JULY 2012


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Tana's Tech Tip

Just released...
NEW Veri-Shred Report

Earlier this week, ASI added its newest addition to the Veri-Shred report pool. It’s the Scheduled vs. Serviced Report and is easily accessed via a self-titled button from the VS Service Order list.

This valuable report provides a comprehensive account of all the primary addresses originally scheduled for service on a specific date with detail indicating addresses:

  • serviced on the date specified.
  • that remained on the schedule but were not serviced.
  • rescheduled for service on a different day.
  • removed from the list to be serviced.

Tell us how you're incorporating ASI software to deliver over-the-top service. We'd love to feature it in an upcoming newsletter.

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August 22-24, 2012
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September 23-25, 2012
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NAID-Europe/PRISM/ARMA Conference
November 5-8, 2012
La Hulpe, Belgium

Shred School
November 14-16, 2012
December 12-14, 2012
Spartanburg, SC

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Risky Business
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

This month we're talking about risk, or more accurately, minimizing risk. We're pleased to include our interview with Bob Haskins, CEO of Gigabiter LLC, who shares his knowledge on the reasons why companies seek out e-destruction services to minimize risk and why it makes sense for RIM services companies to add this to their business mix. He'll also be on-hand as one of our featured guest speakers during September's ASI Users Seminar.

I also want to turn your attention to passwords, critically important to the protection of our personal and professional privacy - not to mention corporate data, which is so often compromised due to ineffective password policies. There have been numerous examples of password breaches over the years. Earlier this month, Yahoo made news when it leaked nearly half a million passwords from Yahoo Voices. In June, LinkedIn's password file was stolen and published on the Internet.

I think the reasons for implementing a corporate password policy are obvious (data protection being top of mind). If not, check out this article from TechRepublic. You might also like to review the TechRepublic Password Policy to use as a guideline to create and implement your own, or to strengthen your existing password policy.

Can your passwords be cracked? Test their strength at any of these websites:

How Secure is My Password

Password Meter

Test Your Password

Rumkin Strength Test

Microsoft Safety & Security Center

If you're having trouble creating a strong password, you may find this article useful. It includes helpful password generator web sites that are touted to generate nearly unhackable passwords.

I hope you'll take a moment to check the strength of your own passwords and corporate password policy - before someone does it for you.

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Users Seminar Early Registration is August 10th

Summer's flying by and before you know it, September will be here which means ASI users from around the globe will be meeting in Cleveland, Ohio at the ASI "TOPS" 2012 Users Seminar.

If you're interested in growing your RIM services business and learning how to get the most from your ASI software investment from the most knowledgeable software team in the industry, you need to be there too. We've also gathered a distinguished group of industry experts such as Bob Haskins, CEO of Gigabiter LLC and contributor to this month's ASI Archive.


You could wait until August 10th to register, but why delay? Register today and that's one less task on your summer "to do" list!

On or before August 10th
After August 10th


You'll also want to take a moment to book your accommodations at our host hotel, the beautiful Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade. To ensure receipt of the specially negotiated ASI room rate, reservations must be made on or before August 8, 2012.

For the full agenda, including session descriptions, registration form and housing info, download the ASI TOPS Users Seminar PDF.

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Veri-Shred & VCK-SQL new updates released

The releases of VCK-SQL and Veri-Shred are now available. Both offer many business-beneficial enhancements which you can read about in their respective release notes available online. These updates include some minor, but important updates to the previous releases, along with new features requested by our users. 

To ensure your business realizes the full advantage of the new features and benefits offered by VCK-SQL and Veri-Shred, we encourage you to hold a meeting with your internal users to fully review these documents.

If you haven't yet scheduled your update installation, please contact ASI Support today. They'll work with you and address any questions or concerns.

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E-Destruction as a Profit Center:
An Interview with Bob Haskins, CEO of Gigabiter, LLC

This year’s ASI Users Seminar includes a stellar group of industry experts including Bob Haskins, CEO of Gigabiter LLC . Bob will share his first-person knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the e-destruction biz during his session “E-Destruction as a Profit Center.” In this month’s ASI Archive, we wanted to provide you with a little sample of what you can expect to learn from Bob in September. Below is a small sample of his voluminous body of knowledge gleaned through his 30+ years in the RIM services industry, most specifically the last seven spent establishing Gigabiter LLC as a premier provider of e-destruction services.

You started with a records center 30 years ago, then moved into destruction and now, you’re a pioneer in the e-destruction industry. Having taken that route, would you advise other RIM service providers to add e-destruction to their businesses?
Definitely. It’s a natural fit and to me, it makes sense to add e-destruction to an existing records center or destruction operation.

When you started Gigabiter seven years ago, there weren’t a lot of industry experts you could go to for advice such as what you’ll be providing during the ASI Users Seminar. Can you give an example of a first-person learning experience?
Since we’ll be focusing on e-destruction as a profit center, a key insight for me was recognizing that there’s more value to be had in the equipment’s parts than in the complete unit. From copper found in a computer’s cooling system to memory sticks, there’s value to be found. Take a copier for example. A recycler will pay a particular rate per pound for a typical hard drive removed from a copier (it varies depending on the actual hard drive). Take off the circuit board and you’d double that amount. It’s these little things that can really add to the bottom line of your business. I’ll talk about what has value and what doesn’t more extensively at the Users Seminar as well.

How about equipment needed for e-destruction?
On the recycling side, it requires no special equipment. On the e-destruction side, there would be some specialized equipment required, such as degaussers and grinders. I’ll also provide more detail on getting started and equipment considerations at the ASI Users Conference in September.

With our reliance on computers and electronics, it’s safe to assume that the demand for e-destruction services will continue to grow in the coming years. Do you have any insights on industries that are in particular need of these services?
It’s a very consistent business and is in demand since any major company is going to need e-destruction services. Of particular note is the medical industry, which generates a steady demand for e-destruction services. Part of the reason is due to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. Because they operate under strict regulatory oversight, hospitals and similar medical facilities typically require ongoing, multi-process e-destruction services. And for a RIM services provider with a strong client base of medical facilities, adding e-destruction to the mix makes sense.

Why do companies seek out e-destruction provider?
Their main concern is to minimize risk. Clients are concerned about two types of risk – environmental and information. Each industry and/or company has to decide what constitutes “reasonable” risk. For the government for example, that translates to total destruction to two millimeters.

Speaking of risk assessment, you’re co-chair of a new NAID task force whose major objective is to develop a standard for what constitutes “reasonable” destruction of information stored on solid state drives (SSDs) such as those used in many computers. This is quite the task isn't it?
It is, but we’ve got a great group of industry professionals who are quite knowledgeable. Aside from developing a reasonable standard for SSD drives, we’ll be evaluating methods and processes used. My understanding is that this information will then be published for use by data custodians. Pretty important stuff and I’m proud to be able to contribute.

Many thanks to Bob for taking time out of his busy schedule to contribute to this month’s newsletter. We’ve only scratched the surface of his knowledge in this brief article. Be sure to register to attend the ASI Users Seminar September 12-13 for his in-depth presentation “E-Destruction as a Profit Center.”

If you’d like to reach Bob directly, his email is rhaskins@gigabiter.com. Be sure to visit www.gigabiter.com for more information about the company and the e-destruction industry.

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Jim MacMillan Named ASI VP of Sales

Congratulations to Jim Macmillan on his promotion to VP of Sales for ASI. Jim will be responsible for business development for both existing and new customers. Other responsibilities include managing key customer relationships in concert with Customer Service Manager and recommending product and/or service enhancements to continually boost sales and customer satisfaction, among others.

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