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Tech Tip:

"Imaging Delivery Made Easy " with VCKweb.NET and ImageKicker

Earlier this month, we released the latest version of VCKweb.NET.

A useful new option is the ability to enable/disable Imaging per account.

Using this feature allows images for files that have been loaded to VCKweb.NET through
ImageKicker to be viewed.

You can also learn about other new features by accessing the full VCKweb.NET Release Notes document.

Updates Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more info about updates to the following ASI software solutions

    November 2014
  • Veri-Shred
    December 2014

Check online for the latest release notes for all ASI software solutions, including VCKweb.NET, released in September!

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It couldn't happen to ME......could it?
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Lately, I've been reminded that, as much as we like to think bad things happen to others and not to us, they can and they do.

Take example number one: Ebola. Like most, I've kept an eye on the news about the Ebola crisis. I've not been that concerned that it will actually impact me directly, until it practically arrived in my backyard in Akron, OH, when the nurse that flew from Dallas to Cleveland was subsequently diagnosed with Ebola. No, I haven't contracted Ebola, but it brought home how easily a person could contract this disease. Soon after, I was at the airport heading to the ARMA conference. Suffice to say, I made sure I had my full 3 ounces of sanitizer handy and applied it often and liberally!

On top of the human toll Ebola is taking, there's the significant impact this deadly disease could have on global business, which I hadn't even considered until this article hit my Inbox: If Ebola's a problem here, imagine it in India.

Changing gears, let's look at example number two: CryptoLocker. Though not life-threatening, it could severely debilitate your business. It's also an example of the danger of the "bad things happen to others" mentality.

Cryptolocker is ransomware: malicious software which holds your files for ransom and it's been hitting the computers of more than a few people I know. CryptoLocker is typically spread through infected attachments to emails, or as a secondary infection on computers which are already affected by viruses which offer a back door for further attacks. When a computer is infected, it contacts a central server for the information it needs to activate, and then begins encrypting files on the infected computer with that information. Once all the files are encrypted, it posts a message asking for payment to decrypt the files – and threatens to destroy the information if it doesn't get paid. Sometimes paying the ransom works, sometimes it doesn't since criminals aren't the most trustworthy people.

If you've been infected by CryptoLocker, your files really are gone unless you have a backup. But it's important that you don't try and restore your data before you clear your computer of the infection, otherwise you could lose your backup, too.

On a positive note, CryptoLocker was isolated in late May 2014. As part of the operation, the Dutch security firm Fox-IT was able to procure the database of private keys used by CryptoLocker; in August 2014, Fox-IT and fellow firm FireEye introduced an online service which allows infected users to retrieve their private key by uploading a sample file, and then receive a decryption tool.

What's my take away from these examples?

First and foremost, recognizing that "if it can happen to you, it can happen to me." We're all vulnerable and should take proper precautions to protect ourselves, our families, our livelihoods. Having realized how easily anyone could be exposed to Ebola, I invested in copious amounts of sanitizer to provide some sense, albeit probably a false one, of safety and protection.

In the case of online viruses and malware such as CryptoLocker, investing in proper Antivirus/Antimalware software and keeping these updated is in order, obviously. Regular backups of data are a must for all sorts of reasons, which we, being in the industry we're in, should know better than most.

So, with my head pulled firmly out of the sand, I'll triple-check my backups are in place and my virus software is up-to-date before heading over to the local drugstore to restock my handi-wipes and sanitizer.

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If Ebola's a Problem Here, Imagine It In India
by: Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld

As the U.S. has discovered, it only takes a few cases of Ebola to turn things upside down.

Months into the outbreak in West Africa, federal and state officials are still fighting over quarantine policies and travel bans, and reacting in disruptive fashion to the threat. Elementary schools were closed in Texas and Ohio communities after it was learned that students traveled on the same plane used by an infected Dallas nurse.

It wasn't even the same flight.

After an infected doctor went bowling in New York City, the bowling alley was shut down and a biohazard team called in to clean it. That could have easily been your office. This is just in the U.S.; but consider the ramifications if that starts to happen in, say, India.

"Ebola cases showing up in urban India area would be a nightmare," said Andrew Schroeder, director of research and analysis for Direct Relief, a nonprofit that provides medical assistance to areas in need of help. Indian cities have the same kind of density that has allowed Ebola to spread rapidly through Monrovia, Liberia, and Freetown, Sierra Leone, along with slums, sanitation problems and poor population-to-physician ratios, he said. It would be difficult to track cases.

Read the full article...

Reprinted from Computerworld, Oct 29, 2014

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Beta Testers Requested for ImageKicker

As reported in last month's newsletter, beta testing for ASI's latest utility, ImageKicker is underway and going well.

ImageKicker is an exciting new PDF delivery utility for ASI's records center clients. With VCKweb.NET and ImageKicker, records centers will be able to deliver digital documents to their clients upon request – quickly, easily and securely by transporting a PDF from your existing scanner, encrypting it and attaching it to the file index for that particular record. Users with a VCKweb.NET account are then able to view, download and/or print the document versus waiting for delivery.  PDF images can later be purged from VCKweb.NET or left on the server indefinitely using the clean up feature.

If you're interested in becoming an ImageKicker beta tester, please contact ASI Support today.

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REB Storage Systems Int'l Continues to Invest in Project Management Department with the Addition of Industry Experts

Chicago, IL, 10/15/2014 - REB Storage Systems International has announced additions within their Project Management Department. The additions include California-based Project Manager Randy Duston, Chicago-based Project Manager Steve Vlach, and Chicago-based Engineering Manager Jerry Pytel, all who have 30+ years of experience with the design and installation of storage systems.

Lori Palmer, President of REB states, “We continue to invest heavily in having a first-rate Project Management Team. They are the backbone of every project and allow us to design, implement and complete every project within the time frame and price range specified to the customer prior to the start. We know how important this process is.”

REB Storage Systems International is a Chicago-based company with additional locations in CA, MI, PA, MA, and Dublin, Ireland. REB designs and installs storage systems that include selective pallet, flow, cantilever, drive-in, and catwalk systems.

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