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NAID Rocks in Nashville
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

I’m dedicating this month’s column to the NAID staff and NAID members who helped put together this year’s NAID Annual Conference & Expo in Nashville March 22nd through March 24th. In the city known for its country roots, this year’s event truly rocked.

Like most of us, I’ve had the opportunity to attend quite a few industry conference and trade shows. I find that each event generates its own energy, if you will. The energy from those attending and organizing this year’s NAID 2013 annual event was one of lively anticipation and helpful collaboration.

Says NAID Promotions Sales Manager Tracy Tarlton, “We made very specific changes this year based on feedback from last year's conference. It is very gratifying to see those changes have the desired results.”

Speaking as an exhibitor, Jim, Tana and I found the exhibition floor to be quite busy with a steady stream of customers and prospects visiting the booth. Let’s face it, as a trade show vendor, that’s what counts.

Given the activity on the floor, I didn’t have as much opportunity to attend educational sessions but heard good things from those that did.

And of course, how can you go wrong with the after-hours events when Nashville offers so many options: delicious food (from down-home country cooking to five-star restaurants), great music (of course!) and plenty of local points of interest.

Thanks again to Bob and the NAID staff for their unflagging positive attitudes and excellent planning. Looking forward to what’s coming in 2014, though there are a few events still to attend in between!

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Tana's Tech Tip

With Mail Stops or Without? The new Veri-Shred Offers Both

The latest version of Veri-Shred (version 2.4.133) offers two options when running the Daily Run Sheet: 1. with Mail Stops (the existing/standard report) and; 2. without Mail Stops (new report).

The key difference?

The Daily Run Sheet without Mail Stops replaces the detailed mail stop information from the former report with condensed bin type totals.

When you select the Daily Run Sheet without Mail Stops report, you will notice:

  1. In the report header, the ‘Action to Take' section has been replaced with a ‘Bin Type Totals' section. Rather than seeing counts by bin type and the required action, you see counts by bin type only.
  2. In the detail band of the reports, the ‘without Mail Stops' report stays true to its name in that all the mail stop-specific information is excluded – no Mail Stop addresses, no Mail Stop notes, etc. In its place is a summary of the bin type totals at the primary address that need to be serviced.

If you have questions or would like more information on these reports and/or Veri-Shred 2.4.133, please contact an ASI Support Specialist.

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Paper Records On The Rise

There was an interesting article published in on March 26, 2013, regarding a recent study done by AIIM and written by David Roe. It appears the volume of paper records is increasing in more organizations than in years past. So maybe the paperless office is further off than we think?

Read the complete article...

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What Sales Superstars Believe That You Don't
Reprinted from the blog of Gavin Ingham

Why do sales superstars outperform sales wannabees and sales hopefuls? What is it that they've got that you haven't? One of the most compelling answers to this question is that sales superstars have more empowering beliefs systems. These belief systems in turn support their efforts and drive them to uncommon success.

Sales superstars may have chosen these winning beliefs consciously or they may just be lucky enough to have them. No matter. Either way, it's time that you start to focus on what you need to believe because what you believe will ultimately determine how you feel in any given situation and therefore how you behave. This in turn will be a powerful predictor of the sales results that you are going to get.

Let's say that in scenario one you have just made a sales presentation to a potential client. You believe that your product is “too expensive” and that your client is not going to pay what you need them to pay. How do you feel? What actions are you likely to take? How will your belief about price affect your sales pitch and your negotiations?

In scenario two you know that your prospect is currently with a “premium” competitor of yours and therefore you believe that your product is going to be seen as “good value for money” by your prospect. How do you feel? What actions are you likely to take now? How will your belief affect your sales pitch and your subsequent negotiations?

It's easy to see from these two examples just how important it is to possess the "right" beliefs when seeking to dramatically increase your sales results. When significant changes in belief occur sales professionals can literally explode their sales results overnight.

Read the full article...

Gavin is considered by many to be the leading expert on sales psychology and sales performance in the UK today. With his inspirational approach to sales psychology and sales motivation Gavin combines commercial experience, personal excellence and sales technologies in delivering personal and business sales success. Check out his blog at

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