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If you know someone at your office who should be receiving The ASI Archive, please take a moment to register them and we'll be sure to add them to our distribution list.

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Planning to Plan
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Migration...some would say it's the IT industry's four-letter word.

According to Microsoft, a full system migration can take up to six months. Yep, six months. This is an important tidbit of information given that, the company officially pulled the support plug on Windows XP on April 8th, leaving companies more vulnerable to security breaches, malware and higher operating costs.

These are just a few of the reasons that, for most companies, the planned obsolescence of XP creates a need to invest in a new OS and new technology. This often requires an upgrade to existing programs to ensure your business-critical applications, such as ASI software solutions, are migrated correctly and completely.

Let's assume your company could complete its migration in three months. It would still be important to put a detailed migration plan in place. Even the smallest detail can create plenty of headaches. A common example is the "broken shortcut." This happens when the drive maps are changed, or in layman's language, the program or file the shortcut points to has been moved or deleted. It's like moving to a new home without providing a forwarding address for your mail. Even for the tech-savvy, such a migration is no small undertaking and requires a detailed plan.

Whether tech-savvy or tech-challenged, ASI's support team is ready to work with you to help construct a customized migration plan and budget that fits your operation. Components to consider as part of the plan include a migration calendar, infrastructure analysis, internal and external IT resources to name a few. Sometimes there are elements that are necessary, though they may not be covered by the support contract: server and hardware moves and data recovery for example.

Reserving your place on the ASI support calendar is another important reason to contact ASI Support today. Doing so will help your migration roll out smoothly and avoid unnecessary, often expensive, roadblocks.

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ASI Sunsetting Windows Server 2003
Kevin Baird, ASI Programming Manager

ASI continues to refine its applications and introduce new features that are made available via Microsoft's own tools. Due to advancements in Microsoft's tools and ASI's commitment to continually improve our product line, any client still using Windows Server 2003 will no longer be provided updates to VCKweb.NET after September 2014. You may continue to run the existing version of VCKweb.NET on Server 2003, but no further updates will be applied.

ASI will be utilizing Microsoft .NET 4.5x in its future product offerings and Microsoft does not make 4.5x available for Windows Server 2003. All other ASI products will continue to support Server 2003 until July 2015, at which point Microsoft will sunset service for the operating system, and ASI will do the same.

We recommend upgrading to a later edition of Microsoft Server, including Server 2008 or Server 2012, all of which are compatible with ASI's complete range of software products.

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Tech Tip
Brian Chivers, ASI Customer Support

The latest version of VCK-SQL can provide records center managers with more in-depth reporting pertaining to the Grid.

Access the revised capacity report at: Warehouse>Grid Maintenance>Reports

  1. Select the Capacity Report from the list of options.
  2. Specify a location, range of locations, or leave blank for the entire grid.
  3. Click Report and then click Preview to view the newly enhanced report.

The enhanced report provides information on current capacity which can help forecast needs for the future. Values such as empty, open, and full locations are reported as the number of locations and percentage in relation to the total number of locations queried. After generating the preview, the report is automatically written into an Excel file located within the PC's "C:\tempvck" folder titled "capacity.xls." Last but not least, the report also presents the above values in basic units and cubic feet.

View a sample of VCK-SQL's enhanced Capacity Report.

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