Checking the Customer's Carton of Eggs

Welcome Marty Hrovat

VCK-SQL 9.3 Scheduled for Release This Month

Conducting VCK-SQL Backups

Veri-Shred 2.3.35 Continues to Impress

Tana's Tech Tip

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Welcome Marty Hrovat!

We are pleased to welcome Marty Hrovat to the ASI Customer Support Team. Marty has 16 years of experience in the commercial records center industry. We are thrilled that Marty has joined the Andrews Software Team and know that he will provide expert support and service.

Tana's Tech Tip

Legal Hold and InfoKeeper

InfoKeeper customers that have boxes in litigation have an option to ensure those boxes will not be requested, destroyed, or permanently withdrawn by an InfoKeeper user. 

Legal Hold enables an authorized administrator to select boxes with an IN status and "hide" them from the general user base.  When boxes are placed on legal hold, they can only be viewed by the administrator and changes can not be made to the boxes or the files associated with the boxes.  Items can not be requested for retrieval, destruction, and/or permanent withdrawal until they are removed from Legal Hold.  Contact ASI Support today to activate Legal Hold.

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Checking the Customer's Carton of Eggs
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

As summer winds down and we busy ourselves getting kids back in school and preparing to put our bathing suits in storage til next summer, it’s a nice time to look back on sun-filled days spent with friends and family. This is what I was doing recently with a friend of mine who spent a week’s vacation on the NC coast this summer. She commented that it was one of the most relaxing vacations she and her family have had and that the helpful nature of people who live and work there was a large part of making it such an enjoyable and trip.

She was particularly impressed with a little grocery store and its exceptional customer service. Although not the largest grocery or the one with the most selection (you had to go a short distance over a bridge onto the mainland for that), it was the most convenient. Because it was easy to get to, she and her husband stopped to stock up on groceries upon arriving at the beach. On that initial visit, one of the first things she noticed was that EVERY item was affixed with a bright orange sticker with a price on it. “Uh-oh,” she thought. “Manual pricing? Checkout could take awhile.” After loading up a pretty substantial amount of groceries, she proceeded to the checkout lane. After a brief wait, it was her turn. The checkout clerk flashed a bright, friendly smile, said hello and asked how her day was going. “Great!” said my friend, impressed.

The cashier proceeded to ring up the groceries, her fingers nimbly flying across her keypad as she entered the prices one-by-one. She worked quickly and efficiently, yet handled the veggies, bread and eggs with care. What impressed my friend the most was how the cashier opened the carton of eggs to inspect them for any broken shells. “Looks like you got a good dozen,” the cashier commented and set the carton gently to the side for bagging.

“I’ve never had a cashier do that!” said my friend, as she relayed her story. “I really felt like the checkout clerk was treating my groceries as if they were her own. It was such a simple gesture, but it really made an impression on me.” She went on to say that, although it had more selection, she and her husband never visited the larger grocery store the entire week. Convenience was the key reason she and her husband shopped at the store the first day they arrived. It was the friendly staff and service that kept them coming back.

This account holds helpful lessons for any business owner or manager:

  1. Make it easy for your prospects and customers to find you.
    While this may not apply to most RIM-related businesses in terms of physical location, do not underestimate the importance of your web presence. Ensure your web site’s pages are search engine optimized, use appropriate keywords and so forth to ensure prospects and clients are aware of you and the services you provide. Once they find you, it’s up to you to keep them!
  2. Latest and greatest is important, but people are key.
    Sometimes we lull ourselves into thinking that, as long as we keep investing in the latest technology and techniques, our businesses will grow. And yes, you may continue to attract new customers, but it isn’t enough to KEEP customers. The staff you employ to service your customers is critically important to keeping them. You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t teach attitude.” As my friend’s story vividly illustrates, how a business treats its customers will dictate whether those customers will continue to do business with you. Even if you have the widest array of groceries to offer or your solutions are the most advanced, if the customer service is lacking, you will soon have shelves full of rotten eggs.
  3. Never underestimate the power of “the small stuff.”
    The gesture that sealed the deal for my friend was the clerk taking a moment to check the eggs for any breakage. What a small gesture – but what a powerful one! Clients notice the small stuff a business does to help ease their daily routines, or make them feel special. These seemingly simple acts help build that foundation of loyalty.

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VCK-SQL 9.3 Scheduled for Release This Month

VCK-SQL 9.3 offers key enhancements such as:

  1. Data Entry has been improved. The Grid View in Data Entry has been removed and replaced with an “import from Excel” tool. For users wishing to enter one box at a time, Item View still exists, however, larger groups of boxes are entered into a formatted Excel file and imported to VCK-SQL.
  2. Additional security has been added to the Warehouse/Manual Scanning tab. This allows an administrator to give a user access to download a scanner, but not to manually scan boxes and files.
  3. Global Field Replace has been improved to more quickly change large numbers of selected records.
  4. When conducting a query using Just Ask!, search results can be unlimited. Previously, search results were limited

If you have yet to contact ASI to upgrade your existing VCK software, now is the time. ASI customers who upgrade their VCK software to VCK-SQL by December 31st will receive 100% of their existing VCK software investment as a credit toward your VCK-SQL upgrade.

VCK-SQL 9.3 will ship with step-by-step instructions and conversion tools which will enable you to perform your own conversion. If you wish ASI to perform the conversion for you, we are happy to provide you with a quote. Our intention is to provide you with the tools necessary to work on the migration at your own pace on a schedule that works for your business schedule.

For more information on how you can initiate your VCK-SQL upgrade, contact an ASI Sales Associate via email or call 1- 800-807-2093 (within North America) or 440-546-9771 (outside North America. And remember if you act today, you receive a 100% credit toward your VCK-SQL upgrade.

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Conducting VCK-SQL Backups

Some of you have asked how best to perform your VCK-SQL backup. We're always ready to assist you personally, but thought it would be helpful to provide an easy-to-follow instruction document. Click here and follow these step-by-step instructions to perform your VCK-SQL backup. Please let us know if you have any questions as you review these instructions or as you conduct your backups

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Veri-Shred 2.3.35 Continues to Impress

Released earlier this year, the feedback from our Veri-Shred 2.3.35 beta users is positive. Here are some of the key enhancements they feel have added value to this latest version:

1. A Recycling/Surcharge or Credit can be added to each item that is serviced. The estimated weight to calculate the fee/credit can also be entered and can be set to calculate according to the actual weight entered in the scanner or service order screen, or calculated on the estimated weight entered in Bin Types. This information will be added to the VCK work order during the Finish of a service order list.

2. A list of addresses where routes or trucks start and stop from can be created and assigned as defaults to each route and truck. During route optimization using MapPoint, the maps will start and end at the assigned addresses.

3. A list of Material Types can be created to define what type of material is being shredded from each container. This list will also be uploaded to the ASI Mobile 3.x, enabling users to select the material type in the scanner. A report has also been added to the Print button providing the ability to print a list of material types. Material types will also be displayed on the new Shredding Certificate next to each bin.

4. Email notification is available to notify a customer of upcoming service. The email is automatically generated and emailed when service orders are printed.

5. When finishing service orders, if there is a billable action for a bin type and the service code is not defined for the customer, a warning message will appear. Once the service code is added and the price defined at the customer level, the service order can be completed.

Contact ASI support to schedule your Veri-Shred update.

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