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Tana's Tech Tip

How to collect weight with no scale using Veri-Shred and ASI Mobile 3

No scale on the truck to enable you to weigh each container being serviced? No problem!

ASI Mobile 3's "Auto-Calculate Weight by Capacity" feature allows you to collect a weight for each bin during service.

Found on ASI Mobile 3 on the Settings/Shredding tab, this feature uses the capacity weight for each bin type entered in Veri-Shred/ Administration/Bin Types.  Depending on the capacity selected in ASI Mobile 3 at the time of service, the weight will be automatically estimated. 

This can be an extremely valuable tool since weights are used on many of the Veri-Shred Management Reports, including the Environmental Savings Report.

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Thanks to PRISM!
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

For many of us, November is the time of year we reflect on all that we are thankful for – particularly special people in our lives. I'm dedicating this month's newsletter to the exceptional staff of PRISM International . This includes Executive Director Jim Booth, Director of Events and Vendor Relations Melissa Burton, Director of Finance Wendy Gordon, Director of Marketing Kathy Lewis and Administrative Assistant Sam Autry.

As you're probably aware by now, Jim will be leaving the Association in May 2012. Shortly thereafter, the PRISM office in North Carolina will be closed and an association management company will take over day-to-day operations. While I'm confident the management company will continue to build upon Jim and the team's legacy of success, I'm just as confident they do not fully appreciate what big shoes they have to fill.

Few associations the size of PRISM International accomplish as much in a given year. The Association's success is due in large part to the positive energy and immeasurable hours Jim and his team apply to a never-ending list of tasks and projects. Membership is a key example. Almost since its inception in 1980 (as the Association of Commercial Records Centers), PRISM International has maintained a presence outside of North America with approximately ten percent of its membership representing business owners/operators beyond the United States. Through awareness campaigns, monitoring of global regulatory development, and an expanded education program and marketing efforts, PRISM's global presence is stronger than ever and its membership, inside and outside US borders, continues to grow.

A key reason many companies join PRISM International is to take advantage of learning and networking opportunities. The PRISM team truly recognizes how valuable these opportunities are for its members, particularly in-person meetings. Through an ever-growing list of targeted seminars and conferences , today's PRISM member is offered multiple opportunities to learn from industry experts and colleagues and to expand his/her peer network. If you've attended any PRISM event you'll have seen first-hand how tirelessly Jim, Melissa, Wendy, Kathy and Sam work on behalf of the Association membership. I'm not sure how they sustain the pace they keep at events, but if they could bottle it, we'd all be buying it! For more about PRISM's industry influence today and going forward, read our "Gimme 5" interview with Jim Booth below.

As November winds down and we look toward December and year-end, I hope you'll join me in congratulating Jim, Melissa, Wendy, Kathy and Sam on a job well done and thank them for applying their considerable expertise and talents to the benefit of PRISM International's member companies. I also encourage you to do your part to ensure the Association's future is as successful as its past. This requires the active participation of each member. Join a committee, write articles for the newsletter, volunteer to speak at an upcoming conference, become an event sponsor. There are many ways to be an engaged member and there's no better way to show your appreciation to Jim and the team for a job well done – and then some.

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Gimme 5 with
Jim Booth, PRISM International

This month's "Gimme 5" expert is Jim Booth, Executive Director of PRISM International, a position he has held since November 1999. After more than a decade of outstanding leadership in guiding and growing the Association and its member companies, Jim will be stepping down from his position in May 2012.

We asked Jim to share his thoughts on success, both personally and professionally. As always, Jim provides a perspective that is candid, yet thoughtful.

1. You've served as PRISM Executive Director since November 1999. During this time, what do you consider to be the Association's most significant accomplishments?

We have had a number of significant regulatory victories and growth milestones but I think the most significant achievement of the last 12 years is the global influence of the organization. To a large degree this has been driven by our European and Asian conferences, but active monitoring of regulatory developments around the world and interaction with the European Parliament and European Commission have significantly contributed to the development of our global brand. 

2. On a more personal level, what aspect of managing PRISM International have you found to be most satisfying? Conversely, most challenging?

PRISM International members are really wonderful people. They have been extremely generous with their time and in sharing with each other. Having an opportunity to work with fun and dedicated people is a great pleasure and I have enjoyed that aspect of my job the most. The most challenging thing about my job has been knowing the things we could do that could positively impact members, but simply not having enough resources to get them done. 

3. What are key factors that today's records center and media vault owner/operator should pay closest attention to for future success?

In my personal opinion, the most critical factor for future success is the degree to which information management outsourcing companies can control the client relationship. We are at a critical crossroads. Compliance pressure, privacy concerns, speed of technology implementation and economic pressures are creating an environment of fear and uncertainty. Operators who invest sufficient resources to develop a very high degree of expertise in best practices, compliance requirements, policy development, standards and certifications, etc., will have the best chance to thrive in the changing environment. 

4. How about the future success of PRISM International. Do you have suggestions for how today's PRISM International member can get involved to affect the association's future viability?

There are always opportunities for members to become involved in PRISM International to a greater degree. The most basic way to influence planning and policy is to respond to surveys or share ideas with the Board or staff. As members engage to a greater degree, the value they receive from PRISM International also increases. Clearly the organization requires a dedicated core of involved and engaged member volunteers in order to remain viable. Volunteers in task groups assist in resource development, curriculum and conference planning, mentoring, certification, membership recruitment, regulatory affairs, advocacy, marketing and public relations. To the degree we are successful in these areas, we remain relevant to individual members now and in the future.

5. If a records center/media vault owner/operator approached you today and asked "Why should I join PRISM International?," how would you respond?

An entrepreneur in the information management outsourcing industry cannot afford the luxury of isolating themselves from resources that can help them improve their business operations. PRISM International has always been solidly focused on helping our members build their businesses. Participation in conferences, including the very high-value networking that occurs at each conference, is the core of PRISM International culture. Now that we have a pace of change that exceeds our capacity to absorb and apply lessons learned from change, an entrepreneur needs to leverage their time and resources in ways that provide the most direct path to business development and improvement. In this industry, that path is PRISM International.

We'd like to extend a big "Thank you!" to Jim for sharing his time and insight. If you'd like to learn more about PRISM International, visit Jim can be reached directly at

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Welcome Pete Fifield

We're pleased to announce the addition of Patrick (Pete) Fifield to our growing ASI team.

Pete came on board as Andrews Software's newest programmer earlier this month. A 2003 graduate of Millersville University, Pete has extensive VFP, C# and SQL experience and is looking forward to contributing his expertise to ASI solutions.

When he's not programming, Pete enjoys playing video games, hiking, and is the public address announcer for local high school athletic activities. Welcome to the ASI team Pete!

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You know it's Fall when...

the Great Dave Camp-O Lantern appears!





ASI held its 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest last month with Jim Miller winning this year's competition. As photo #2 shows, Jim carved a lovely rendition of Support Manager Dave Campion - complete with glasses, 5 o'clock shadow, and the ever-present Bluetooth headset of course!

Below are a couple more of our VIP (Very Important Pumpkin) entries. Thanks to everyone for their participation!






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