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In observance of New Year's, the ASI office will be closed:

Tuesday, January 1st

Emergency support is available on these days, in addition to the usual ASI Support options.

Tana's Tech Tip

VCK Unfinished Work Order Reports

The end-of-month billing is near. Remember that VCK's Unfinished Work Order Reports should be run prior to monthly collection to see if any outstanding orders still need to be researched, corrected or completed to be included in monthly billing.

Upcoming Events

PRISM Asia Pacific Region Conference
February 26-28, 2013
Brisbane, Australia

NAID International Annual Conference
March 22-24, 2013
Nashville, TN

PRISM International Annual Conference
May 13-16, 2013
Bonita Springs, Florida

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Our Holiday Schedule

The Andrews Software team wishes everyone a happy holiday season and bright New Year. We would also like to remind you that our offices will be closed Monday, December 31st at noon and Tuesday, January 1st for New Year's. Emergency support is available on this day, in addition to the usual ASI Support options.

The Best Gift of All
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

I was reminded this year of what's really important about the holidays when I got the news that QA Manager Tana McAtee and her husband Tim welcomed their baby girl into the world on December 11th. We often get tangled up in daily stress and strife this time of year as we try to fit gift shopping, social commitments and so forth into our "normal" routine of work and family life.

Having experienced the beauty of birth with my own three children, I was so happy for Tana and Tim because I know time stops for a moment with the arrival of your child as you gaze at this little miracle who's now and forever the center of your world.

My children are growing up way too fast (though they might disagree) and as Jocelyn and I celebrated Christmas this year, I was especially thankful, not for what was under the tree, but for my family around the tree.

In whatever form you celebrate the holidays,may you too be surrounded by family and friends. And on behalf of the entire Andrews Software, Inc. family, may the coming year be filled with peace, love, joy and success!

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Congratulations Tana & Tim!

Christmas arrived a bit early for mom-to-be Tana and hubby Tim when the best gift of all arrived with the birth of their beautiful baby girl. Baby Brynlee made her debut appearance on December 11th. All reports are that mom and baby are healthy and very happy. Congratulations Tana and Tim and welcome Baby Brynlee to the ASI Family!

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Divide & Conquer: Realizing the
Real Benefits of Virtualization
Kevin Baird, ASI Programming Manager

As a developer, I'm often required to write software programs for different Operating Systems, and inside different environments. For instance, I may develop a website that runs under Windows Server edition or in Linux. Another example would be that a new program works great in Windows XP, but how well will it work in Windows 8? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different settings in each OS and many programs want to change those settings to suit their particular needs. This can lead to a lot of resource management. I often have three or more computers up and running to help build, test and run various programs that I'm working on. Each machine has a different OS on it and performs different tasks. It can be daunting to manage all of these machines but it's nothing compared to our server room at Andrews Software.

ASI's server room contains a large number of machines, each assigned to very specific tasks. For instance, we have one for email, multiple InfoKeeper machines, multiple file servers, a security server, DNS servers, and a lot more. Each of these machines is connected to redundant power systems, network patch boards, routers and the like. Your server room at your operation may look similar to ours, perhaps larger or smaller, but a variety of computers all performing 24/7 operations.

At ASI, we put different applications on different servers, primarily, because we want to keep certain applications from interfering with existing applications. For instance, we have a server dedicated to our contact management software. It uses a special version of Microsoft's SQL Server to handle its data. Unfortunately, mixing in any other version of MS-SQL on the same server breaks the application. So we couldn't, for example, place it on our Customer Support server, because support uses a more recent version of MS-SQL. So we have to separate the two applications onto two different servers, otherwise one would break the other and either we couldn't contact people or we couldn't support them, which is not a good situation for a software company to be in. Unfortunately, neither application actually uses very much horsepower, so it's a waste of resources to have to dedicate an entire server to one application. However, our hands are often tied in cases like this until we upgrade our applications, and sometimes the companies from whom we buy the software do not offer an upgrade.

In recent years, virtualization software (VS) has taken off as a means of helping to control these kinds of situations. VS is a way of installing multiple operating systems onto one computer, be it a desktop machine or a server, and sharing the hardware resources between them.

Read the full article.

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Register Today for VCKweb.NET Webinar

You're invited to register today for ASI's upcoming WebShare webinar:

VCKweb.NET Overview
January 8, 2012
10am-11am & 2pm-3pm EDT

Visit the ASI Learning Center for loads of educational and support information available online and onsite.

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ASI Attends PRISM Fundamentals Workshop

Earlier this month, ASI COO Scott Bidwell attended PRISM International's "Fundamentals Workshop" held at the Biltmore in Phoenix.

"I've always found this particular workshop to provide a more intimate learning environment, which is always beneficial for those who are just getting into the industry since there's opportunity for more in-depth conversation and idea exchange," says Bidwell.

With vendors and attendees from across North America and the globe, the Workshop signaled PRISM's final educational event for 2012, with many more learning opportunities scheduled in 2013.

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