Service with a Signature

Do you often find the service call is complete, yet the client's signature is missing? ASI Mobile 3.2 helps ensure drivers never leave without that all-important client signature. By selecting Signature Capture on the device, once the final barcode is scanned, the driver is prompted to the signature screen.

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Back in Time on TBT
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

This month's edition of The ASI Archive is employing that favorite of social media, "Throwback Thursday" to revisit a few previous newsletter articles. Our target? Articles tackling two key software and data management issues that still seem to need attention from many of our ASI clients. These include:

  1. Improper data backups or no backups at all.
  2. Customers running 2003 server.

I also couldn't resist sharing a TBT pic of the ASI team, some of whom have retired or moved on. Were we really this young?!?!

<ASI TBT pic>

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Two Data Management Issues Needing Your Attention Today

Improper data backups or no backups at all.
The options available to companies to protect their IT assets are numerous. Of course, many companies rely on tape or DVD backups, though many have made the switch to a managed backup or online backup service. For any option, it's important to determine what data should be backed up and how often. I’d also suggest you regularly challenge your IT staff/provider to perform ad hoc restores to be sure processes are working.

VCK-SQL users, did you know we have ASI backup for VCK-SQL? It's a "no-frills" option but it will provide you with a proper backup. Whether utilizing VCK-SQL or a more comprehensive data backup solution, if you do not currently have a backup process in place, contact the ASI support team, which will be happy to help.

Customers running 2003 server
In January 2015, we outlined the issues surrounding Windows 2003 server and asked that customers running ASI software solutions on Windows 2003 upgrade to a later edition of Microsoft Server. These include 2008 R2 or Server 2012, all of which are compatible with ASI's complete range of software products. This is due to the fact that, as of July 2015, Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2003, and ASI is also sunsetting support for it. Remember that it can save loads of headache to contact ASI support prior to any upgrade to ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential glitches - even if you have an internal IT person.

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Managed backup vs. Online backup

What's the difference between a managed backup service versus an online backup service? Mainly, it’s in service and support. A company that invests in an online backup service (especially a cheaper one) will find that they have to manage the backup. A managed backup service implements and sets up your company’s online backup. IT experts provide monitoring of your systems to make sure your data is protected at all times. In the event of a disaster, using other options, you’d have to restore all that data by yourself if you’ve been using a basic service. It could take days (in some cases weeks or months) for you to get all your data back. With a managed backup service provider, they handle the restoration and are usually able to do so within a few hours.

Don’t wait for disaster to dictate the success or failure of your business. Take the time to review your data backup plan and research your options to protect your company’s future.

Happy Halloween!