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Tana's Tech Tip

Getting Past the Gray "View" Button in Veri-Shred

When you receive the new Veri-Shred update, you may notice that all of your service order dates, future and past, cannot be viewed after the update is complete.  This is due to a structure changed in the Service Order database.  The service order list databases need a ‘Rebuild’ in order to change their structure from the old to the new.  If the Rebuild button is unavailable, go to the Calendar and view the week.

  1. Go to Information/Calendar
  2. Right click on any day during the week you want to rebuild.
  3. Select view 5 day week.

Voilà! This will update the data with the appropriate structure changes for all 5 days of that week.  

Register for ASI WebShare Webinars

WebShare provides ASI Users with online webinar training sessions including step-by-step instruction and review of neat features offered by ASI's many records and information management software solutions.

Register today for the next WebShare webinar:

What's New With
Feb. 22, 2011
10am-11am & 2pm-3pm EST

Visit the ASI Learning Center for loads of educational and support information available online and onsite.

Upcoming Events

PRISM International Asia Pacific Region Conference
February 21-23, 2011
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

NAID Annual Conference
March 18-20, 2011
Orlando, Florida

Shred School
April 20-22, 2011
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PRISM Annual Conference
May 10-12, 2011
Miami, Florida

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ASI Learning Center
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Getting the Most from Software - or at Least 10%
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

I recently watched a television program that debated the assertion that humans use only 10% of their brain capacity. It was an interesting discussion, with the net result being that we probably are utilizing more than 10%, but still far less than we are capable of using.

Software is much the same. We learn what we need to learn to accomplish our daily tasks and rarely tap into an application's additional features that might be useful in streamlining processes. Whether this is due to sheer workload and lack of time, or perhaps has more to do with a lack of interest, it's a fact that we all leave quite a bit of software's potential benefits on the table.

I'd like to think that, as software providers, the ASI crew draws on more of what a software program has to offer than the average user. It doesn't happen without dedicating time and resources, however. For example, we are in the midst of further training and utilization of features found in our client support software. This training, once completed, will yield improved workflow, support and tracking of support issues for our customers.

As a business owner/operator, you've invested a great deal in the software that supports your operational, sales and service functions. Ensure that this investment yields maximum value by supporting ongoing training for your staff and by upgrading to the latest updates and releases. ASI is here to assist you with multiple support options and release notes and product updates available online. We also offer online training as well as onsite training for you and your staff.

Take advantage of the many support and learning options available from ASI. While none of us may ever utilize 100% of any software solution, striving to do so can only result in greater productivity and resourcefulness.

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New Veri-Shred Release is Ready for Business

We're excited about the latest release of Veri-Shred, v 2.4.47. It includes enhancements based on client feedback as well as updates for improved performance. These include enhancements to ASI Mobile for Veri-Shred. Contact ASI today for more information on upgrading and putting features such as these to work for your shredding operation:

  • Certificates of Destruction that can now be emailed to the client. 
  • UPS Logistics Roadnet Anywhere integration.
  • Improved "one page" Point-of-Sale functionality.
  • Stops sorted alphabetically.
  • Environmental Reports that support different currencies.
  • Calendar displays the total bin count and breaks it out by Bin Type.
  • Resizable route planning screen enabling all stops to be viewed without scrolling.

ASI Mobile for Veri-Shred:

  • Includes settings to estimate weights based off the capacity of the bin when tipped.
  • Driver notes are now able to be imported to Veri-Shred.

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Are You Selling or Teaching?
By Ray Barry, VP
Total Training Services

People will pay more if they perceive there is greater value or a deeper reason for buying from one provider over another.”

- Chet Holmes from The Ultimate Sales Machine .

Think about that quote for a second. It tells me that it's not always about price. People will buy value from your destruction company if you can show them a “deeper reason” why they should.

What do we mean by “deeper reason?” It certainly is not just matching or beating your competitors' prices. The hardest thing we need to do today in our industry is grab the attention of prospective clients and keep their attention long enough to help them buy our service.

The best way to show a prospect a “deeper reason” for doing business with us is to “teach” them something of value as opposed to “selling” them something. If you sell your service to your prospects it becomes less about value and more about price. On the other hand, if you offer to teach them something of value, you will find that price will not be the deciding factor with your potential buyers.

Most prospects would rather do business with an expert as opposed to a “salesperson”. The reasons why teaching something of value to your clients instead of selling them something works, include:

  • Offering education that helps the buyer is going to create buyer interest.
  • If the information is useful, it positions you in the mind of the prospect as much more of an expert than any of your competitors.
  • The information you teach will in some way “relate” to your shredding service and will ultimately sell your services much better than “pitching” your company or service.

Here are some suggestions on how to teach to your prospective clients:

  • Get authorized NAID Compliance Toolkit Training ASAP.
  • Offer to write your prospects' information destruction policies and procedures (put a value on this service).
  • Develop a story or message that applies to all of your market.
  • Speak at trade shows and seminars.
  • Write for industry publications.
  • Conduct Lunch and Learns.

I am not going to tell you that price is not important. I will tell you that it's not THE factor as much as you think. It is proven that if you can help your clients by teaching them something they did not know beforehand, they appreciate it and will reward you with a new account and relationship.

Now go teach something!

About Ray Barry
As the creator of Shred School, Ray Barry provides recent start-ups, as well as industry veterans in the information destruction business with sales and marketing tools specific to the shredding industry. With 16+ years' experience in sales training, sales management and marketing, Ray has trained over 180 companies in best practices of sales and marketing and retention. (See what his clients say about his training on You Tube). He also enjoyed success in major account sales in various industries. Having grown two businesses into Inc. 500 companies, Ray delivers results for his clients.

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Upcoming WebShare Webinars

If you haven't participated in one of our WebShare webinars, now is a great time to start. Our next webinar features a live demo of the latest release of Veri-Shred and some of its most anticipated enhancements. These include: UPS RoadNet Anywhere mapping software integration, email-able Certificates of Destruction, ability to sort stops alphabetically and much more.

Register today to take advantage of this opportunity to see, first-hand, the value of upgrading to Veri-Shred 2.4.47.

We also invite you to visit the ASI WebShare web page for the full webinar schedule.

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Office Super Bowl Party

ASI took a little time to celebrate the Super Bowl with food and fun, even though we didn't have team in the fight, we still had to give our one diehard Steelers fan a difficult time. Can you tell who the one Steelers fan is?

Super Bowl Lunch
Super Bowl Lunch
Super Bowl Party
Super Bowl Party


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