Staying Connected - The Old Fashioned Way

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ASI Continues to Grow

Joyce Franks Joins ASI Technical Support Team

Allen Bostwick Joins ASI Development Team

VCKSQL Release Slated for December 2007

Tana's Tech Tip

Wild Card Searches in VCK
There are many “wild card” searches that you can use in VCK "Just Ask!" Here are a couple worth noting:

More than one item
Enter a pipe sign ( | ) between values to search for more than 1 item in a given field. For example, to search for more than one Customer Box ID simply enter the first number, then the pipe sign ( | ), then enter the next number. It would look like this: 187643|785443|846396|350486.

Items Between 2 Values
Enter the tilde ( ~ ) between two values to search for everything between those two values. For example, to search for all boxes with an entry between January 1 and January 31, 2007, enter the following: 01/01/2007~01/31/2007

We'll be posting more of these wild cards in future newsletters, so keep reading!

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WebShare provides ASI Users with online webinar training sessions including step-by-step instruction and review of neat features offered by ASI's many records and information management software solutions.

Register Today for our next webinar to be held Tuesday, Sept. 25th where we'll review the latest Veri-Shred release enhancements. Normally, $49 per webinar, this one is FREE!

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Email to find out how you can implement ASI Mobile for  $100* per truck per month. 


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Staying Connected -- The Old-Fashioned Way
Scott Bidwell, VP Sales & Marketing

http://www.andrewssoftware.com/Email%20images/paris9202007.JPGLee Miller and I recently returned from the very successful PRISM/NAID European Conference held this month in Paris. Not even my jetlag or the "Paris Bug" has dampened the renewed energy we feel from meeting with and socializing with so many people who simply love what they do. Whether at the ASI booth, or over a cup of coffee, or during the many networking events, we had the opportunity to interact with people, face-to-face and one-on-one. While we consider this method of connecting with people one of the most essential to plant the seeds of mutual understanding and trust (whether professional or personal), it occurred to us that connections made face-to-face are quickly being supplanted by more technological methods.

You’re probably aware that there is a whole generation of young adults who no longer spend hours chatting on the phone. Instead, they’re chatting on Facebook or My Space or who knows where. And they aren’t just chatting with one or two ‘”friends” – they’re chatting with lots of friends SIMULTANEOUSLY. Heck, it’s not just the youngsters – Facebook, in particular, seems to be favored among the “older persuasion” as well (i.e. anyone over the age of 25). I should probably correct my earlier sentence where I mention we aren’t spending hours on the phone. Of course, a cell phone isn’t just a phone anymore either. It’s a PDA, camera, video recorder, MP3 player…it’s probably one step away from actually cooking dinner for us too! Certainly, phones are being used as much as ever, although now we’re mobile and we use them everywhere regardless of whether it is appropriate or not. How often do you observe a couple having lunch or dinner where one person is picking at their food while their partner engages in a lengthy discussion on their cell phone or taps away on the Blackberry? Psychologists have already dubbed this phenomenon as “absent presence” where people are part of a couple or group, yet aren’t actually participating in the activity at hand due to their cell phones or PDA’s.

There’s no denying that the Internet, email, cell phones and PDA’s enable us to stay connected with our customers, colleagues, friends and family in a way that Alexander Graham Bell would’ve found hard to imagine. What does this mean for the future of face-to-face communication? Will this slowly become a lost art as these devices become a buffer against face-to-face connections? Or will we become more adept at communicating with one another due to these tools? I don’t know the answer. What I do know is that, if given the choice to sit down with my neighbor or customer face-to-face versus a quick chat online, I’ll go for the coffee every time.

Submit Adds/Requests Prior to Oct. 13th

On Saturday, October 13th between the hours of 12pm EST and 8pm EST InfoKeeper will be offline while we perform system upgrades. We are asking all customers to send their adds and requests before this time period, as temporary adds/requests data will be cleared out after the update. If you have any questions, please contact your Support Representative.

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ASI Continues to Grow

ASI continues to grow, adding resources and people to provide more enhanced solutions and service for its expanding list of customers. Two most recent additions to the ASI Team include Joyce Franks and Allen Bostwick. Joyce is the newest member of our Technical Customer Support Team and has nearly 15 years of corporate IT support and help desk experience. Allen joins up from an IT consulting company, where he played a key role in the development of ASI Mobile and Visual Corporate Keeper (VCK) SQL.

Customers continue to report that they find the ASI Support Area and Help Desk extremely helpful in providing multiple resources to resolve questions they may have. A key component is its Trouble Ticket feature, whereby users submit non-emergency support requests online. A confirmation email is sent upon receipt of the Trouble Ticket and an ASI Support Specialist will respond within 24 hours. For step-by-step instructions, read the article in the July 2007 issue of The ASI Archive.

Of course, there is a full team of Support Specialists available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide phone assistance for your most urgent support requests.

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Joyce Franks Joins ASI Technical Support Team

We are very pleased to welcome Joyce Franks as our newest Customer Technical Support Team member. With 13 years of IT support experience she is adept at supporting customers, software applications, and network systems.

"I’m looking forward to speaking with and getting to know ASI’s customers," says Joyce.

As busy as she'll be getting to know customers, Joyce also enjoys keeping busy in her garden and with family and friends. She says that she particularly adores her four nephews who live outside the state and is continually spoiling them with care packages. She's already sent their Christmas presents! Watch out Joyce...you're going to make Santa look like he's slacking!

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Allen Bostwick Joins ASI Development Team

As a 15 year veteran in the area of enterprise software development and design, Allen Bostwick brings considerable expertise and energy to his position as ASI's newest software developer. Allen has spent much of his IT career as a consultant, contracted to such companies as McDonald Investments, Moen, Penske, and University Hospitals, just to name a few. Originally contracted to work for ASI to develop its VCKSQL solution, Allen's core responsibilities will be to continue to drive the development of VCKSQL, scheduled for release in December 2007, as well as ASI Mobile.

Allen's road to IT guru was not a direct path, however. In a previous life, he attended and taught at both the University of Akron and Purdue University, where he says much of his time was spent translating Old Norse sagas and trying to convince freshman that writing was worth taking the time to do. Today, Allen lives in Akron, Ohio with his wife and two sons, ages 8 and 15. When asked what he liked to do in his spare time, Allen said, "If I had any spare time, I would spend it reading, trying to play piano and banjo, or camping and fishing somewhere far, far away."

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Release of Veri-Shred 1.1.204

Andrews Software is pleased to announce the release of Veri-Shred 1.1.204. This release contains several new features and enhancements and resolves some undocumented features a.k.a. “cosmetic & bug fixes” (CBF). We encourage you to read through this list carefully and to hold an internal meeting so your internal users will have the knowledge to take advantage of the
new features and benefits.

ASI support representatives will work with you to run the update and
answer any questions. We are also hosting a FREE Web-Share session on Tuesday, Sept. 25th to review these updates.

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VVKweb.NET More Powerful Than Ever

VVKweb.NET™ is ASI’s most comprehensive, feature-rich off-site media management solution. Employing SQL and .NET technology, considered the most robust, secure database technology available, VVKweb.NET is managed, maintained and controlled by the records center. Working in conjunction with Visual Vault Keeper® (VVK), clients are able to view and update media information, manage deposits and withdrawals, search and query the inventory and much more – all from a single-center database in real time via the web. WIth its SQL database, VVKweb.NET offers significant benefits over its competitors. For example:

Multi-Layer System Security
Records centers hosting VVKweb.NET, and their clients, can be confident data is protected from unauthorized access. Enhanced security features include:

  • Two-Factor Authentication requiring two sets of sequential logins. The first login is controlled by the records center and the second login is controlled by the user.
  • Domain and IP-Based Security
  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be utilized to allow software access only to clients within the VPN. The application can also be accessible within the records center’s Intranet and not be exposed to the Internet at all.

Intuitive Ease of Use
Intuitive controls and page handling (no more back button timeouts) ensure tasks are accomplished effortlessly. User data entry is also maintained between visits, improving efficiency.

Client Controlled
The Client Administrator can setup users, security access per user, customize names and field positions, view user activity reports and much more. Passwords can also be changed by the client.

The Grid Manager allows users to customize their screens by changing the field names and the order in which they appear.  Screen changes are reflected for all users.

These are just a few of the many reasons VVKweb.NET is recognized as a performance leader. Click here to read the full data sheet.

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VCKSQL Release Slated for December 2007

Visual Corporate Keeper (VCK) SQL is scheduled to release by December of this year. In progress for the past 17 months, VCKSQL will deliver more secure, reliable and robust database capabilities, another reason those who use it, consider VCK to be the most advanced records center software solution available. Look for more information regarding the advantages offered by VCKSQL in future newsletters.

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