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It's an Amazing, Frustrating World

What Happened in Vegas

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Please update your contact information with our new fax number: 440-627-2089.

Tana's Tech Tip

Did you know that all
reports in Veri-Shred are automatically saved in
Excel each time you run them? 

When you run a report in Veri-Shred, then Preview and/or Print, it is saved in Excel in the C:\tempvck folder. 

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WebShare provides ASI Users with online webinar training sessions including step-by-step instruction and review of neat features offered by ASI's many records and information management software solutions. Visit our Online Learning Center for details of upcoming WebShare webinar learning opportunities!

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Email to find out how you can implement ASI Mobile for  $100* per truck per month. 


*does not include shipping, taxes, duties, finance charges or additional supplies.

Calculating Commissions in VCK

VCK Sales Commissions feature calculates monthly commission dollars for Sales
and Service Representatives based on a pre-determined rate schedule.

To access the VCK Commissions Calculation document, which includes setup instructions, visit the ASI Learning Center.

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Have an issue you need assistance with? Get help today by visiting our online Support Center with FAQs and more. Don't see an answer to your problem? Create a support trouble ticket. One of our support staff will respond within 24 hours, plus you can view the status of your support question at any time simply by logging in!

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PRISM Int'l Asia Pacific Conference
February 18-20 , 2009
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PRISM Int'l Conference
May 6-9, 2009
Daytona Beach, Florida

NAID Annual Conference
April 1-3 , 2009
New Orleans, Louisiana


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It's an Amazing, Frustrating World
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy.” That’s the premise of a comedy sketch by comedian Louis C.K. He describes, in very funny examples, how we’re surrounded by amazing technology, yet we’re never fully appreciative of what it can do for us – or that we even have it. As fast, as effective, as powerful as the next computer, phone or gadget is – we’re strumming our fingers and tapping our toes impatiently – willing it to be even faster, more effective and more powerful.

As I watched the video, I thought about how I often talk about having the right tool for the right job and how, as Louis C.K. says, we don’t often appreciate the capabilities provided by the tools at hand. I’ve heard it said that, on average, users implement about ten percent of a software’s full power. Having worked in the software industry for awhile now and being a software user myself, I can see how this is the case. We learn to use those tools necessary to complete the tasks most often performed and tend not to venture very far beyond those requirements.

Conversely, there are many examples of people and companies not investing in the appropriate technology necessary to properly execute a task or to take their business to the next level. As an example, we recently released VCK-SQL and are in the process of installing it for a number of clients. We encountered a client who was unable to install the software. With a bit of research, we soon discovered that, while the client was running on an XP platform, which SQL server requires, he was on Windows XP Home edition – which does not support SQL server. Clients running Windows 98 or Windows NT have encountered similar “stalled” installations. It’s like putting a Ford Focus in an Indy 500 race. It’s just not gonna get up to speed. Of course, as quickly as you invest in technology, the next generation is just around the corner. Software applications are built around the minimum requirements at the time – which change quickly. It’s important to invest in these upgrades; however, to maintain your competitive edge.

It can be a daunting task, determining the technological “well-being” of your business. The ASI Team is here to help and is available to address your concerns and questions. We also offer education webinars and online resources. In what other ways can we better provide you with the education you require as you tackle the software requirements for your business? Let me know by emailing me directly or call 1-800-807-2093, Ext. 204.

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What Happened in Vegas...
Jim Miller, Account Executive

While the snow fell and temperatures plummeted in Cleveland, Ohio the last week in January, ASI’s dynamic sales duo, comprised of Jim Macmillan and myself, flew in the face of the economic downturn and took our chances in Vegas. No, it’s not what you think. Switch off the Dean Martin soundtrack in your head, and set aside for a moment your images of rolling dice, spinning roulette wheels, flipping cards, and Elvis Presley. Picture instead a trade show booth on the exhibit hall floor of the Inside Self Storage (ISS) Expo.

Neither the economy, nor the “cold” temperatures in Las Vegas (high 50’s) kept the self-storage industry from providing a respectable turnout, all things considered. And records management was certainly one of the hot topics on the minds of those who attended this year’s event. On the trade show floor, ASI featured its VCK-SQL and web-portal solutions, as well as its ASI Mobile software for running a commercial records center. Jim Macmillan participated in a heavily attended round-table session, which focused on the finer details of the business.

By the end of the trip, Lady Luck taught both of us several hard lessons at the Blackjack and Craps tables. Hopefully, she saved her good fortune for the business prospects we made at the ISS Expo.

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ASI Mobile 3.0 for Veri-Shred - Your Wireless Link to Better Business
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

There’s a lot of power in your palm with ASI Mobile 3.0, our latest scanning technology. It currently contains the scanning application for Veri-Shred and soon we will have an update to include with VCK-SQL. Visual Vault Keeper is also planned for future release. I should also note that both ASI Mobile 2.12 for VCK and ASI Mobile 3.0 can reside on the same unit as long as the unit is running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.

Utilizing the latest SQL and .NET server technology, ASI Mobile 3.0 is exceptionally easy to use and loaded with tools to make day-to-day operations run smoothly. It relies on a sleek, icon-driven interface that provides critical information in an organized format, eliminating the need for the driver to carry the traditional paper service orders. All the information the driver needs to service the customers, is in the handheld. Along with the existing Error Trapping and Digital Signature Capture features (to name a few), key enhancements include:

Remote Route Modification: Need to add a stop to the route after the the driver has left the facility? This is easily accommodated via remote connectivity, where the new stop can be added and the route automatically updated through WiFi hotspots or cellular service.

Scan Bins: Easily capture information about each bin being serviced. ASI Mobile 3.0 includes several features such as, the ability to “check” a bin and record its capacity or weight without scanning it out or tipped, mark a bin as “not found” for those containers that "disappear", use transient barcodes for additional items not on the schedule, along with the ability to add weights of bins at a later time. Drivers can also record material types at the time of service.

Inventory Management: Veri-Shred sends the entire container inventory to the hand-held, providing better inventory control and validation. By validating bin barcodes upon scanning, you are able to ensure inventory control and integrity.

Print Certificate: Print Certificate allows you to print one receipt for an entire Service Order at the time of service. The receipts that you receive from the Scan Bins option only prints for one stop at a time. The certificates include all the detailed information shredding operations need to adhere to, such as onsite or off-site, material type, a complete list of containers, and capacities can be displayed as well.

For more information about ASI Mobile 3.0, contact an ASI account representative or call us directly. We'll be happy to schedule a demo and address your questions. Customers can access the ASI Mobile 3.0 manual on our website.

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VCK-SQL Receives "Solid" Support

Initial feedback is in from clients who have installed VCK-SQL and it's overwhelmingly positive. "It's a 'solid' solution," says one early adopter.

Shedule your upgrade today. Schedule by December 31, 2009 and save!

For information about VCK-SQL or to setup your installation, contact ASI Support.

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At Your Service

Have you checked out the Support Area of the ASI Website? There you'll find loads of helpful information including the:

Support Ticket System: This active database of client support tickets is available online to help users address similar issues shared by others.

Learning Center: Find webinar schedules, online training documents for records centers, media vaults and shredding operations, plus much more.

Help Manuals: In this section, you will find helpful “How To” documentation for ASI’s suite of software solutions.

Of course, phone support is also available 24/7, 365 days a year. Normal business hours are 7:30am to 5:30pm EST. Support calls placed during non-business hours will be returned within 30 minutes. To reach an ASI Technical Support Team member directly, please call or email:

Toll-free: 800-807-2093 ( North America only)
Phone: 1-(440)-546-9771
Email: support@andrewssoftware.com

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