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MAY 2017

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What's the difference between a partner and a vendor and why should it matter?

By Scott Bidwell, President/CEO

Being an active partner - working side-by-side with our clients - to grow their businesses is a cornerstone of Andrews Software Inc.'s commitment to our customers. Nothing demonstrates this better than our most recent partnership initiative.

Longtime ASI customer CH Coakley had an opportunity to secure a major US-based financial services company. To do so, would require a custom integration between the CH Coakley/ASI operating system and the client's Infolinx enterprise content management system. Far from working at arm's length to "assist" President/CEO Mike Coakley and his team, we rolled up our sleeves, pulled our chairs up to the table and through the collaborative efforts of all parties, helped secure the business

When I say "partner" vs. "vendor" what do I mean? Why should it matter to you?

Primarily, I'm speaking to the fact that a vendor supplies a product or service to a client. A partner, on the other hand, becomes an extension of the client's business. It matters because a partner assists the client in developing opportunities by contributing substantial knowledge, expertise and resources as needed. Their product/service is but one component of a much broader/deeper relationship. Check out the ASI website for other examples of how ASI works with clients to grow their businesses.

I'm not saying other software companies aren't working closely with their clients. I'm sure they do. What I am saying is that being a partner with our clients is in the DNA of ASI. It's a key contributor to our growth and to the growth of our clients. When business opportunities such as CH Coakley's knock on your door, know that the ASI team is working beside you.

TECH TIP:  Save Hours on Monthly Invoicing Processes with New VCK-SQL

By Jim Macmillan, VP Sales

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to tell you how the recent release of VCK-SQL (ver 9.6.47) makes this possible. It's called Quick Print Invoices and can be accessed from VCK-SQL's OFFICE drop-down menu. Quick Print Invoices allows you to specify different invoicing periods using one consolidated form. Depending on your need, invoices can be sorted by: invoice number, invoice amount, company name, and/or customer number. Select one or multiple invoices to preview or print.

I'm happy to provide more info on using Quick Print Invoices for your business. Email me or call me at 800-807-2093, ext. 207. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what you'll do with all the time saved using Quick Print Invoices!

FYI, you can access all ASI support and documentation in the customer support portal.  The portal is also where ASI clients create support tickets and check the status of tickets. If you're unsure whether you're registered, simply click the "forgot password link" to receive an email with login instructions. If not registered, simply click the "Register"  link. If you have questions or would like assistance please contact ASI Support.  


ASI is proud to continue its sponsor support of NAID Shred School in 2017.  Shred School is designed to provide affordable training to all secure destruction industry professionals and NAID active members in an effort to improve their businesses. Attendees are introduced to the secure destruction industry, data protection legislation, sales tips, marketing best practices, and NAID programs. CSDS can even earn continuing education units. 

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From Lost Job to Mega Success

If you've ever been in a position where the carrot being dangled at the end of a stick was juuuuust out of reach, or even taken away altogether, take heart. In 2010, after 11 years working at Yahoo!, Brian Acton's job was coming to an end. This networking exchange between Brian and recruiters is an example of how quickly things can change and how that lost opportunity could be exactly what you need to find your own path to success. In Brian's case, success turned out to be an app purchased by Facebook for 19 billion dollars. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!


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