice versa. That means there is someone out there who can delight in the devil of your details. The skill is learning how to delegate. Even better than you do right now. Even if you think you already delegate effectively to an extent, I bet you have room for even greater efficiency and resulting peace of mind, whether on the home or work front. We all have a Peak Ping Achilles heel, whether it’s something as mundane as the laundry or as important as monthly bookkeeping.

Read the full article here, including how you can use the "six T’s"to determine what tasks make the most sense to offload


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