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If you aren't yet a PRISM International member, we encourage you to join today.

As the industry's representative body, PRISM provides numerous benefits that can help your business succeed including:

  • Access to publications and legal documents
  • Member community where you can receive instant feedback from your colleagues
  • Discounted pricing on education & networking opportunities

Plus, if you join today, not only will you save on registration fees for the upcoming PRISM Annual Conference, if you've not been a PRISM member for two or more years, for a limited time you can receive one year of FREE membership!

For more information please contact PRISM International at info@prismintl.org or by phone at 1.800.336.9793. You can also join online using promo code: PRISMINTL.

Tech Tip:
Permanently Remove or Destroy Files with new VCK-SQL Release

The newly released VCK-SQL 9.6.x now features valuable new functionality: File Destruction and File Permanent Removal, including new file statuses as follows:

E = File Pending Destruction

T = File Pending Permanent

Y = File Destroyed

Z = File Permanently Withdrawn

For full details, view or download the VCK-SQL 9.6.x Release Notes*.

*A login is required to view Release Notes. If you do not have a login, please contact ASI Support.

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NAID Conference Delivers
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

Like many of you, we recently attended the NAID Annual Conference held April 7-9 in Orlando. We knew it would be a great opportunity to network and connect with our ASI customers, friends, and colleagues - and it did not disappoint. In fact, this year's NAID conference and exhibition delivered on every level. The energy and excitement could be felt throughout the three days as attendees packed into education sessions and filled the exhibit hall.  


No doubt some of the electricity in the air was in anticipation of Friday's
keynote address by Captain Phillip's - a compelling story with lessons on leadership for all of us in our personal and business lives.

Credit is especially due to the NAID team for planning an event that really spoke to industry trends and business realities, and for creating a fun environment for learning and gathering.

Well done NAID! We look forward to 2017's NAID Annual Conference!

Next Stop? PRISM International Annual Conference!


We'll be packing up and heading to PRISM's annual event May 16-19 in Bonita Springs, Florida. You're invited to Booth 202 in the exhibit hall for demonstrations of the latest ASI software releases.

See it First at PRISM Int'l Annual Conference!

VCK SQL: Featuring Individual File Destruction
Following the same process used for box destruction, VCK-SQL users now have the ability to destroy or permanently remove an individual file, or multiple files from a box. If the box has been permanently removed ("Perm Out " status) from the records center, the files also assume a permanent removed, or "Perm Out" status for all files with an "In" status. Previously, files housed within a box marked as "Perm Out" maintained its current status within the box, however these files were unavailable to customers. This feature is especially applicable when a file has been captured digitally and the client subsequently asks that the file be destroyed.

We'll also showcase these new ASI software releases:

ASI Mobile 4.0 for VCK-SQL
ASI Mobile 4.0 for Veri-Shred

Drop by the booth for a pre-release demo of the next generation of driver scanning functionality for ASI Mobile for VCK-SQL and Veri-Shred Windows & Android mobile app.

VCKweb.NET New Release
Featuring new functionality that helps ensure chain of custody integrity, plus multi-language support (see Tech Tip and Release Notes for more detail).

These new releases will be available for demo at the ASI booth, along with the complete suite of ASI RIM Services Solutions. We also invite you to email Jim Macmillan directly to schedule a personalized consultation/demo.

Lessons on Leadership from Captain Phillips

CaptnPhillipsA highlight of this year's NAID Annual Conference was the keynote address “Steering Your Ship through Rough Waters: Lessons on Leadership from Captain Phillips."

The reluctant hero mesmerized the crowd for 90 minutes as he shared his compelling story. Stressing the vital importance of leadership and teamwork, combined with a belief in the power and potential of a good leader and a good team, Captain Phillips shared his lessons on leadership to help each of us weather calm and stormy seas, both personally and professionally. Here are a few examples;

  • You are stronger than you know.

  • As a leader, hope for the best but plan for the worst. On the day before the hijacking, the crew had just practiced drills in the event they were attacked by pirates and came up with code words.

  • One crazy idea will make someone else think of a new idea.

  • Be flexible. Every voyage is different.

  • When you vow not to quit, it is amazing what happens.

  • Leaders must remain calm. Don’t let emotions get in the way.

  • In tough and changing times, you must unite as a team.

  • Critique your successes and failures after any voyage.

  • Honesty. Your employees are a reflection of you. If you make honest and ethical decisions, your crew will follow. Have a well-trained and committed crew where there is always mutual respect for one another even though you may not see eye to eye.

  • A captain must be dedicated to his crew and his crew must be motivated by strength, kindness, and respect. There is never room on board any vessel for harsh or unkind remarks. It will separate the crew. Morale is linked to productivity.

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