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Act Now! Dec. 31 is End of Year and End of VCK-SQL Upgrade Savings

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Our offices will close on Dec. 31st @ 3:00pm EST and remain closed on Jan. 1st in celebration of the New Year.

Emergency support is always available. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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New Year, New Prices?
The New Year will be here before we know it. Perhaps you're reviewing pricing and service fees. If you are increasing (or decreasing) your customers' prices this year, don't forget to use the Price Increase tool in VCK. You can comprehensively modify prices by a percentage or dollar amount. You can even select which service codes to change and which customers are affected.

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WebShare provides ASI Users with online webinar training sessions including step-by-step instruction and review of neat features offered by ASI's many records and information management software solutions. Visit our Online Learning Center for details of upcoming WebShare webinar learning opportunities!

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Swimming Toward a New Year
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

"You can't swim to shore if you're holding onto anchors." I heard this the other day and thought about how it applies to so many situations in life, but perhaps is particularly meaningful these days - especially during the holidays. This is a time of year where I, like many of you, reflect on the past year and anticipate the year to come. There's no denying that it's been a difficult year for many - a year where the weight of anchors is heavy and the shore seems very far away. Still, I feel we're fortunate that overall, as a company and also as an industry, we're weathering these difficult times pretty well. This past year, the ASI Team has continued to roll out new features and software upgrades such as VCK-SQL and in 2010 we'll also release a new version of Veri-Shred built using SQL server, VCKweb.NET, and additions to ASI Mobile 3.x for the records center and vault, which is all very exciting. Although there are difficult days to come, it does appear there are glimmers of light peeking through the dark economic clouds.

So what are we to do to ensure we aren't "holding onto anchors" ourselves? It's times like these that demand organizations operate as efficiently and nimbly as possible. Teamwork and collaboration are supremely important. It's also a time to invest in innovation - especially as others are hunkering down, playing it safe. For example, as tenuous as market conditions are, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is increasing their R&D staff. Southwest Airlines, known for trying new ideas all the time, is in the process of redesigning airport gates to streamline boarding. Let's face it, if any industry has been saddled (or saddled itself) with "anchors," it's the airline industry. Yet, Southwest continues to see the wisdom of striving to improve the customer experience - even at the risk of failing to hit the mark in difficult economic times.

I encourage you to gather your team and examine what buoys you as a company and in what areas you can dig in together to create practices that will leave your customers nodding their heads in satisfied approval. Don't set the bar too low or expect too little - of yourself or those around you. You may be surprised at just how much more quickly your toes touch solid ground.

From all of us at Andrews Software, Inc., may the coming days be bright ones and best wishes to you and your family for a blessed holiday and a very Happy New Year.

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Act Now! December 31st is End-of-Year and End of VCK-SQL Upgrade Savings

Give yourself and your company the gift of savings this holiday season and schedule your VCK-SQL upgrade today. By doing so prior to December 31st you will receive 100% of your existing VCK software investment as a credit toward your upgrade.

ASI is also offering an informative webinar on Tuesday, January 5th from 10-11am and 2-3pm entitled "Preparing for the VCK to VCK-SQL Upgrade". If you are interested in participating, click here to register.

The benefits of upgrading are many. Here is a handful of key enhancements offered by VCK-SQL vs. VCK:

  1. Data Entry has been improved. The Grid View in Data Entry has been removed and replaced with an “import from Excel” tool. For users wishing to enter one box at a time, Item View still exists, however, larger groups of boxes are entered into a formatted Excel file and imported to VCK-SQL.
  2. Additional security has been added to the Warehouse/Manual Scanning tab. This allows an administrator to give a user access to download a scanner, but not to manually scan boxes and files.
  3. Global Field Replace has been improved to more quickly change large numbers of selected records.
  4. When conducting a query using Just Ask!, search results can be unlimited. Previously, search results were limited

VCK-SQL will ship with step-by-step instructions and conversion tools which will enable you to perform your own conversion. If you wish ASI to perform the conversion for you, we are happy to provide you with a quote. Our intention is to provide you with the tools necessary to work on the migration at your own pace on a schedule that works for your business schedule.

For more information on how you can initiate your VCK-SQL upgrade, contact an ASI Sales Representative via email or call 1- 800-807-2093 (within North America) or 440-546-9771 (outside North America. And remember if you act today, you receive a 100% credit toward your VCK-SQL upgrade.

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Save the Date - Users Seminar to be Held Sept. 14-15

Be sure to pencil the ASI Users Seminar into your 2010 calendar. Scheduled to be held September 14-15th in Cleveland, Ohio, you won't want to miss this bi-annual event. During the next few months, we'll be determining the educational agenda and would love to include topics and content important to you. So take a minute to email us with your input for the Users Seminar. It will go a long way toward ensuring the ASI 2010 Users Seminar is a high-value event for you and your staff.

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ASI Participates in PRISM Records Center Symposium
Jim MacMillan, Account Representative

In November, ASI, along with over 60 records center representatives and corporate partner members, attended PRISM International's "Fundamentals of Records Management" symposium held in London, England. The event focused on the fundamentals of records center management with Dennis Barnedt, current PRISM International President and Founder & CEO of Access Information Management providing “real world” industry insight, drawing upon his nearly 15 years of industry experience.

Representatives from Crown Records Management also delivered a number of informative and engaging presentations. These included a presentation by Dave Fathers targeting "Software, Barcoding and Hand Scanners" where he was able to simplify what is often a confusing subject. David Woolley's presentation entitled "Selling & Sales Staffing" was extremely informative and another Crown employee, Frank Hopping, demonstrated his depth of knowledge (which was quite impressive) on planning and building a records storage facility. Attendees also enjoyed an in-depth tour of one of Crown's flagship records centers located in the heart of London.

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ASI Supports Shred School
Jim MacMillan, Account Representative

ASI is pleased to be associated with Shred School, not only as a vendor but also as an industry resource for attendees of this unique event. Shred School
is an in-depth seminar geared completely toward the shredding industry. It provides recent start-ups, as well as industry veterans in the information destruction business, sales and marketing tools specific to the shredding industry.

Shred School is conducted by Total Training Services. President Ray Barry believes the success of a growing business centers around inspiration, a great consultative sales and marketing plan, a prospect cultivation plan, and efficient operating procedures. The most recent seminar held earlier this month covered sales techniques, operations, the importance of software, how to develop sales and marketing plans to secure business and more. Attendees talk about the positive learning environment and its power to motivate. Albeit completely unrelated to shredding, the visit to the nearby micro-brewery, owned by Barry and his partners as well, also gets high marks as a worthy experience.

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