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If you're a records center owner/operator with potential clients who aren't yet convinced of the need for your services, you might like to share these stats on the impact poor records management can have on corporate productivity.

7.5% of their time
That's how long computer users spend looking for misplaced files on their PCs.
(Survey reported in Information Week)

4 weeks a year
The amount of time U.S. managers spend on average searching for or waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or ‘lost’ papers.
(Cuadra Associates)

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Can I have a minute? Please?
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

As this month's newsletter is devoted to time, I'd like to invite you to spend these next few minutes enjoying some background music as you read. Click below and enjoy.

I've been in a reflective mood lately; reflecting on time and the changes that come with it. There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first involves the second of my three children heading off to college. Like many parents of college-bound teens, Jocelyn and I have spent these past few months preparing our second-born son, Andrew, to "leave the nest." In reality, I suppose it's what we do as parents from the moment our children are born, isn't it? Too quickly, the time has come to help our children chart their course, pack up boxes and see them off, fingers crossed that we've given them the tools needed for success in life.

Around the same time I was helping pack boxes, the second reason hit my in-box. The email included links to the company profiles of two of our industry's most successful companies: Iron Mountain and Pierce Leahy. If, like me, you've been in the RIM services industry for awhile, you know the history of these two companies. As I read their profiles, it was like I stepped back in time. I was struck at how much this industry has transformed, evolved and continues to grow. I also take a certain pride in the fact that, since its formation in 1984, Andrews Software, Inc. continues to thrive. This success is due in large part to the relationships we've built that now span not just a few years, but across decades.

While time marches on, seeming to move at a faster pace with each year that passes, I'll keep doing my best to keep up. Personally and professionally, I look forward to what the future holds in the years to come. I just wish they'd come at me a little slower!

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Tech Tip: To Sign or Not to Sign Using ASI Mobile
Jim Macmillan, ASI VP of Sales

Newly added features in ASI Mobile for Veri-Shred ensure client signatures are captured - or confirm that they are not.

Prior to a stop or “address” becoming complete or closed, the driver is now required to EITHER capture a client signature or indicate that he/she is NOT capturing the client's signature.

It is also no longer possible to exit the signature capture screen without first having saved the signature. This small but significant enhancement will eliminate situations where Shred Certificates are updated without a signature, despite a driver's insistence that one was captured.

We have also added a “Bin Summary” on the signature capture screen, which displays a short summary of all scanned bins on the signature capture screen, allowing clients to review the summary before signing.

If you'd like more info about this new feature or about ASI Mobile or any of our ASI software solutions, please contact me at 1-800-807-2093 or at

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