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MARCH 2017

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Why I Attend Industry Events

By Scott Bidwell, President/CEO

Conferences and trade shows...attending them can be expensive, disruptive -- and completely invigorating. Take the NAID Conference & Expo held last week in Las Vegas. As an exhibitor, I spent hours on the trade show floor. Even as my feet and lower back squawked with fatigue, the conversations I had with customers, prospects and fellow exhibitors left me feeling more rejuvenated than if I'd taken a 5-Hour Energy shot. The opportunity to connect face-to-face is a key reason I attend industry events. Well-planned events provide ample opportunities for attendees to connect off the trade show floor as well. I often learn far more about the person and their business in one 15-30 minute interaction than I'd learn in three months of email and phone communications. Other reasons I believe investing in industry events makes sense...

Industry events support my commitment to be a life-long learner. As mentioned in the article on leadership and learning featured in the February 2017 ASI Archive, it's important to me that I find ways to expand and strengthen my knowledge base. Education sessions and keynotes offer great learning opportunities. Investing time to these activities positively impacts my personal and professional relationships. Sometimes it can even move a project forward by spawning a new idea or new approach.

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Industry events require planning and focus. As an exhibitor, preparing to attend an industry event begins months before the event -- especially if it includes launching a new product/service/solution, which it often does. Knowing the event date is circled on the calendar provides powerful motivation to the team to establish a timeline that gets reviewed and tweaked in preparation for the event.

Industry events provide access. Like exhibitors, attendees are investing a great deal of time and money to attend an industry event. This translates to prospects who enthusiastically give up their time at a trade show. They are usually highly motivated, interested in what is being offered and are researching options. Events provide a unique, invaluable opportunity to be part of their decision-making process.

I could go on and on about the value I've received from industry events presented by organizations such as NAID, PRISM, and ARMA International. When sitting down to plan your annual budget, I encourage you to include at least one industry event if possible. I promise you'll find that its value extends far beyond the last day of the event. 


One of the things we love most about trade shows is the chance to shake hands - or even exchange big hugs - with our clients and colleagues.

We thank everyone who stopped by the ASI booth to say hi and to learn more about Andrews Software Inc., our latest releases (VCK-SQL) and what's new (ASI Medical Waste Module).

Hope to see you at the upcoming PRISM Annual Conference!

Bryant Campbell image

Welcome Bryant Campbell

We've been working feverishly developing new products, as well as improving ASI's existing software solutions. Our team of talented programmers has been imperative to our success, including the addition of our newest member. Allow us to introduce Bryant Campbell, ASI's newest lead programmer and software developer. Bryant is primarily responsible for developing ASI Universal Services. Utility and installation management also fall within his scope of work.

"We’re happy to have Bryant join the team at ASI," Says ASI Director of Programming Kevin Baird. "His skill set compliments the current team's and his position is an important piece to continue to move the ASI family of products forward."

Says Bryant, "To me, programming is the way of the future. In the past we needed physical spaces to run the services that people want. Now, we have not only the ability to access almost any service, but we have the entirety of human knowledge in our hands. The possibilities of what's to come are what excite me most about working on software -- and about being part of the talented team here at ASI ."

When not at ASI learning and working with the software team, Bryant is a father and a performing mentalist. If you have the opportunity to meet Bryant, he'd be happy to share more (even demo!) how he uses psychology and conversation to entertain and amaze. Makes sense... Bryant's already amazed us!


More About Med Waste Manifests

During last week's NAID Expo, we demonstrated the soon-to-be-released ASI Medical Waste Module. Attendees especially appreciated how the Module integrates manifest functionality. If you've had any experience servicing hospitals and health care facilities, you can appreciate the importance of this feature, especially given the fact that federal agencies require manifests as proof of proper medical waste disposal.

We're pleased to share this info-graphic depicting manifest management in the ASI Medical Waste Module.

For more info, please contact ASI's sales and solutions guru, Jim Macmillan.

TECH TIP: What is ASI Universal Services?

ASI Universal Services is an assortment of tools that exist between ASI applications. For instance, when the scanner communicates with VCK-SQL, it "talks" to the Services, rather than communicating directly with VCK-SQL. The Services are what perform all the actions. Next month's ASI Archive will feature a detailed article on ASI Universal Services. 


PRISM International Annual Conference
May 8- 11, 2017
Tucson, Arizona 


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