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What You Don't Know...Part Deux

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ASI Users Seminare Featured Speaker: Ray Barry

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Route Optimization Provides Relief from Gas Prices

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Tana's Tech Tip

Pop Ups Help Avoid Service Slip Ups
The last thing you want to do is miss a shred service for one of your customers. 
Veri-Shred can help you avoid this.  Using the Management Console, a “pop up” reminder can be displayed to key people in the organization when they login to Veri-Shred.  The pop up can be set to show all schedules due to expire within X number of days from today.

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ASI Users Seminar
Sept. 17-18, 2008
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Sept. 8-10, 2008
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What You Don't Know...Part Deux
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

In the May 2008 edition of The ASI Archive, I talked about how "we don't know what we don't know" in the context of prospects assuming they must use ASI records center or vault software to incoporate Veri-Shred, our shredding software. As I discussed in that article, this is simply not the case. Veri-Shred was developed specifically for the shredding industry, with an understanding of how a records center or media vault operates; however, a records center or media vault does not have to be using ASI software to successfully incorporate Veri-Shred.

Recently, we encountered a situation with a vault customer where it came to light that they were not utilizing key tools within their software that could automate processes, saving significant time, effort and dollars. In a nutshell, the customer was pulling tapes and scanning them out, then handkeying everything upon its return. Of course, ASI's Visual Vault Keeper software provides for automated scanning and verification of tapes, but somewhere along the line, the customer had adopted a manual operational process. It was only during a service call to address another issue that it came to light. In this case, both the client and the ASI Team "didn't know what we didn't know." Once revealed, we were able to provide the client with the information needed to better utilize the capabilities of the software, as well as provide the client with updated technology in the form of our new cordless scanner, the Motorola LS4278 for the vault environment. Today, our client reports that they are saving at least 2 hours EVERY DAY servicing one account alone, not to mention the ease and accuracy with which they are accomplishing daily tasks.

For me, this scenario is a reminder that we can never ask too many questions of our clients when it comes to processes and performance. While we always post updated and enhancement documents on the ASI website and advise customers when new tools are available, we can never assume these are always heeded. Let's face it, these are hectic times and there's a lot of information coming at us. Check in with your customers regularly. Get to know how they do what they do and how your services or products fit into their tasks. You'll probably find, as we did, that there are opportunities to further enhance their daily processes and strengthen your relationship as well.

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Summertime's calling? Before you answer, be sure to pre-register for the ASI Users Seminar

Register by August 1 to reserve your spot and save!

Registrations have been coming in steadily for this year's ASI Users Seminar to be held Wednesday, Sept. 17th through Thursday, Sept. 18th in Cleveland. This means quite a few of you have taken advantage of the early registration savings. If you plan to attend or send staff, register by August 1 and save $40 per registration. It's a value-packed event for anyone interested in improving service they provide their customers and adding to their knowledge of ASI's software solutions.

Our host hotel and seminar site is the Embassy Suites Cleveland, centrally located downtown at 1701 East 12th Street. This year's agenda consists of 2 full days. Day 1 focuses on records center-related topics and workshops, while Day 2 targets shredding operations issues. We have divided the seminar in this way to ensure attendees gain maximum benefit and can choose to participate in both days of education or select the day that most addresses their needs. For a full outline of the Agenda, along with registration and hotel details, view the Users Seminar brochure on the ASI website.

A new twist this year will be our evening networking activity. At the end of Day 1, we'll head off-site for some relaxation and fun at The Corner Alley. Here, we'll enjoy a great meal, followed by some friendly, albeit competitive bowling. We're excited about this year's Seminar and look forward to welcoming you to Cleveland on September 17th and 18th.

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ASI Users Seminar Featured Speaker: Ray Barry

This month, we’re highlighting Ray Barry, one of our featured speakers at the ASI Users Seminar to be held Sept. 17-18, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ray’s session “ The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Shredding Companies” will be held Sept. 18 th from 2:15 – 3:15pm. Ray is the president of Total Training Services, which operates Shred School in Spartanburg, S.C. He has helped and trained 200 companies in the document destruction industry to grow their businesses. Previously, he was the VP of sales and marketing for a shredding company that was named in Inc. magazine twice as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. Ray can be contacted at raybarry@totaltrainingservices.com. 

Are You Connecting?
Ray Barry, President
Total Training Services

The key to accumulating a long list of loyal clients in the document destruction industry is “relationship-based” selling. Anyone can quote a price for a specific service. If prospects just wanted a price quote for your service, then companies would not need sales forces. If all you are doing is quoting prices over the phone and via fax for your service – good luck.

As a sales professional, your job is to educate prospects and existing clients on the difference between the actual value of using your services rather than those of a competitor. Often, your price may be higher than your competitors’ prices – onthe surface. When you are successful at selling the value of your services and your company, prospects perceive a difference in your value compared to that of your competitors, and that value judgment does not always come down to price.

In fact, more sales are won when prospects like or have a “connection” with their sales representatives, than are won with the lowest price. Prospects will not become clients until they know,like and trust you and until you remove the risk associated with becoming a client. Your clients perceive a difference in you and your company that distinguishes you from your competitors and they know they can reap more benefits from using your services.

The most successful way for shredding business owners or document destruction sales professionals to develop long-lasting relationships with their prospects is to commit to a defined “networking strategy.” My suggestions for establishing a successful networking strategy include:

  • Go where the fish are. Identify areas where your prospective clients are going to be and where you will be able to make a connection.
  • Join industry associations and speak up. I can’t tell you which ones, as my Shred School clients would kill me.
  • Be friendly first. Clients want to do business with people they like and trust.
  • Provide value first. The best way to breed likeability and trust is to give something of value to the those you are trying to build a relationship with, such as a community Shred Day.
  • Identify related services (records storage, document imaging, security systems) in your market and match your prospects’ growth strategies to yours.
  • Engage the other person, whether a prospect or a potential strategic partner, about their businesses, not about yours.
  • Find something that you share in common with your prospect or prospective strategic partner.

You’ll find you’ll meet with the most success if you develop relationships by being friendly, trustworthy and respectful – not by cold calling.

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ASI's Route Optimization Provides Relief from Rising Gas Prices

As the temps rise this summer, so too do the gas prices. One way you can reduce these costs is to ensure your software utilizes route optimization. ASI's records center software VCK and VCK-SQL along with our shredding software, Veri-Shred incorporate superior route optimization technology by combining the powerful route optimization technologies of MS MapPoint and Logistics Solutions Group RoutePerfect.

Using this robust routing technology, VCK, VCK-SQL and Veri-Shred suggest an optimal route to service multiple addresses – proven to help reduce route mileage and overtime. Immediate address validation avoids delays at the time of route optimization. A nice bonus is that daily routes are automatically created from the work orders, eliminating the need to double-key addresses to a route-based software application. Efficiency is also achieved via dynamic routing where a customer is moved from one route to another if needed. Route thresholds can also be established in Veri-Shred, preventing over-commitment of trucks by volume, weight and/or time.

The end result is simplified routing, increased number of stops per truck and a reduction of route miles and overtime.

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ASI Attends PRISM Conference

In May, the ASI Team traveled north to Anchorage, Alaska to take part in the 2008 PRISM Annual Conference and Trade Show. Never having traveled to this part of the United States, but having my pre-conceived notions of a cold, uninviting tundra, I was pleasantly surprised. Anchorage is a beautiful, welcoming and quite modern city. Along with the other attendees of the PRISM conference, we enjoyed our time discovering this little corner of the world. We also enjoyed the PRISM conference and tradeshow, where we participated as a sponsor, exhibitor and as a presenter. Our panel presentation "Fundamentals of Data Protection" attracted many who were interested in facility design, climate control, staffing, fire suppression, vehicles, testing, handling procedures and much more. On the tradeshow floor, we demo'd our suite of software solutions for records centers, media vaults and shredding facilities.

If you were unable to experience Anchorage and the PRISM Annual Conference and Tradeshow for yourself, feel free to contact us directly. We'd be happy to share any information we can about the conference, our solutions or our list of "must do's" should you make it up North in the near future.

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