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PRISM International Annual Conference
May 17-20
San Antonio, Texas

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May 20-May 21
Seattle, Washington

June 17, 2015 - June 18
Toronto, Ontario

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Giving Back at the PRISM Conference
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

PRISM Conference 2015This is a great time of the year to take advantage of the many opportunities to learn from some of the industry's brightest leaders and gain new ideas and perspectives. In March, NAID had a stellar slate of presenters during its annual event. May takes us to San Antonio for the PRISM International Annual Conference and a distinguished panel of presenters and keynote speakers.

When you think about what it means to be a conference keynote and session speaker, there's no doubt it represents a way to 'give back" to the industry by sharing knowledge and experience with event attendees. Reading through PRISM's online conference program, my eye landed on a perfect example of this.

Entitled "Married to the Business (and Each Other): Cocktails with the Brodskys," this keynote address will be presented on Tuesday, May 19th and features Elaine and Norm Brodsky, two of our industry's most dynamic members. Whether you're new to the RIM services industry or a veteran, you've probably heard of this entrepreneurial couple who have truly "been there, done that." They are recognized throughout the industry and the business community as two people who willingly "give back" by sharing their experiences to help others elevate, not only their businesses, but their personal and professional selves.

It's not only speakers who are able to give back at this year's conference. PRISM is inviting all attendees to join them in their partnership with Clean the World to support local charities in the San Antonio community during the 2015 PRISM International Annual Conference. Clean the World distributes hygiene products to at-risk people in the United States and developing countries through partnerships with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as World Vision, Feeding America, Harvest Time International, Children's International, and The Floating Doctors. All conference attendees and exhibitors will have the chance to stop by the exhibit hall throughout the conference to assemble as many hygiene kits as they can. After completion, these kits will be delivered, through Clean the World, to local charities in need in the San Antonio area.

If you're like me, you always feel re-energized and more positive after attending industry events such as the PRISM conference. With opportunities such as these, there are more reasons than ever to feel good about being part of PRISM and the RIM services industry.

Check out the Spring 2015 issue of "InFocus", PRISM's quarterly newsletter, for articles from Elaine and Norm Brodsky and other notable conference speakers, plus more on how you can support PRISM and its partnership with Clean the World.

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Shred School Showcases New Content
Jim Macmillan, ASI VP of Sales

Shred School logoJust in time for spring, NAID kicked off its 2015 Shred School workshop series on April 22nd - 23rd in Atlanta, Georgia with fresh, new content.

Rather than replay the same format from last year, this year's Shred School curriculum is completely revamped, resulting in content that remains relevant and fun. Of course, the core program focuses heavily on how to effectively sell shredding services. This year's attendees will also find that NAID has incorporated more sessions targeting online visibility and how major search engines are constantly changing the playing field to affect both paid and organic search results. There are also sessions on how best to approach the endless digital marketing choices that are available and where to spend precious marketing dollars for maximum impact. Check out the complete 2015 Shred School curriculum.

For startups and established companies alike, the newly updated and the newly added info shared during a Shred School workshop is invaluable. The only constant in the curriculum is Ray Barry’s jokes. Given enough repetition, you will laugh...eventually!

Next stop for Shred School is Seattle, Washington May 20th - 21st, followed by stops in Seattle, Toronto, Chicago, Columbus, San Diego, and Orlando throughout the year. Click here to register.

Visit the Shred School web site for the full schedule and more details!

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Tech Tip: E-billing is even easier with VCK-SQL

VCK-SQL 9.5.x offers many new features and enhancements to help boost efficiency and reduce headaches created by end-of-month billing and invoicing:

  • Multi-emails for E-billing recipients.
  • Set minimum work order amounts.
  • E-billing that sends in batches

For more info about all that the new VCK-SQL has to offer, check out the VCK-SQL Release Notes online or contact ASI Support.

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