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Tana's Tech Tip:

VCKweb.NET Verification Levels

As mentioned in the R4 Case Study, VCKweb.NET provides multiple levels of verification for box and file actions (requests, refiles, adds, edits, etc.). 

The simplest is the standard user making requests and confirming them before being sent to the Records Center. 

Another option is for all user requests to be approved by a Client Administrator. 

User requests can also be verified by a coordinator, then a Supervisor, and then by a Client Administrator.

These options allow the management team in an organization to closely monitor what users are doing.  They can confirm or deny data entry, data entry edits, requests, refiles, destruction, and permanent withdrawals.

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The Scope of Service, part deux
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

In last month's newsletter, I spoke about ASI's commitment to work in partnership with our clients, providing recent examples detailing how the ASI team provided effective solutions quickly by listening to the clients and understanding their needs. I'll continue the theme, only this month I'd like to talk about what it means to be a partner with our clients versus being viewed as a vendor only.

What's the difference between a trusted partner and a vendor? From my experience, when the customer sees you as a long-term partner whose solutions, insights and services are key to their long-term success vs. simply providing that service, you've elevated the relationship to its highest level.

Two recent ASI case studied featuring R4 Services and AmeriTex provide examples of how we partner with clients to help them achieve their business goals. Though there's no "set formula" for working with clients more as a partner than as a vendor, I think you'll see there are some recurring themes.

  • Be Strategic
    Take the time to understand your client's strategic goals and how your company can best support and assist them in reaching those goals.

  • Be a Trusted Advisor
    Bring your knowledge and expertise forward to advise and guide clients.

  • Communication is Key
    Keep the lines of communication open and check in frequently to be on top of where the client is focusing its efforts. Only by doing so will you be able to identify where and how your company can best support these efforts. It's also critical to check in to ask "Are we meeting expectations?" and "What can we do better?"

  • Align expectations
    Ensuring expectations are met means that you've come to an agreement of what's expected, both for and from one another. Revisiting this throughout the relationship is a good idea as well.

  • Deliver!
    Following through on promises is über-important. It's how trust is built and how it's strengthened.

How does your company cultivate a relationship of partnership with its clients?

Send me an email. I'd love to share your insights in a future issue of the newsletter.

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R4 Services & ASI Prove Partnership is Good for Business

There is no denying that IT has become integral to virtually every organizational level. The choices made by a RIM services company regarding its RIM services software can literally mean the difference between business triumph and failure. This case study demonstrates the success Chicago-based R4 Services was able to achieve through its relationship with its software provider, Andrews Software, Inc. (ASI). It is also a powerful example of the value gained when clients forge partnerships with their vendors versus simply managing the vendor relationship.

Opportunity: A large box client prospect (approx. 150k total boxes) releases RFP for RIM services.

Challenge: The successful vendor would have to establish that it meets an extensive list of items required by the client prospect, or could demonstrate to the prospect’s satisfaction, that they would be able to accomplish these critical items.

Process: The bid process between R4 Services and the prospect (now client) took place over 9 months.  In a comprehensive 150-page RFP, the prospect outlined very specific needs. It included a thorough description of past issues/mistakes to ensure these were understood by vendor respondents and would not be repeated.

Having received the RFP response from R4 Services and with only a few days’ notice, the prospect requested a tour and meeting to review a laundry list of questions. R4 Services President and CEO Trisha Rooney contacted ASI President & COO Scott Bidwell to ask if he would be able to join them in Chicago to participate in the meeting in person.  Without hesitation, he did so and according to R4 Services General Manager Greg Smitas, Bidwell contributed greatly to the meeting and subsequent meetings and software demonstrations held with key prospect representatives. 

Says Smitas, “That’s just one of the things about ASI; we’re able to get hold of Scott – really anyone. We love that.”

Working side by side with R4 Services, Bidwell walked through the facilities, discussed scanner technology and delivery verification functionality, outlining how the technology would address the needs as defined by the client prospect. There were several conference calls between R4 Services, ASI, and the prospect to identity the software functionality required to meet their needs – plus a bit of brainstorming between ASI and R4 Services to identify any others.

Read the complete case study on the ASI web site.

You'll also find it in the August 28th edition of the SDB e-newsletter.

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Veri-Shred Helps AmeriTex Expand Its Business

What is the value of shredding software – Veri-Shred in particular – to your business?

That’s the question we posed to AmeriTex EVP/COO David Culbertson. With his industry involvement, 25 years of industry experience and having successfully launched two other shred operations prior to AmeriTex, we felt he’d have a good handle on how software (or lack thereof) can impact a shred operation’s success.

“Anyone who’s been in this business knows, without software, you’re leaving money on the table,” says Culbertson. “Destruction customers who call a shredding company are typically ready to do business TODAY, unlike records storage with its 12-18 month sales cycle. You need to be able to be as responsive as possible to your prospects and existing customers. What Veri-Shred does, is it allows us to make a great first impression right out of the gate. As soon as we've agreed on a service date, the customer's data is immediately entered into the Veri-Shred system where we can manage and track their service. We don’t have to call back for contact or address info and it’s not going to not pop up on our schedule. Software alone doesn’t make this happen but it certainly facilitates our ability to track that customer and to be as responsive as possible.”

Read the complete case study on the ASI web site.

You'll also find it in the Summer 2014 edition of NAIDnews.

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Newest version of VCKweb.NET coming in Sept.!

The latest version of VCKweb.NET has just been released for testing. Expect this latest version to be released no later than mid-September and be sure to check online for the latest release notes for all ASI software solutions.

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