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From our start to our years of experience working side-by-side with clients, we feel we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in the RIM services industry. We’re honored to share this knowledge when approached by industry associations, publications and clients to contribute these insights. We’ve compiled a few articles targeting marketing, customer service, operational improvements and more. We hope you find them to be helpful learning tools as you grow your records center, destruction company or media vault.

Growing Pains: How the Right Software Can Help Your Business Avoid Angst & Aggravation
For the sake of this article, we’ll assume you’ve already established a viable business plan, funding and are taking the necessary steps to open for business. This is where it’s critically important that you do your research and allocate resources where they can best work for your company. One area you do not want to skimp on is computers and software. These will be the backbone of your business, supporting operational, sales and service efficiency and success.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure
“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” It is this premise of measurable performance for maximum return that drives Andrews Software Inc.’s software development initiatives. The tools you invest in to run your business should provide the capability for comprehensive and detailed analysis of the various components that dictate workflow, service benchmarks and ultimately, the bottom line.

Selling the Coffee
On a recent vacation, I was up early and out the door in search of an iced coffee to jumpstart the day. With no Starbuck’s in sight, I happened upon a little local joint called the “The Grind.” With surfboards hanging from the ceiling, above colorful, comfy chairs perfect for hours of relaxing, you could tell this was a place that didn’t take itself too seriously. One thing they did take seriously was their coffee and doing it in their own unique way.

Beyond Records
Contradictory to forecasts that the paperless office was on the horizon and would put records centers out of business, the commercial records center industry is alive and well and continues to grow. It is growing, not only in its ability to provide better and faster service to its hardcopy clients, but expanding in its capacity to service clients requiring related services. Secure document destruction is one such service.

Customer Service, When is it OK to “Break the Rules”?
This past summer, I was refueling at one of the local gas stations ner my house, when it occured to me that the story I’m about to share would have been the perfect opportunity for customer service person to “break the rules.”

The Four Pillars of Commercial Records Centers
Today’s commercial-records centers continue to diversify and expand service offerings to accommodate the growing needs of their clients. This diversification has helped balance businesses by reducing dependency on one source of revenue, i.e., “the box on the shelf.”

Divide & Conquer: Realizing the Benefits of Virtualization
As a developer, I’m often required to write software programs for different Operating Systems, and inside different environments. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different settings in each OS, and many programs want to change those settings to suit their particular needs.  This can lead to a lot of resource management.

What can it really cost you?
There seems to be an insurance program for just about everything under the sun. We insure our cars, buildings, houses, and spouses just to name a few.