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Software is Like a Swiss Army Knife
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

swiss army knifeEarlier this week, I hit the road, driving from Cleveland to Columbus for a short business trip. Along the way I took a pit stop to refuel on gas and coffee. As I pulled in I noticed a group of young men, all staring at what appeared to be quite a flat tire on their car. It was pretty obvious that none of these young gentlemen had an inkling as to how to change the tire. If there was any doubt in my mind, it was erased when I overheard one of them say, "WHERE did you say I find the spare?" into the phone gripped tightly in his hand. Having changed a few flat tires myself, I strolled over and offered my help, which they happily accepted. Not that I changed the tire for them -- I had a business meeting to attend after all! I explained where they could find the tire, where to place the jack and how to remove and secure the tire properly. They soon had the spare in place and were ready to get back on the road. We shook hands and I continued on my way feeling pretty confident that, with a bit of instruction, these three young men now knew not only where to find the spare, but how to use the tools needed to make the spare work for them.

This scenario isn't unlike the company that invests in a new software solution without providing training to its employees. It's like these three guys who set out on a road trip. They encountered a problem, had all the tools needed to fix the problem but no knowledge on how to use them. Another example would be a Swiss army knife. It's packed with cool gadgets and tools, none of which are much good to you if you don't know what they're for or how to use them. Similarly, an employee who's left to self-train on a new application will inevitably be left stranded. When software that is supposed to make a task or process easier/better/faster falls short or isn't as robust as expected, the primary factor is usually traced back to the training process, i.e. staff receiving no training, minimal training, or incorrect training.

To be competitive, I'd encourage you to examine the training process used at your company. If you don't already have a process, engage staff to help create a training program for new employees. Conduct training "refresher" workshops a couple of times throughout the year for existing employees. When you invest in training, you empower your team to confidently and competently understand the tools available, how to use them and when to use them. It's one way to ensure your company keeps moving forward and doesn't find itself "stuck on the road,"

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ASI Mobile 4.0 Coming Soon

ASI's development team is putting the final programming touches on ASI Mobile 4.0. This is an exciting release for our ASI Mobile users.

Most significant is that ASI Mobile 4.0 enables all functions to be performed from one version. Previously, ASI Mobile included separate releases with slightly different functionality for shredding, warehouse, or driver scanning.

More details will be provided in next month's ASI Archive so stay tuned!

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Tech Tip Roundup

Below are key Tech Tips compiled from earlier editions of this year's ASI Archive that highlight new or commonly overlooked features available in ASI software solutions -- all of which are designed to help simplify daily tasks.

Expiring Schedules? Let Veri-Shred Alert You.
Veri-Shred makes it easy for you to specify how many days in advance you would like to be notified of soon-to-expire schedules. Simply go to the Management Console to set alerts for the appropriate expiring schedules. From the same page, you can even choose to extend the schedule for another year, or even longer.

E-billing Made Easier with VCK-SQL
VCK-SQL 9.5.x offers new features and enhancements to help boost efficiency and reduce headaches created by end-of-month billing and invoicing:

  • Multi-emails for E-billing recipients.
  • Set minimum work order amounts.
  • E-billing that sends in batches

VCKweb.NET 15.1.0.x. & Improved User Management
VCKweb.NET Users Manager now has a grid that displays all fields of data in the user profile. Data can be sorted by columns or using filters. A User Export was created to export all or filter users to an XLS file. Notes are also visible as part of the reporting process - a feature not previously available.

Check out the latest ASI Release Notes for all that's new and improved with ASI's software solutions for records centers, media vaults and shred operations. For more information about these Tech Tips or any questions related to ASI software solutions, please contact ASI Support.