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Tana's Tech Tip

Invoicing Flexibility? You bet!

As attendees of the June 8th webinar entitled, “Invoicing: Monthly vs. Instant” learned, when it comes to invoicing, ASI offers users exceptional flexibility.

For example, for the same customer, Monthly and Instant Invoices can be set differently for the Services Discount and Services Minimum Billing.

To set the Services Discount and/or Minimum Billing for an Instant Invoice, go to Customer Setup/Services Setup tab and enter the appropriate amounts into the fields under the Shredding Services/Instant Invoices header. It's as simple as that!

The Latest, Greatest...

Andrews Software product updates are at your fingertips. Be sure your business is getting the maximum benefit from your ASI software investment.

Check out the ASI Product Updates page on the ASI web site. You'll may also find it useful to visit the Release Notes and Help Manuals areas on the site where you'll find the latest information for ASI's records and information management software solutions.

Upcoming Events

Shred School
August 24-26, 2011
Spartanburg, South Carolina

ARMA International
October 17-19, 2011
Washington, D.C.

PRISM/NAID/ARMA Joint European Conference
November 7-9, 2011
London, England

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Recession-inspired innovation
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

As we're all aware, the United States and a few other countries are still in the throes of one of the most significant recessions in recent history. As an industry, RIM services has fared pretty well. I've always felt fortunate to be part of this great industry - even more so today. Still, there are many businesses who have suffered and continue to suffer loss of revenue and customer base.

Recently, I became aware of a company, The Dynamite Network, that is showing innovation during these difficult times. As a company that specializes in technology via video marketing, The Dynamite Network had seen its customer base reduced significantly due to the recession with corporate layoffs and so forth. Company president, Jeff Musson, knew he needed to find a way to replenish this lost business and figured other companies found themselves in much the same boat.

What he did was develop Dynamite Thursdays. This event reaches out to the technology community and creates networking opportunities for those businesses and attendees. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Jeff and his team are adding additional events in other cities. Jeff says it's immensely satisfying to get feedback from attendees and showcased companies who say they've closed new business because they were part of one of his events.

This example makes me think that, while the RIM services industry has fared pretty well during the past few years, we can't get too complacent. There's still a need to be innovative. It keeps a company sharp and ensures products and services meet and exceed customer expectations.

How has your company demonstrated innovation recently? I'd love to hear from you. Email your story to: SBidwell@AndrewsSoftware.com.

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Clients find value in ASI webinars

We were happy to receive the following feedback from two attendees of our June 8th ASI webinar entitled “Invoicing: Monthly vs. Instant”. Their comments reinforce our thinking that, no matter how long you've used an application, there is probably a tool or technique you haven't yet discovered. Aside from its intrinsic instructional value, the ability to do more with the same software is one of the key drivers ASI is committed to provide online learning via our WebShare webinars.

Check out our WebShare calendar for an upcoming webinar that might prove helpful to you and your business. And many thanks to Vera and Mary for their feedback. We really appreciate your comments!

If you'd like a sample of how Instant Invoicing can help you, please see Tana's Tech Tip at left.

From Vera Barkovich, Command Records Management:

“We get lots of walk-in business and of course, they need to be invoiced immediately. Instant Invoicing was of particular interest to me and will be a great option to serve these customers. The webinar also helped further familiarize me with customer setup in VCK for me – really helpful. It was definitely a great value for our needs.”

From Mary Frein, National Records Management:

“The Invoicing webinar was helpful. I attended primarily for a refresher and for clarification on Instant Invoicing. I found out that I was missing steps in the process that were causing errors.  I always enjoy the webinars. You all do a good job answering questions and explaining.”

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Congratulations Kevin Baird!

Please join us in congratulating Kevin Baird on his recent promotion to ASI Development Department Manager.

As Development Department Manager, Kevin keeps his team on-track as he oversees ongoing development and enhancements for ASI solutions. He also anticipates and directs the short-term and long-range planning of the development of future applications.

Kevin is no stranger to ASI, having started with the company in 1998. He has been the primary developer of all ASI web applications and helped pioneer InfoKeeper.

He had this to say about ASI's commitment to the RIM services industry, "ASI has always been on the forefront of developing new and innovative technologies for the records center and shredding industries, and we're continuing to blaze new trails as the needs and dynamics of the industries change. I'm glad to be a part of such a great team of people, and we're all very excited to bring our customers new and improved products in the days to come."

Kevin also manages hardware, networking and PC's for the company and is a Microsoft MVP five years running. We're pretty sure Kevin has some interests outside of ASI, but haven't figured out when he finds the time!

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Welcome Tim Jackson!

We'd also like to introduce you to our newest ASI team member and programmer, Tim Jackson.

While he may be new to ASI, Tim Jackson is not new to the computer industry, coming to us with 19 years of experience.

Most recently, Tim has worked for a trucking brokerage firm as well as the Virginia House of Delegates in various programming, hardware, and helpdesk roles.

Before coming to IT, Tim was an electrician, working on everything from new high-rise construction to the implosion of old buildings. Tim says, it was watching the engineers program the implosion sequences that sparked his interest in programming. We're happy he made the career change!

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Shred School takes learning online

Starting in July, Total Training Services will offer its highly successful Shred School sales workshop online. This web-based training course is specifically designed to meet the needs of those sales professionals and business owners in the destruction industry who are committed to growing their businesses but can't break away for the more detailed onsite training offered by the traditional Shred School curriculum.

While the online workshop agenda differs from the traditional Shred School, it is still packed with proven effective strategies for any industry professional.

The curriculum will be conducted in three separate two-hour sessions. Highlights include:

  • How to become or create a top performer
  • Goal-setting for sales and how to achieve them
  • Winning accounts against the low-cost bidders
  • How to network like a "rock star" and where to network
  • 3 great tools to grow your business NOW
  • The objections and how to handle them
  • How to become the "perceived expert" in your market

Space is limited to 20 per workshop so please contact Ray Barry at ray@shredschool.com if you are interested.  You can also visit www.shredschool.com  or www.totaltrainingservices.com  for more detailed information about Shred School. Or call 864-699-8417.

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