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Moving Forward by Looking Back
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

looking backComing back from the long Memorial Day weekend, I'm feeling pretty rejuvenated, which is great since I was already feeling re-energized following my return from the PRISM International Annual Conference held earlier this month. Not only did I have the opportunity to reconnect with longtime clients and friends, this year's event included quite a few new faces as well. As I listened to keynote speaker and futurist Jim Carroll's presentation about innovation and the value of looking at the past to predict the future, the relevance of this really hit home.

When we look at the RIM services industry over the past few decades, there's no denying its cyclical nature. Going back to the mid-1990's (yes, I really have been around THAT long!), it was the merger between Iron Mountain and Piece Leahy that signaled a new chapter in the industry's maturation. More acquisitions and mergers followed as markets adjusted, readjusted and shifted.

As the dust settled, new RIM services start-ups established themselves. These were typically single-market operators, that with hard work and luck, were able to expand to serve multiple, national or even international markets. As one might expect, the M & A cycle repeated itself, spawning more businesses as the industry's leaders and these new entrepreneurs continued to grow and expand the RIM services industry through their bold decisions to invest in the latest technology and innovative business strategies.

In looking back at the ebb and flow of growth, maturation and regrowth within the RIM services industry, it becomes clear that this is a vital part of what will sustain its future success.

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New Opportunities Abound at PRISM Conference


Congratulations to this year's PRISM Annual Conference Planning Task Group and the PRISM staff. They truly delivered on this year's theme "Navigating the Oceans of Opportunity" by putting together a conference that delivered great value for attendees and exhibitors alike. From the new "Ignite" sessions to the Learning Labs, this year's event showed a commitment to use innovation to help reinvigorate this annual event.

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store in Tucson in 2017!

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Tech Tip: New ASI Mobile 4.1 Delivers the Remote Desktop

Today's records center and shredding owner/operators rely more and more on Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to run their businesses. To meet this demand we, as software developers, must move to more mobile and web-based functionality. ASI is keeping pace with ASI Mobile 5, a Windows & Android mobile app being released later this summer.

With RDP, accessing a server in Location A from Location B is no problem. As a web services-based application, ASI Mobile 4.1 also sends and receives information via ASI's Universal Web Services from any Internet connection using Windows Mobile 6.5. These are detailed in the ASI Mobile 4.0 Help Manual & Release Notes document which is available online.

We invite you to email Jim Macmillan directly for more info or to schedule a demo.

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