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Tana's Tech Tip

Take Note:
Veri-Shred Makes It Easy

Would you like to have a specific pop--up message appear when the Veri-Shred Service Order screen is opened for a particular day?  It's easy when you follow these steps:

  1. Go to Information/Calendar and right-click on the date for which you want to enter the message.
  2. Select “Add a Note.”
  3. Enter the note and select “Show Note on Service Orders.”

When the Service Order screen is opened for that date, all notes that have been entered on the calendar will appear.

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Holiday Office Schedule
In observance of Christmas and New Year's, our offices will be closed Friday, Dec. 24th and Friday, December 31st. Emergency support is available on these days. We will be open with limited staff Wednesday, Dec. 23rd. This includes ASI Support.  

Upcoming Events

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March 18-20, 2011
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Shred School
April 20-22, 2011
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PRISM Annual Conference
May 10-12, 2011
Miami, Florida

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Happy Holidays!

The Andrews Software team wishes everyone a happy holiday season and bright New Year. We would also like to remind you that our offices will be closed Friday, Dec. 24th and Friday, December 31st. Emergency support is available on these days. We will be open with limited staff Wednesday, Dec. 23rd. This includes ASI Support.  

Ending on a Warm Note
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

While the Midwest and Eastern U.S. were cooling down and bundling up against frigid temps last week, I was packing my suitcase, happy to be leaving snowy Cleveland for what I hoped would be the more moderate temps of Phoenix, Arizona. I was attending PRISM International's Fundamentals of Records Center Management Workshop. In terms of warmer temperatures and valuable education and networking, both the Valley of the Sun and PRISM delivered.

As the name implies, this annual workshop is geared toward the new or potential records center owner/operator. Even so, I find that invariably a question or discussion will expose a new idea, trend, or interesting approach that I perhaps hadn't previously considered or fully appreciated. With decades in the industry, this is not easily accomplished, which I think speaks to the value of these industry events.

For example, a recurring thread of discussion during this year's event revolved around the fact that diversification is an important component determining future success. This is a topic which I've written about in the past (see my article entitled “The Four Pillars of Commercial Records Centers” ) so the subject itself wasn't new to me. What I found interesting were some of the businesses and industries outside of information management that see diversification into records management as key to their future viability and how technology is driving this trend.

It all points to the fact that we truly are never too old to learn, never too old to expand our perspectives. As much as one may know about any given subject or industry, time has proven again and again, that change will come, technology will improve and businesses will adapt or falter. We've seen it in the records management industry and how the industry has met the challenges of change, providing more services than ever before to clients that more readily recognize the value of the services being provided.

What will 2011 bring to the RIM industry? No doubt, there will be continued growth and expansion which is positive during these difficult economic times. As for the rest of it, I'm looking forward to finding out and just hope some of that education will be had in warm destinations when the temps cool down!

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Intermec CN3 Tech Note

If you are an ASI customer using Intermec's CN3 device and are updating your PC to Win7 or higher or your server hardware to Windows 2008 server, please contact ASI Support. A Support Team member will help you determine if it will be necessary for the devices to be shipped to ASI's corporate office to upgrade the operating system or update the Intermec device software to the latest version. Without doing so, the device may be unable to connect to the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), necessary for the synchronization of data between a mobile device and the desktop.

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Veri-Shred 2.4.x Sneak Peek

As you review your year-end “to do” list, you may want to add a line to check out the latest update to Veri-Shred, version 2.4.x. in the New Year. ASI's Development Team has added some helpful features sure to help your shredding operation run more efficiently and ultimately, more profitably. Once completed, ASI will contact Veri-Shred clients to schedule appointments to run the update. Here are a few of the valuable new enhancements you can expect from Veri-Shred 2.4.x:

  • Environment Reports now support foreign currency and metric measurements.
  • Environment Reports have been enhanced for monthly printing and generation of PDF files. . Users are able to name the PDF and select the folder where it should be saved.
  • The Post-Finish Shredding Certificate is now available in multiple formats. These new styles have been enhanced to include more accurate “in” scan activity, including the barcode that was scanned “in”.
  • Two settings have been added affecting the Post-Finish Shredding Certificate, Environmental Reports, and Bin Activity Report: Previously, neither the Inactive Placements nor the Checked Bin Weights were included on these reports.
    • For Example, an active placement becomes inactive after say 3 months of service and you wish to show the previous activity of the Inactive Placements. Since it was marked ‘inactive', all activity (including the previous 3 months) for that bin placement would have been left off the reports.
    • Allows inactive Placements to be included, ensuring previous “active”activity is not lost.
    • Allows “checked” bin weights to be included. Shredding Certificates can now be emailed directly from Veri-Shred to the contact setup at the service address.
  • Integration with UPS's RoadNet Anywhere is complete and available including:
    • Tool to send all Veri-Shred addresses to RoadNet Anywhere for initial address load.
    • Additions and updates to addresses are sent to RoadNet Anywhere during daily Service Order mapping.
    • Route Optimization is sent back to Veri-Shred for ordering of addresses in ASI Mobile 3.
  • Point of Sale is complete for quick and easy setup of walk-in and/or purge customers.
    • All setup is completed on one screen for quick entry.
    • Uses “Apply Amount in Work Order,” enabling user to enter the total job price directly into the quick-entry screen.
    • Walk-in/drop-off customers are not included in service order routing/mapping.
    • Purge customers are still included in service order routing/mapping.

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Do You Know Your Company's Competitive Advantage?
Thomas A. Stewart, The Strategist

With the worst record in major league baseball this year, the Pittsburgh Pirates cannot be said to have had a competitive advantage over anyone. On the other hand, Rafael Nadal -the #1 ranking tennis player-clearly has a competitive advantage over everyone else on the men's tour. Put a bat in Nadal's hand, though, and the odds are he'd never make it even against Pirate pitching.

Competitive advantage is a function of what game you're playing. Not only that, in business competitive advantage is defined not by some abstraction and not by your rival, but by your customers. When ABC Corp. competes with XYZ, Inc., it's not to see which can run the 100-yard dash fastest. They're competing to see whose offer will appeal most to a set of customers. Forgetting that is like pretending Rhett and Ashley are just rivals for a gold medal.

Win By Playing a Different Game

The question isn't “which company is better?” It's “Which customers will buy from you, not the other guy, and why?” Oddly, this key strategy question is often unasked, and even more often answered sloppily. Executives often forget that they can-and often should-beat their competitors by playing a different game. Think about, for instance, two retailers: Barneys and H&M . Both are fashion-forward shops selling to young, urban women-and sometimes to the same young, urban women. In Manhattan, it's a three-block walk from Barneys' Madison Avenue store to the H&M on Lex.

But the two companies play very different games. H&M has about 2000 stores in 38 markets. When the company speaks of “ the world of H&M ,” they mean the world. Barney's world is far more rarified, with nine “flagship” stores in places like Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and Scottsdale and twice as many smaller “co-op stores,” -- in the US only. Sarah Jessica Parker once told Vanity Fair, “If you're a nice girl and work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys. It's the decadent reward.”

Same industry, similar customer base -- but it's meaningless to say that one has a competitive advantage over the other. It would be dangerous, if you were running one of them, to try to ape the other. Dollars to donuts H&M has a much leaner, more efficient supply chain than Barneys. And sure as shooting Barneys would be pissing money away if it tried to match H&M in that department. To put it into jargon: The dashboards of the CEOs of the two stores would and should track very different key performance indicators.

Read the full article.

Reprinted from the Dec. 14, 2010 online edition of

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