MARCH 2008


Hungry for Ideas

ASI Users Seminar to be held Sept. 17-18

Going to California...and NAID

Reports Galore!

New ASI Fax Number

Please update your contact information with our new fax number: 440-627-2089.

Tana's Tech Tip

Invoice Registration on
Veri-Shred and VCK
To invoice clients using Veri-Shred and VCK Invoicing, each PC that will be used to invoice must first register a specific file. It's easy. Simply follow these steps to register the invoicing service:

1. Login to VCK.

2. Using the menu at the top, click File / Maintenance / Register Invoicing Service. A message will appear stating, “DllRegisterServer in CDINTF.DLL succeeded.” 

3. Click Ok.

Invoicing can now be opened and used on this PC.

Register for ASI WebShare Webinars

WebShare provides ASI Users with online webinar training sessions including step-by-step instruction and review of neat features offered by ASI's many records and information management software solutions.

Have You Registered?

Are you using
ASI Mobile Yet?

Email to find out how you can implement ASI Mobile for  $100* per truck per month.

*does not include shipping, taxes, duties, finance charges or additional supplies.

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ASI Learning Center
Here you can view all ASI product help manuals.

24/7 Software Support
Have an issue you need assistance with? Get help today by visiting our online Support Center with FAQs and more. Don't see an answer to your problem? Create a support trouble ticket. One of our support staff will respond within 24 hours, plus you can view the status of your support question at any time simply by logging in!

Upcoming Events

NAID Annual Conference
April 2-4, 2006
Anaheim, California

PRISM Int'l Annual Conference
May 13-16, 2008
Anchorage, Alaska


Please send any payments, hardware and other correspondence to:

Andrews Software, Inc.
6900 W. Snowville Road
Cleveland, OH 44141

Toll-Free: 800-807-2093
(North America)
Phone: 440-546-9771
Fax: 440-627-2089

Hungry for ideas?
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

How often has this happened to you? My wife, Jocelyn, attempting to solve the never-ending “What should we have for lunch?” dilemma, asked me what I’d like to eat. She was headed out to do some errands and would pick up something. I offered a couple of ideas, both of which got a lukewarm response. Finally, she said she’d just grab a sandwich from a well-known sub shop we frequented. Now, a bit hungry and a bit more frustrated, I said, “Well, if you weren’t going to take any of my suggestions, why did you ask me what I wanted?”

How often does this happen to you in your day-to-day business, whether it be with clients or employees? And do you more often take on the role of my wife in this instance or find yourself frustrated, as I was, having been asked to provide input, but finding it gets ignored or quickly rejected? Many companies like to position themselves as client-driven, yet rarely respond to client suggestions or questions regarding ways to improve a service or product. Likewise, how many meetings have you been part of where the goal was to solicit employee ideas to reach a certain goal, yet it seemed the end result had been decided even before the meeting started?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, take stock of your organization’s role in soliciting feedback and ideas from clients and staff. Does your corporate culture truly facilitate the exploration of suggestions and ideas as they are presented? Or do these suggestions fall into a deep well of disregard or indifference?

My point is this – everyone likes to be heard and acknowledged. If you solicit input from clients or staff, be prepared to fully explore their suggestions. You may be surprised at how many of these can develop into some really great improvements or enhancements for your business. And when the suggestion isn’t feasible, let the person know why and encourage them to continue to contribute input. Last but not least, don’t offer what you aren’t able or willing to deliver. It can only lead to disappointment and that empty feeling you get, you know…like when you haven’t had lunch.

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ASI Users Seminar to be held Sept. 17-18
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Mark your calendars! This year's ASI Users Seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 17th through Thursday, Sept. 18th. The meeting will be held in Cleveland, Ohio where we are headquartered and will consist of application-focused, hands-on workshops and sessions. Our core focus wil be to highlight best practices and our "what's new" enhancements. Next month's newsletter will provide further information related to the schedule and hotel details.

I would also like to thank all of those who responded to the survey in our January newsletter where we asked your opinion on holding the ASI Users Seminar in conjunction with the PRISM and NAID conferences. While a handful of you said you would support this schedule change, the preference seemed to be to keep the Users Seminar in the fall. Our goal is to be as responsive as possible to client feedback. We're excited about this year's Seminar and look forward to welcoming you to Cleveland on September 17th and 18th.

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Going to California...and the NAID Annual Conference

ASI heads to California and the Magic Kingdom next week to take part in the 2008 NAID Annual Conference. We're proud to be a sponsor of this year's event, as well as a presenter. If your interest is in ID'ing shredding software for your business, you won't want to miss our Vendor Session and Veri-Shred software demonstration on Wednesday, April 2 from 4pm to 4:50pm. It's a great opportunity to learn a bit about Veri-Shred on your terms so you can better decide if it's a solution that could work for your growing business. You can also find us at Booth 705 on the exhibition floor where we'll be demo'ing Veri-Shred and our full suite of solutions for shredding, records centers and media vaults.

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Reports Galore!

Did you know that VCK currently contains over 260 preset reports?  These reports range from simple carton and file inventories to complex management reports measuring customer activity and billing revenue for certain time periods.  There are so many reports we actually created a "Reports Dictionary" which includes a definition of each report, as well as samples of each.  The easy-to-use Table of Contents makes finding the report you are looking for a breeze!

Click here to download your copy of the VCK Reports document. Once you have entered your Username and Password, click "Save" and specify where you would like to save the file on your computer. (Please note that access to this information requires a Username and Password.)

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VVKweb.NET: Simple, Secure Online Account Management

When your tape clients require access to account information that is immediate, secure and still easy to manage, VVKweb.NET™ is the answer. VVKweb.NET, ASI’s newest dynamic off-site media management solution, delivers all of the capabilities needed to accurately and securely record, search, track and manage media assets for your magnetic media clients.

Employing Microsoft SQL and .NET technology, considered the most robust, secure technology available, VVKweb.NET is maintained and controlled by the off-site vault. Even so, it is a client-driven application. The Client Administrator can setup users, security access per user, customize names and field positions, view user activity reports and much more. Passwords can also be changed by the client. Working in conjunction with Visual Vault Keeper® (VVK), clients are able to view and update media information, manage deposits and withdrawals, search and query the inventory and much more – all from a single-center database in real time via the web.

VVKweb.NETalso features multi-layer system security so that you and your clients can be confident data is protected from unauthorized access.  Some of these enhanced security features include:

  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be utilized to allow software access only to clients within the VPN. The application can also be accessible within the records center’s Intranet to ensure there is no exposure to the Internet at all.
  • Domain and IP-Based Security
  • Two-Factor Authentication requiring two sets of sequential logins. The first login is controlled by the records center and the second login is controlled by the user.

VVKweb.NET delivers measurable business benefits: streamlined processes, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction. For more information about this advanced account management solution, contact an ASI Account Representative today at 800-807-2093 (outside North America, call: 440-546-9771) or email us.

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