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When editing work orders using “Quick Edit Work Order” in VCK, right-click in the Work Order field. The last number that you typed into that field will reappear.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Andrews Software team wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We would also like to remind you that our offices will be closed Thursday, November 27th; however emergency support is available on this day. Limited staff will be available Friday, November 28th, including ASI Support.     

Taking a Moment
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Like many of you, I and the ASI Team have spent much of the previous couple of months participating in and attending industry events. This includes PRISM's European Conference in Hungary, Las Vegas for ARMA's Annual Conference & Tradeshow and down to Florida for PRISM's workshop on Records Center Fundamentals to name a few. We also managed to host our Users Seminar amidst all of these shows. Whew! It's definitely a busy time of year and we've enjoyed meeting up with old friends and making new ones while we share industry info and solutions.

Still, it's nice to be off the road for awhile and I'm looking forward to spending time with family as we carve the turkey and give thanks. True, there are quite a few uncertainties today...economic woes, war, rising unemployment and healthcare costs, etc...but I think this just highlights all the more, all that I have to be thankful for. Key on this list is a loving, supportive family, my health and outstanding friends and colleagues. Before heading off on the next road trip or tackling the next big project, I hope you take a moment this Thanksgiving to reflect on what you are thankful for and enjoy the day with those most important to you.

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Purchase Veri-Shred by Dec. 31st and Save

In October, we introduced our latest program, the Veri-Shred Appreciation Purchase Program. Specifically designed to offer savings for PRISM and NAID members when they purchase Veri-Shred, this is our way of recognizing those company members who share our interest in supporting and promoting the RIM industry and its associations.

Effective October 1st, 2008 through December 31st, 2008, any PRISM International or NAID member who selects Veri-Shred software for their businesses can save 20%.

“The savings gained through this incentive can be used toward any number of expenses, but we hope the company purchasing Veri-Shred will invest it in next year’s membership dues in PRISM or NAID,” says Bidwell.

For more information about the Veri-Shred Appreciation Purchase Program please email or call 800-807-2093 (US and Canada) or 440-546-9771 (worldwide).

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Employee Free Choice Act

With the election of Barack Obama as US President, it is very likely that the Employee Free Choice Act will become law. This presents fairly radical implications for employees and business owners alike. Here are three links providing further information regarding the Act and its potential impact to the business community.

Employee Free Choice Act: Labor vs. Business
As unionizing law, would EFCA help workers or hurt U.S. competitiveness? Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus and lawmaker George Miller offer different views.

Employee Free Choice Act

Viewpoint -- The Employee Free Choice Act: Is Your Company Prepared for It?

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The Four Pillars of Commercial Records Centers
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

Today’s commercial records centers continue to diversify and expand service offerings to accommodate the growing needs of their clients. This diversification has helped balance businesses by reducing dependency on one source of revenue, i.e., “the box on the shelf.” Additionally, it translates into more revenue opportunities with existing clients, and offers another means of entry into a prospective client’s door for the salesperson. For example, the first pillar, or “core” service, of a commercial-records center is managing cartons of information, usually paper records. If the prospect is already vended or has a current solution, such as a storage space, then for the records center it is conceivably a dead end. There is no real sales opportunity, at least until the lease expires or the current vended contract is up for renewal. In the case of the latter, the records center may have an opportunity to close the sale, if they have maintained contact with the prospect.

In-Demand Services
So how do you ensure you get the chance to participate in the renewal process? First, determine if there are other areas in which you can service their business needs. For example, what services can you provide that complement the “box on the shelf” service where you can utilize the same vehicle, driver and office staff?

Click here to read the full article. You can also vist the Industry Articles area on the ASI website to find this article and many others with valuable information for your growing RIM business.

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Beware of Backscatter
Kevin Baird, ASI Systems Administrator

Protecting a network from internet attacks has become a full time job. We recently had to debug the ASI email server and noticed a small issue when the Backscatter Protection was enabled. Backscatter is bounce-back messages from legitimate e-mail servers that have been fooled by spammers. The bounce-back messages often have strange subject lines and leave you wondering if you’ve been hacked. Not at all. Spammers like to put fake information in their e-mail messages in order to sneak them past e-mail filters. Because e-mail filters now just delete messages that come from nonexistent domains, the spammers like to make their messages look like they come from real e-mail addresses. That means, if your e-mail address has been published on the Web somewhere, you're a prime candidate for backscattering.

Here's an example. Let's say that Joe's computer has a virus and he doesn't know about it. The virus harvests a bunch of email addresses from Joe's address book and documents on his computer.  It then starts to send out emails with the virus attached to all the email addresses it has found. The virus is smart, it doesn't want to tell everyone that it came from Joe's computer because then everyone would tell Joe and he'd discover the virus and erase it.  So the virus changes the FROM: address in the email and chooses a random one from the email list it has gathered.  Let’s assume it selects Joe's friend Lisa's email,

Now Lisa has a problem. Lisa is getting emails from mail servers and auto responders that say she has sent them a virus. Lisa scans her computer but finds nothing. She has no way of knowing who is forging her identity in the email so she has no way of stopping all of these messages from coming to her. She just gets junk email sent to her forever until Joe discovers that he has a virus and fixes it. The problem is that some people never do fix their issue, which means that Lisa continues to receive backscatter emails in her email box on a daily basis.

While backscatter is extremely hard to filter out, it is a problem that can be fixed. Backscatter protection eliminates the problem by adding a code to the legitimate email of the FROM: address that leaves the email server. This code includes a private key which is unique to your email server and is also time sensitive. This code is a newer email standard that is 100% compatible with old email servers. (They just ignore it.)  The end user receiving the email doesn't actually see the code. When LIsa sends an email, the recipient would only see as the mail sender and reply to her normal email address. Everything works the same as it always has with the backscatter protection occurring behind the scenes. Conversely, if an outside mail server receives an email from without the code attached and bounces it back due to an error/virus, Lisa's email server would recognize that it did not originate from her address because it is missing the unique code. It logs it and then disposes of it. If Lisa actually did send an email, then the email would include the code and bounce that back from any erroneous email addresses. The email server would see the code prefixed to the email address and return the mail to Lisa as normal. Lisa would see that her email got bounced, but only if it actually came from her.

In today's network, the only proven protection is a layered approach by combining many different technologies into a comprehensive filtering system. By combining multiple anti-virus and anti-spam filters you zero in on specific threats and can target both known and unknown threats through pattern recognitions and existing threat databases. As for backscatter, the problem would largely disappear if server administrators configured their mail servers to immediately reject mail that is sent to nonexistent users, rather than accepting it and then bouncing it back to the faked addresses. Some ISPs (Internet service providers), AOL for example, have done this and have largely eliminated their role in the problem. Avoid backscatter clogging your mailbox. Check with your email server administrator or ISP to ensure backscatter protection is enabled.

Questions about backscatter? Email

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Industry Interest Still Growing
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

I recently attended PRISM International's Records Center Fundamentals Workshop. In my opinion, it was one of the best events hosted by the association this past year. Nearly 100 attendees convened in Florida to talk about and learn best practices in the management and storage of records. It was apparent from the attendee list and through conversation, that many in attendance were just starting or were considering opening a records center. It's great to see the industry thriving. If you are considering getting into the business or are a newcomer, check out the Industry Articles area of the ASI website. There you'll find useful information related to all aspects of the information management industry.

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