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Tana's Tech Tip

VCK Tip:
Accessing the Work
Order Archives

Here's a sneak peek of one of the tips ASI Support Specialist Brian Chivers will be sharing during his session "VCK Super Tools & Tips" at the ASI Users Seminar in September.

Did you know you CAN access information stored in archived work orders? It's true. ASI users can query information against archived work orders through Just Ask/Archived Work Order. By building a query, users can generate a result set that includes details such as department(s), item(s) requested, requestor, due date, close date, courier notes, the service code(s), delivery type, and shipping address. Results may also be exported to Excel.

For more tools & tips, plus the chance to learn from the industry's best, be sure to register today to attend this year's ASI USers Seminar in Cleveland on Sept. 12-13.

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The Classroom Continuum
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

All too quickly, summer’s languid days have been replaced with a level of frenetic activity usually associated with the copious consumption of a few too many Red Bulls. No energy drinks needed to produce such a hubbub – just the inevitable approach of the first day of school. In the Bidwell household, last week marked the week our kids went back to school. Outfitted with new shoes and backpacks that seem too heavy for an Olympic weight-lifter to bear, we sent them off to learn, to discover, to grow.

Like most young people, my kids long for the day when they grasp that college degree in-hand, as they think it will represent the end of their educational journey. They’ll realize as the years go by that learning will come in many forms and that it never really ends. They’ll also discover that learning often takes place outside a classroom. It is also my hope that they grow to realize that the sharing of knowledge offers the opportunity to achieve greatness, for ourselves and for others.

The Tandy family, whose story we are pleased to share, is a great example of this. Matt and Laurie Tandy are the owners of Carolina Records Storage in Rock Hill, South Carolina – which they run from their home in Guatemala. The Tandy’s wanted to share what they had learned as entrepreneurs to partner with others to build businesses that help local communities. Read about their family’s journey and how they are able to run a thriving records center operation while living and working in Guatemala is a remarkable story of what can be accomplished when we share what we have learned with others.

We also invite you to go ‘back to school” by expanding your ASI know-how at the upcoming ASI Users Seminar, September 12th and 13th. This year’s slate of classroom and computer lab sessions is our most intensive learning opportunity to date. You’ll also hear from some of the RIM industry’s foremost experts and have the chance to speak with them one-on-one.

So while we’re all a little sad to say goodbye to summer, it’s also a great time to embrace new learning opportunities in – and outside – of the classroom.

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ASI Users Seminar Packs a Learning Punch

Register today to attend this year’s ASI "TOPS" 2012 Users Seminar.

You'll come away smarter, more connected, and better equipped to gain peak performance from your
ASI software solutions.

You'll also have the unique opportunity to learn from some of the industry's most knowledgeable experts on everything from maximizing racking configurations to e-desruction as a profit center to growing your business through acquisition.

If you're interested in growing your RIM services business and learning how to get the most from your ASI software investment from the most knowledgeable software team in the industry, the ASI Users Seminar is the place to do so.


Register today and prepare to become a TOPS performer in your business!


You'll also want to take a moment to book your accommodations at our host hotel, the beautiful Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade. Please note that reservations are subject to availability.

For the full agenda, including session descriptions, registration form and housing info, download the ASI TOPS Users Seminar PDF.

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Touching the Sky
Matt Tandy
Owner, Carolina Records Storage

In the fall of 2009, my family and I started researching mission work that focused on using business as a way to help others. We wanted to share what we have learned as entrepreneurs to partner with others to build businesses that help local communities.

Leading up to 2009, we left the military in late 2002 and had started a document shredding company with basically nothing. We were blessed and grew the business from scratch. Five years later, we started Carolina Records Storage (CRS) and, in 2008, were approached by an international company who wanted to buy our shredding company. After a lot of prayer and meetings, we sold it. We were able to focus on and grow CRS and in a short time we felt comfortable stepping out of the day-to-day operation.

We spent about 18 months researching and traveling to a few different countries to see how we could use business to support local communities and mission work. In June 2011, my wife Laurie, daughter Harley (10 years old) and son Blake (nine years old) left the US and headed to Costa Rica to attend a six-month Spanish language immersion school. While in Costa Rica we started a coffee processing plant with a new friend of ours who is a director of a local mission. This processing plant buys coffee fruit from local farmers. After we process the fruit, we sell the green coffee bean to coffee roasters. Our Costa Rican team is currently in the middle of our first harvest and we are looking forward to seeing how we do our first year. As planned, the proceeds will be used to help mission work in Costa Rica.

We left Costa Rica in December 2011 to go to Guatemala, which is where we currently live. We went to Guatemala to research a shoe factory we learned about. This factory makes leather shoes to give to local children in need. We were looking for ways to transition this company from depending on donations to thriving on revenue earned from sales. Over the past eight months we have streamlined the business and are now exporting our products to the US to a company we started called Market 127.

Market 127 is based in Rock Hill, South Carolina and is an online business ( This business sells handmade Guatemalan sandals, flip flops and purses. We are in the process of growing these businesses and getting our products into the hands of the consumer.

As these businesses grow, we will again use portions of the proceeds to support mission work here in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. The factory in Guatemala currently employees seven full-time staff who earn above-average wages and work in a safe, clean environment. Two or three times a month we host tours for missionaries serving in this area, as well as locals. We are excited about this business and look forward to growing it.

The question a lot of people have is “How do you do what you are doing while having a business in the states?” My answer is simple: We have an incredible team who manages Carolina Records Storage. There is no way we could do what we are doing without them. Words cannot express how blessed we are to have Chann and the guys hold down the fort while we are here in Guatemala. I travel home a couple times a year to see everyone but with email, the Internet and a cell phone, we stay in contact regularly. Our storage customers love us and we continue to grow. All in all, we are very happy with how things are going.

We have several personal and professional goals. One of our professional goals is to grow the coffee business, the shoe factory and Market 127 to the point that they too can operate like Carolina Records Storage. To us, Carolina Records Storage is an example of when you have great people, great resources and a desire to use your resources for good - the sky is the limit.

If you'd like to help the Tandy's in their mission to make a difference, go to and buy products. By doing so, you'll directly and positively impact their efforts in Guatemala.

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