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Tana's Tech Tip

Seek-n-Find is Easy with ASI

ASI users are able to easily find customers with ASI's advanced search function.

When reviewing the Invoicing screen, use the Search key to quickly find a particular customer. At the top right-hand side, place a check in the box next to 'Search'. Click into the Customer Number field on the invoice list, then type the customer number you are searching for.  As you type, the system will scroll down the invoice list until it lands on the customer number you've entered.

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Visit the ASI Learning Center for loads of educational and support information available online and onsite.

Upcoming Events

Shred School
April 20-22, 2011

May 18-20, 2011
August 24-26, 2011

Spartanburg, South Carolina

PRISM Annual Conference
May 10-12, 2011
Miami, Florida
Visit us at Booth 100!

Fundamentals of Records Center Management
July 19-20, 2011
Jakarta, Indonesia

PRISM/NAID/ARMA Joint European Conference
November 7-9, 2011
London, England

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To open the can, invest in a good can opener.
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

I recently read that, although the tin can was invented and patented in 1810, it wasn't until 1858 that the can opener was invented. That's nearly 50 YEARS of innovative food preservation that could only be accessed through great diligence and creativity, to say the least! I can imagine initial amazement at this new invention was replaced by confusion. How was a person supposed to be able to actually eat the food if the can couldn't be opened? Frustration probably followed confusion as people hammered, pierced and sought other methods for opening the cans.

A new software application is like that tin can of 1810. Until you have the knowledge to know how to use it, its true power is unavailable to you. It is critical for businesses to understand the importance of this. To access the business benefits of new software requires an investment beyond the purchase price. At this point, the business owner/manager has the “tin can” – an investment in software training is the “can opener”. Without training, software users often become frustrated and actually seek ways to avoid using the new software. If possible, they'll revert to accomplishing tasks the way they were done before the software was purchased.

ASI offers its clients ongoing support and training opportunities. We climb into the trenches with our clients to resolve issues and we are their cheerleaders celebrating their successes. We also partner with other businesses to introduce our clients to relevant instruction. One example would be our affiliation with Total Training Services' Shred School. Whether you are a user of ASI software solutions or have invested in other applications, remember to invest in the can opener to realize its full potential to drive your business toward success.

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See you at the PRISM Conference!

Spring is the time of year when we exchange our long wool coats for cool summer shorts, when flowers replace frost and PRISM International presents its Annual Conference. The ASI crew is looking forward to this year's event to be held May 10-12 at the picturesque Doral Golf Resort in Miami, Florida. You're invited to drop by Booth 100 in the PRISM Exhibit Hall and visit with Scott, Jim, Jim and Tana for demonstrations of their suite of RIM industry software solutions such as Visual Corporate Keeper (VCK-SQL), Veri-Shred, Visual Vault Keeper (VVK) and ASI Mobile to name a few.

If you'd like to book a private consultation and/or demonstration, we'd love to hear from you prior to the show. Simply email us or call us directly at 1-800-807-2093 (North America only) or (440) 546-9771 (Worldwide).

We look forward to seeing you in Miami in a few weeks!

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The Latest, Greatest...The Latest, Greatest...

Andrews Software product updates are at your fingertips. Be sure your business is getting the maximum benefit from your ASI software investment. Check out the ASI Product Updates page on the ASI web site. You'll may also find it useful to visit the Release Notes and Help Manuals areas on the site where you'll find the latest information for ASI's records and information management software solutions.

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By Jim Booth, Executive Director, PRISM International

Recent high-profile data breach incidents with Epsilon, (total number of exposed name and e-mail addresses unknown but already called the “biggest data breach in history”), and the Texas Office of the Comptroller (3.5 million records) have created a perfect storm of consumer anxiety that is prompting government response.

On March 16 the Obama administration called on Congress to pass a “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights”. According to Lawrence Strickling, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information, who appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee, the administration would like to see a bill that is “broad and flexible enough to allow consumer privacy protection and business practices to adapt as new technologies and services emerge.”

The US Senate responded almost immediately by introducing a bill co-sponsored by Senators John Kerry and John McCain. The Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011 was introduced in the Senate on April 12. The bill covers almost every kind of business, contains provisions for fines up to $3 million in civil penalties, and authorizes the Federal Trade Commission to promulgate rules to enforce provisions following passage. The following day Representative Cliff Stearns introduced the Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2011.

So as an industry, what can we do to prepare for this latest wave of privacy legislation? Establishment of clear policies and procedures for the safe handling of client information is an essential step. Training employees on the importance of maintaining strict control of client information assets, and the risks to the business if practices are not maintained is another. Implementing adequate physical and technological safeguards to protect information assets is a third. These steps are common sense approaches to protecting any asset of value – the important thing that employees must realize is the costs associated with unauthorized disclosure or breach of client information assets are more expensive than losing boxes full of money or gold. Any business or training approach that drives that point home is a solid step toward mitigating the risks associated with information management.

In previous reports the Federal Trade Commission seems open to industries imposing their own internal certification programs, so long as they are effective in meeting goals of privacy protection and information security. To this end, PRISM International began working on a self-certification program for members at the beginning of 2011. The certification will also involve the use of related employee training materials and supporting documents to help small businesses achieve compliance goals related to safe information handling practices. Development of this certification will continue through 2011, with an eye toward introducing the certification program to PRISM International members in late 2011 or early 2012.

It seems clear that compliance demands will only increase in the near future. PRISM International is committed to assisting members as they work toward developing programs, policies, services and strategies that adjust to these new market realities. For more information about PRISM International please send an e-mail to staff@prismintl.org.

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