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Holiday Schedule

In observance of the holiday season, the ASI office will be closed the following days:

Friday, December 23rd
(open until noon)

Monday, December 26th

Monday, January 2nd

Emergency support is available on these days, in addition to the usual ASI Support options.

Tana's Tech Tip

Editing Billing Departments in Veri-Shred

Before editing an address's billing department in Veri-Shred, there are a couple of settings to consider before making the change. 

On the Administration/General Settings/Addresses tab, review the following two settings:

"Departmental Assignment
Pass Down Mode"
This determines if the Mail Stops and Bin Placements within the address are all updated to the new department, or if only the currently empty ones are to be updated.

"Departmental Assignment
Pass Through Setting"

This determines which levels of the address are edited.  For instance, only the address is to be changed, only the Mail Stops are to be changed, or all Mail Stops and Bin Placements are to be changed.

Merci! Gracias!
Dank u! Thank you!

Any way we say it, we sincerely appreciate the time each ASI client took to respond to our recent surveys to help plan next year's ASI User Group Meeting. 

Congratulation go to Azia McCord of Access Information Management and Mike Coakley of C.H. Coakley & Co.

For their survey participation, they each receive one complimentary registration to attend the ASI User Group Meeting in 2012.

We'll be sending more information about the 2012 ASI User Group Meeting after the first of the year. In the meantime, you can access our article featuring highlights from ASI's User Group Meeting held In Sept. 2010.

Thanks again to all of our survey respondents!

Upcoming Events

PRISM Int'l Privacy+
Certification Workshop
January 24-25, 2012
Miami, FL

Shred School
January 25-26
February 22-24
April 25-27
Spartanburg, SC

PRISM International Asia Pacific Region Conference
February 27-29, 2012
Manila, Philippines

NAID Annual Conference
March 30-April 1, 2012
Anaheim, CA

PRISM Annual Conference
May 15-May 17, 2012
Las Vegas, NV

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Our Holiday Schedule

The Andrews Software team wishes everyone a happy holiday season and bright New Year. We would also like to remind you that our offices will be closed at noon on Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th in observance of Christmas. We will also be closed Monday, January 2nd for New Year's. Emergency support is available on these days, in addition to the usual ASI Support options.

'Twas Two Days Before Christmas
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

'Twas two days before Christmas, and all through Andrews
Everyone was stirring, even Jim 1 and Jim 2.
Tasks and projects were being completed with flair
In hopes that inboxes and pending folders would be temporarily bare.

The developers were nestled snug at their desks,
While visions of algorithms danced in their heads.
And David C. in his headset – the entire Support team to boot,
Had just settled their brains, having helped their client with an issue acute.

When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the blinds, bringing them down with a crash.

The sun on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Blinded me as it bounced off the cars below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sports car with eight horses and straight gears.

With a little ol' driver, elusive as quicksilver,
I knew in a moment it must be Lee Miller.
More rapid than eagles, closer and closer he came
And he whistled, and shouted, and called out by name!

"Now Tana! Now, Richard, Jim, Pete and Jocelyn!
Come Patty and Andrea, Kevin and Tim!
Come Allen and Dave, Jim, Brian and Bernie!
"It's time to dash away, dash away, dash away in a hurry! "

And then, in a twinkling, I heard the footfall
Of the Andrews crew as they heeded his call.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
From their offices, down the hall they all came with a bound.

I bid them a Happy Christmas as I packed away my work,
Filled with the holiday spirit, I turned with a jerk.
And laying my thumb upon my Blackberry
I sent one last email and prepared to make merry.

As we sprang into our sleighs, I distinctly heard a whistle,
As away we all flew like the down of a thistle.
I heard Lee exclaim ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa – whatever your special observance is this season, from the entire Andrews Software, Inc. team, we send wishes of peace, love and joy to you and yours this holiday and in the New Year.

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Free Downloads Worth a Donation

It's the time of year when many of us make donations to charitable organizations and causes close to our hearts. While donations to these popular (and not-so-well-known) software utilities won't change the world, having access to such outstanding applications does make life easier, especially when you don't have hundreds to spend on similar retail applications.

They're known as "donationware" -- you can use them for free, but the developers ask for a contribution to keep their work going. Now is a great time to give back to the creators.

This open-source, cross-platform FTP client is continuously updated, and it does just what you think an FTP client should do, with a minimum of fuss and an easy-to-use interface.

Martin Prikryl WinSCP
Another free FTP client, although not as well-known as FileZilla, this is an easy to use, yet powerful, FTP client for both casual users and admins.

Miranda IM
Merge multiple instant messengers into a single, open-source app.

This open-source utility lets you create virtual encrypted volumes (drives) and even encrypt entire hard drives. It offers a choice of several military-grade encryption algorithms (AES-256, Serpent, Twofish, and more) and is generally fun to use, especially if you're somewhat paranoid.

Mouser Screenshot Captor
Micromanage screen capturing to the ultimate degree with this robust, free/donationware utility.

The preceding article and list of donationware applications is a compilation of two articles authored by Erez Zukerman , PCWorld and distributed online December 8th and 9th, 2011. To read the articles in full and for a complete list of free download applications, go to Free Downloads that are Worth a Donation, Part I and Part II.

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Land Your Biggest Sale in 2012:
How to Pick Your Target
Tom Searcy

It is more important to avoid the wrong target than it is to pick the right target for landing your record-breaking sale in 2012. To land big sales, a record-breaking sale, you need to close the aperture through which you look at your market to a pinprick and hunt only those accounts that fit. Joe Mauer, the Minnesota Twins batting average leader for 2009 said that the reason he was successful was that he swung only at pitches he could control, not just those he could hit. If he hit every pitch he could, he would probably get out more times than not. But since he was not paid to hit, but rather to get on base, he had to hit what he could control.

The same is true in hunting your biggest sale. There are plenty of companies you could sell and could work with that you that you should leave alone. Maybe it's the wrong time, or they have the wrong problem to solve, or they buy for the wrong reasons. Or maybe they're just the wrong people. Regardless of category, they are just wrong and therefore you should not be selling to them.

How to pick your target:

1. Start with size. What is the scale of organization that will generate the largest sale for you? You may measure it by number of employees if you are in insurance. Amount of square feet of carpeted space in an office building if you sell commercial cleaning. Number of suppliers and distribution centers if you are in logistics. The point is that there is a critical mass threshold necessary to make your cut.

2. What's their problem. 90 percent of what you and your competitors provide is similar enough that the difference only matters to you, not your prospect. What is the 10 percent of the problem that you solve uniquely? Big people pay big money to have you solve a big problem for them.

3. Point of entry. To land bigger sales, you have to talk to people higher up in the organization. Wherever your target is now for first contact, you are either too low in the organization to land your record-breaking sale or you are high enough, but in too small a target. You need to change one or both.

4. Speed to purchase. To make your biggest sale in the next year, you are looking for a prospect who is making his or her decision faster. That means that the issue has the following qualities:

-- Scale: The problem is big enough to get attention and visible enough that it has to be fixed.

-- Frequency: A single incident will be addressed internally or through disciplining the incumbent. The buyer's issue has to be persistent and frequent enough to move people beyond annoyance to change.

-- Urgency: What is the triggering event that makes the buyer want to change? If this is just a low-level issue, then people adapt and learn to live with it. Oh sure, they'll meet with you, hear your ideas, consider your proposal...and then do nothing. There has to be a triggering event, otherwise you have wasted your time.

5. Causal link. Your buyer has to see in real numbers and benefits a direct link between your solution and the benefit that they are seeking. ROI, business case, TCO and all sorts of other mechanisms and representations are used to answer the rather simple question: "If I make this change, what is the real hard-benefit I will get from your solution?" The stronger the link, the better your chances.

The point I am making is that you should not even begin the process of intentionally targeting an account as your record-breaking sale if you can't answer these questions first. That means that instead of prospecting and hoping to find the right set of favorable circumstances, you are going to target and research to determine in advance these five criteria. Odds are strongly in your favor of winning when your targets match these.

Tom Searcy is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and expert in large account sales. Tom is the author of RFPs Suck! How to Master the RFP System Once and for All to Win Big Business and the co-author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company .

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