ASI Looks Toward the Future

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DataLogic Announces Product Obsolescence

Divide & Conquer: Realizing the Benefits of Virtualization

The Myth of Treating People Fairly and Equally

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Please update your contact information with our new fax number: 440-627-2089.

Tana's Tech Tips

Scheduling Holiday Service with Veri-Shred
Do you have customers scheduled for shredding services on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or New Year’s Day? A little planning before-hand can ensure happy holidays follow.

To change a service date
in Veri-Shred, open the Calendar in the Information menu. Click on the plus sign (+) for the date of the original schedule and highlight the customer(s) for which you want to change the service date. Right-click and select Move. A calendar will be displayed. Double
-click on the date that you wish to do the service.

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PRISM Int'l Asia Pacific Conference
Feb. 20-22, 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Andrews Software team wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving.
We would also like to remind you that our offices will be closed Thursday, Nov. 22; however, emergency support is available on this day. Limited staff will be available Friday, November 23 including ASI Support.

ASI Looks Toward the Future
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

How do you stay connected to what’s going on in the industry? I’m sure you rely on a strong network of colleagues and industry associations such as PRISM and NAID, as well as key web sites. We hope that the ASI website is among those web sites you turn to. If so, you probably checked out our most recent press release announcing my recent appointment as President/COO.


Former president and CEO Lee Miller has been a driving force in Andrews Software’s growth through the years. Having been with ASI myself since it started in the mid-1980’s, I’m excited to lead this talented team with the same level of energy and vision that Lee brought to the table as we continue to develop exceptional solutions for our clients around the world.


If you aren’t currently visiting the ASI website regularly, I encourage you to add it to your list of favorites. Below is an article that outlines how you can access the loads of information and resources that are readily available to you. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Andrews Software, Inc. as your software partner. We genuinely value your support and input as we strive to deliver exceptional solutions to grow your business.

Visit the ASI Website for Useful Tools & Info

It seems that every time we turn around there is a breaking news story,

which in one way or another may impact our respective worlds, be it at work or home. One of the bigger challenges faced by each of us, is trying to sift though the piles of new information that floods our inboxes and distributing the necessary information to the appropriate individuals. Of course, there’s never a guarantee that the person on the receiving end will read it, or whether it ends up lost in a deluge of emails and information. Enter the ASI Newsletter. Our hope is we are providing useful information – not just filling up your inbox with useless information. Our newsletter, the ASI Archive, is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many ways ASI shares information, the bulk of which is done so via the ASI website.


When did you last visit the ASI website?  Did you know we host a listserv on the site where you can connect with hundreds of ASI customers around the globe? “What is a listserv?” you ask.  A listserv uses e-mail as a conduit for communicating with the other members who are in the group. When you submit a message to the server, your message is relayed to all those on the listserv. Members of the list will see your message or “post” as it is known, and will be able to respond to it. All responses will be sent to the list, creating what is called a thread. It is similar to computer conferencing, but a listserv is asynchronous. The listserv is a great tool to use when you are wondering how other organizations handle a challenge you're faced with. Simply reach out to your peers and make a post. Odds are, you will be amazed at the amount of information they are willing to share.


Other areas on the site you may want to visit include press releases, industry articles, case studies, or even dig into the many different educational sections such as, online documentation or presentations. Customers, if you cannot remember your user name and password, no problem click here and we will search on your email address and if you are registered your login information will automatically be emailed to you.  It is our hope to be able to provide you, with many different avenues so you can gain the answers to your questions – without wasting hours digging through the piles.

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Latest VCK and Veri-Shred Updates Available

VCK update 2007.11.15 and Veri-Shred update 2.1.220 are now available.  These releases contain several new enhancements and resolve some “cosmetic and bug” items. Please take a moment to review VCK release notes and Veri-Shred release notes. To schedule your training and update(s), please contact a member of ASI Support by calling 800-807-2093 or emailing

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DataLogic Announces Product Obsolescence

Due to increasing difficulty of sourcing core components, Datalogic Mobile has announced the worldwide obsolescence of the following portable data terminal devices:


  • Falcon DOS (This affects Falcon 32X, 33X, and 34X DOS models.)
  • PT2000
  • TopGun
  • PT40

The last announced service date for these discontinued devices is December 31, 2010; however, this is subject to component availability. Replacement terminals are not currently available for all models. Of those that are available, they will continue to rely on proprietary software, which is typically quite expensive to implement. If you anticipate purchasing additional and/or replacement mobile data terminals in the near future, ASI offers multiple Windows Mobile-based terminals, which is a universal platform able to function on more operating systems worldwide. If you would like to discuss mobile data terminal options, please contact ASI Support.

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Divide & Conquer:
Realizing the Benefits of Virtualization
Kevin J. Baird, ASI Senior Developer

As a developer, I’m often required to write software programs for different Operating Systems, and inside different environments.  For instance, I
may develop a website that runs under Windows Server edition or in some cases Linux.  Another example would be that a new program works great
in Windows XP, but how well will it work in Windows Vista?  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different settings in each OS, and many programs want to change those settings to suit their particular needs.
This can lead to a lot of resource management.  I often have three or more computers up and running to help build, test, and run various programs
that I’m working on.  Each machine has a different OS on it, and performs different tasks.  It can be daunting to manage all of these machines,
but it’s nothing compared to our server room at Andrews Software.

Read the full article.

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The Myth of Treating People Fairly and Equally
Jeff Mowatt, ConnectIT

I'll just come right-out and say it. I believe that treating customers fairly and equally is a mistake. It's unprofitable. It belittles customers and employees.
And it's unethical. There, I've said it.

Certainly, we should treat people fairly -- but not equally. I'm not advocating
some Orwellian decree that 'some animals are more equal than others'. This has nothing to do with a customer's value as a person. It has to do with bending so-called 'rules' to give exceptional customers the kind of unique service they deserve.

Read the full article.

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