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Tech Tip:
Beware Ransomware

Hospital paid 17K ransom to hackers of its computer network

We first brought you a story about ransomware in our Oct. 2014 issue of The ASI Archive. As demonstrated by this article, ransomware is still a serious online threat.

Ransomware is malicious software which encrypts files on the infected computer, holding them for ransom until you pay for them to be decrypted - which sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't.

To protect your files (and your business!) invest in proper anti-virus/anti-malware software and keep it updated. Regular and tested backups of data are a must as well.

For more information about this Tech Tip or any questions related to ASI software solutions, please contact ASI Support.

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Customer Service That's "Just Right"
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

Customer Service imageDid you know that 89% of companies feel that they deliver superior customer service?

Did you know that 9% of their customers agree with them?1

That's a Grand Canyon-size difference of opinion! This gap exists for any number of reasons and yet I often wonder if the root of the problem sometimes lies in a client and vendor actually agreeing on what constitutes a "required" service" vs. an "extra service."

Look at the airline industry for example. I recently watched a documentary on the rise of Pan Am airlines. It was a time when taking to the skies was a glamorous, luxurious adventure complete with gourmet meals, champagne and cozy blankets. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it (though be prepared to find your next flight even less enjoyable as you compare today's experience to that of the Pan Am days).

At sharp contrast is the "customer service" airlines provide to today's traveler. Recently, I booked a flight for my son on Spirit Airlines. It's a budget airline where a carry-on bag is considered an "extra" that can be added for around $21 - $100 depending on when you add it and where you're flying. One personal item is allowed at no additional cost (i.e. small backpack, large purse) and you can bring your coat or outerwear. Yes, it's on the web site. No champagne, no comfy pillow for your head. Boy, how times they do change!

Let's call this the Goldilocks Effect, meaning that the Pan Am experience, though an amazing one, was "too hot," providing travelers with more than was needed and which was ultimately, unsustainable. Spirit Airlines' service model, on the other hand, is "too cold." It gets the traveler from point A to point B at a lower airfare but with little in the way of comfort or enjoyment and additional fees are often required for the traveler to have his/her basic travel needs met. So what constitutes "just right" customer service, whether we're talking airlines, software, or records centers?

At the beginning of this article, I speculated that maybe the customer service gap exists in part due to a lack of agreement on what is a "required" service" and what is an "extra service." I'll explore this concept in more detail as it relates to getting it "just right" in next month's newsletter. Until then, here are a couple of articles I'll share, which are also available on the ASI web site:

Customer Service: When is it OK to Break the Rules?
Selling the Coffee

1 Bain & Co. Editorial Team: Katie Smith Milway, Cindy Varga, Susan Donovan, Erik Serrano Bentsen, Louisa Thomason and Emily Gray, 2005

For Your Funny Bone

Coming Soon

To be released by May 2016, one of the most significant new features of this release, especially to our international clients and their customers, is its ability to support multiple languages including Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian to name a few.

Our records center clients asked for it and we are pleased to include Individual File Destruction in the upcoming new release of VCK-SQL. Following the same process as box destruction, this feature is typically utilized when a file has been scanned and the client requests that it be subsequently destroyed.

Please contact ASI Support if you would like more information on these upcoming releases or any ASI software solution.

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