December 2014

ASI 30th


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NAID Annual Conference
March 20-22, 2015
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PRISM International Annual Conference
May 17-20, 2015
San Antonio, Texas

Tech Tip

Windows Server 2003?
Time to Upgrade is Now

As we've noted in previous newsletters, effective September 2014, clients still using Windows Server 2003, will no longer be provided updates to VCKweb.NET. You may continue to run the existing version of VCKweb.NET on Server 2003, but no further updates will be applied. All other ASI products will continue to support Server 2003 until July 2015 at which point Microsoft will sunset service for the operating system, and ASI will do the same.

Andrews Software will be utilizing Microsoft .NET 4.5x in its future product offerings and Microsoft does not make 4.5x available for Windows Server 2003. We recommend upgrading to a later edition of Microsoft Server including Server 2008 or Server 2012, all of which are compatible with ASI's complete range of software products.

Thanks to ASI Programming Manager Kevin Baird for this month's Tech Tip.

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Merry & Bright...

SantaThat's our wish for your holiday season and new year. We would also like to remind you that ASI will be closed as follows for the holidays:

Dec. 24th at 12N EST

December 25th

Dec 31st at 3pm EST

Jan. 1st

Of course, emergency support is available on these days, in addition to the usual ASI Support options.

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ASI Relocation Set for December 30th

The new year brings new opportunities. This year it also brings a new address for Andrews Software, Inc. On December 30th, ASI will be relocating to the address below:

6930 W Snowville Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44141

Important relocation-related dates to note are:

Friday, Dec. 26th
2pm EST: The ASI data center will be off-line for a brief period. It should be online no later than 4pm EST.

Tuesday, Dec. 30th
ASI's offices will be physically relocated on this date.

9am EST: ASI's phone system will be offline for a short period, during which time incoming calls will rollover to a cell number which will be responded to as quickly as possible by ASI Support during this time.

We hope by providing these details in advance, we can help avoid any disruption of service or support. Much planning has been put into action to ensure the move has minimal impact on you, our client. We sincerely appreciate your support during this relocation and apologize should it create any inconvenience.

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Tis the Season to Be...
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO


As you're probably aware, that sentence would typically end with "jolly" but as I write this, "connected" is what keeps coming to mind. I suspect this is due mostly to the upcoming relocation of our ASI office and the many hours spent planning each detail. The most critical of these is the relocation of our data center so that there is minimal downtime or "disconnection." Maintaining data connectivity is of primary importance -- for ASI, for our clients-- and we've taken great pains to ensure the ASI data center is online as quickly as possible during the relocation process.

In the not-so-distant past, planning an office relocation had more to do with installing carpet and getting the walls painted. Now, it's all about fiber-optic circuit installation, climate control and server systems. It's the world we live and work in today. Maintaining those connections so that we can access data on demand, whether it be for business or pleasure, is what we've come to expect.

With connectivity being so top of mind, this time of year also reminds me that staying connected is about reaching out to friends and family, or lending a helping hand to a neighbor or a stranger in need. While it's true that staying connected means different things to different people these days, what remains the same is how vitally important it is that we stay as connected to one another, as we do to our data and devices.

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Deliver Digital Docs with ImageKicker

With extensive beta testing successfully completed, ASI's newest client utility, ImageKicker, is available to our VCKweb.NET clients. 

ImageKicker is an exciting new PDF delivery utility for ASI's records center clients. With VCKweb.NET and ImageKicker, records centers are able to deliver digital documents to their clients upon request – quickly, easily and securely.

ImageKicker receives a PDF from your existing scanner, encrypts it and attaches it to the file index for that particular record. Users with a VCKweb.NET account are then able to view, download and/or print the document versus waiting for delivery.  PDF images can later be purged from VCKweb.NET or left on the server indefinitely using the cleanup feature.

If you're interested in expanding the services available to your clients via ImageKicker, please contact ASI Support today.

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5 Essential New Year's Resolutions for Business Growth
Emilia DiMenco, President & CEO; Women’s Business Development Center

If you knew there was something you could do to guarantee the growth of your small business, would you do it? New Year's Resolutions can have that kind of impact. Statistics show that adults who make resolutions are ten times more likely to reach their goals, possibly because it's like making a promise to yourself. Forget the naysayers who are sure resolutions are a waste of time. If scaling up your business is part of your 2015 plan, making -- and keeping -- New Year's Resolutions will give you cause to celebrate a year from now.

1. Decide how to grow.
2. Get small business certified.
3. Make sure your company is loan-ready.
4. Update your technology.
5. Have an exit strategy.

The New Year is a chance to start fresh and make changes to better your personal and professional life. Start working on your business resolutions right now, adjust them as needed in the New Year, and watch them become a reality in 2015!

Read the full story.

Source: Huffington Post

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