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Another new release? Already?!?!
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

ASI smartphoneUnless you've been on Mars, you've probably seen that Apple has unveiled its iPhone 6S with the tagline "the only thing that's changed is everything." This implies that, while the phone looks a lot like last year's model, nothing about it will function the same. Whether you love all things Mac or you're avid for Android, you've probably barely tapped into 10% of what your smartphone can actually do - and along comes the "new and improved" next release. Granted, Apple does a fantastic job of making its phones work intuitively (a hallmark of great design); however, there's still a learning curve involved. Most technology-based purchases, from smartphones to records center software, are based on addressing a specific need or want. Anything the technology is able to do beyond its core purpose usually occurs due to a "one off" unique situation, happenstance, or someone found themselves with a LOT of extra time to explore the unused under-utilized features available on the technology.

I recently had an opportunity to identify such a feature for a long-time ASI Veri-Shred customer who was interested in determining when trucks were near or at capacity, a function available in Veri-Shred's Calendar tool. Armed with this information, he'll be able to improve route and service efficiency for his clients and his business overall. That's powerful!

We've provided more detail about the Veri-Shred Calendar tool in this month's Tech Tip. I also encourage you to take a few moments to review the latest ASI Release Notes available online to discover what features you can tap into in order to maximize the software investment you've made for your records center, media vault and shred operation.

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10 TED Talks for Techies (& the Not-So-Techie)

TED Talks logoCheck out these 10 recent TED Talks collected by the technophiles at Computerworld.

For those unfamiliar, TED (an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks feature speakers -- from top research scientists to fashion gurus to ordinary people -- who share their stories and ideas which range from entertaining to thought-provoking and everything in between.

These 10 TED Talk examples are sure to challenge your thinking, touch your heart and inspire your creativity.

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Tech Tip: Route Capacity Planning

Veri-Shred allows you to set three(3) different thresholds for each route. It can manage "Weight", "Quantity of Bins", or "Time". The Calendar displays meters, which fill and change color as route thresholds are approached for each day, making it easy for a user to make informed decisions on whether more work can be scheduled on any given day or route. Adjustments can be made on the fly based on the available information. You'll never under utilize your trucks again.

Veri-Shred Route Capacity

Check out the latest ASI Release Notes for all that's new and improved with ASI's software solutions for records centers, media vaults and shred operations. For more information about these Tech Tips or any questions related to ASI software solutions, please contact ASI Support.