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Tana's Tech Tip

Purge Start Date and End Date

A customer is doing a large purge, but instead of having you do one large pick-up of all the material, they would like you to come out twice a week for the next four weeks.  When creating the schedule in Veri-Shred/Placements/Schedules, enter the weekly schedule and select the appropriate two days of the week.  You can also enter a date in the Start Date field and enter a date in the Calendar Entries Through field.  This will add the schedule to your calendar for the appropriate days between the two dates you entered. 

If you do not enter a Calendar Entries Through date, then the schedule will be added to the calendar through the customer’s Contract Expiration Date.

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Upcoming Events

ASI Users Seminar
Sept. 14-15 , 2010

Hyatt Regency at the Arcade
Cleveland, Ohio

PRISM/NAID Joint European Conference
Sept. 27-29 , 2010

Westin Athens, Astir Palace Beach Resort
Athens, Greece

Shred School
November 3-5, 2010

Spartanburg, SC

ARMA International
November 7-8, 2010
Moscone West
San Francisco, CA

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What's Your Backup Plan?
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Last month, I asked you to take a moment to restore from your backup. How'd you do? Were you surprised by your results? My hope is that you were able to restore your data without a hiccup. My guess is that this was not the case for many. Having said that, it's a much better scenario to find your organization's data backup protocol is lacking as part of a test run versus as a result of actual data loss.

In the interest of best business practices, I have one more request and it doesn't matter what software you are running. This month, I'd like you to complete a brief 3-question survey letting us know if you attempted to restore your data and if so, whether it was successfully executed or not. You won't be asked to provide your name and we are not tracking IP addresses, so we aren't capturing any identifying data. My goal is to conduct this small litmus test to determine whether this critical business task is being more (or less) successfully executed by organizations such as yours. Click here to take the ASI Data Backup Survey. I'll share the results with you in next month's ASI Archive.

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Summer's Here...So is the ASI Users Seminar Brochure

By now, you've probably received your email with details about the ASI Users Seminar. If so, you already know this year's event includes an outstanding slate of topics and speakers to help you and your business set itself apart from the rest.

Attendees will hear from industry leaders such as PRISM International Executive Director Jim Booth and sales guru Ray Barry, who will share his innovative ideas for growing your business. If you haven't received the email that includes these details and more, you'll want to click here to download your copy of the ASI Users Seminar brochure.

You'll also want to take a moment to complete and return the registration form and book your accommodations at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade.

Register by August 1st and you'll save, but why wait that long? Register today and that's one less task on your summer "to do" list!

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HIPAA/HITECH is Latest Industry Compliance Minefield: PRISM Plans Industry Response
Jim Booth, Executive Director, PRISM International

Members of PRISM International have been sifting through the information and misinformation related to the HIPAA Privacy Rule since 1999. The Security Rule surfaced a few years after. PRISM International members engaged in information management services to organizations considered Covered Entities aligned their policies and procedures, trained employees, and offered their business associate agreement to CEs that did not insist on using their own version. The passage of ARRA/HITECH in February 2008 changed the entire playing field regarding the industry's response to HIPAA.

Because of the sudden danger posed by changes in HIPAA, PRISM International is preparing a response to assist its members in clarifying obligations and responsibilities related to HIPAA. If PRISM is successful, this would provide tremendous relief for paper file storage companies who deal only with sealed cartons and would also assist most other information management service providers in responding to clients who may be “piling on” additional contract provisions under the guise of HIPAA compliance.

PRISM International's Board of Directors, at their May meeting held in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary Conference, reviewed and approved this campaign for use. Following initial presentations to the US Department of Health and Human Services, which will be scheduled throughout the summer, all members and non-members of PRISM International who operate in the United States may be asked to participate. Preparations for this member campaign will begin in July, 2010.

HIPAA is a well-established public law and as such, making any type of change occur will be difficult, time and resource intensive and require the cooperation of all members of the industry. If your company is not a member of PRISM International, it is extremely important that you join PRISM International in order to assist with this campaign. Prospective members of the organization are encouraged to contact PRISM International Executive Director Jim Booth at jim@prismintl.org if they are willing to become involved in this campaign.

Even though the industry is small, if we work together we may be able to create a better environment for all information management companies in the United States.

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The WOW Factor!
Ray Barry, President, Total Training Services

When you take a look at your market, wherever you are, chances are that your prospects have at least a few options to choose from when selecting a records center or document destruction partner. Some of your prospects are probably thinking right now,“All of these companies are the same!” Many of these prospects feel this way because they haven't been shown anything else. It's not their fault!

Note to MR. PROSPECT - all records centers and shredding companies are not alike as long as they possess a WOW Factor!

  • The WOW Factor separates the contenders from the pretenders.
  • The WOW Factor sells security, not cheapest price.
  • The WOW Factor stands apart, doesn't blend in.
  • The WOW Factor separates the pros from the cons
  • The WOW Factor removes all risk of doing business with you
  • The WOW Factor separates the “resource” from the “salesperson”
  • And most of all……..The WOW Factor separates the YES from NO!

What does this WOW Factor mean? It means being better than everyone else. It means being different than anyone else.

Here are some examples of how you can possess the WOW Factor:

  • Be more “professionally” persistent than your competitors
  • Be knowledgeable about the prospect. Do your homework!
  • Be an authorized NAID CTK provider and help write their data protection procedure and program.
  • Be prepared. Know your proposal and all of the objections you will face before you give the proposal so you can handle it “proactively.”
  • Be professional and look professional .
  • Ask questions and more questions about them. Let them talk at least 80% of the time.
  • Have creative new ideas. Do things no one else would do.
  • Offer to teach them something, not sell them something.
  • Be confident in what you say and how you act.
  • Exceed their expectations.
  • Be memorable.

If you were the prospect, would you :

  • Buy from you?
  • Be moved by your presentation or needs analysis?
  • Get a good “mental picture” of what it is like to do business with you?
  • Tell o others about your company and the experience?

It is proven that the companies and sales professionals who possess the WOW Factor out-produce the companies that are “like everyone else."

From this point on, go show your prospects that all records centers and shredders are not alike. The ones that WOW them are the business partners that truly care about their security and their well-being.

If you'd like to contact Ray directly, call Total Training Services at  864-699-0701 or send an email to raybarry@totaltrainingservices.com.

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