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Tech Tip:
Permanently Remove or Destroy Files with the new VCK-SQL Release

The newly released VCK-SQL 9.6.x now features valuable new functionality: File Destruction and File Permanent Removal, including new file statuses as follows:

E = File Pending Destruction

T = File Pending Permanent

Y = File Destroyed

Z = File Permanently Withdrawn

For full details, view or download the VCK-SQL 9.6.x Release Notes*.

*A login is required to view Release Notes. If you do not have a login, please contact ASI Support.

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ARMA International
September 25-27, 2016

NAID Annual Conference
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March 22-24, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

PRISM International Annual Conference
May 8- 11, 2017
Tucson, Arizona

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July 4 Schedule

In observance of Independence Day, ASI will be closed Monday, July 4th. Of course, emergency support is available, in addition to the usual ASI Support options.

Time for a Summer Upgrade
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

Summer is here and we all look forward to taking it a bit easier. This includes your customers. If you're finding the phone isn't ringing as often and the workplace pace has slowed, it may be a good time to tackle those tasks that never seem to get done during busier times of the year. One task in particular, hardware and software inventory and maintenance, is often overlooked, yet critically important to your company's security, performance and productivity.

In recent months, ASI has introduced a number of updates to our software solutions including:

Often users don't update to the latest version of software applications because they're not sure the updates are safe or they remain unconvinced that any new features will be useful. I urge you to contact ASI Support during these summer months to learn more about the new features and benefits offered by the latest version of applicable software for your company.

The ASI Support Team can work with you to ensure a smooth upgrade process. They are also available to assist if you are planning a server move or undergoing any significant hardware changes or modifications to ensure no disruption of ASI software services. Once done, you too can enjoy these lazy days of summer!

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Coach Pat Summitt's 10 Most Inspirational Quotes

Pat Summitt is perhaps best known for winning more games than any other NCAA Division 1 basketball coach, male or female. She spent 38 years as the head coach of the University of Tennessee women’s basketball team, the Lady Volunteers, winning eight national titles and 1,098 games. Tennessee also made 31 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances under Coach Summitt.

Summitt passed away Tuesday, at the age of 64, after a five-year battle with Alzheimer's disease. She will be remembered for her competitive spirit. Here are 10 Summitt quotes that inspire us:

On competition “There is always someone better than you. Whatever it is that you do for a living, chances are, you will run into a situation in which you are not as talented as the person next to you. That's when being a competitor can make a difference in your fortunes.”

On work ethic "Here's how I'm going to beat you. I'm going to outwork you. That's it. That's all there is to it.”

On life “It is what it is. But, it will be what you make it.”

On responsibility “If you don't want responsibility, don't sit in the big chair. To be successful, you must accept full responsibility.”

On goal setting “It’s harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb. Continue to seek new goals.”

On potential “I'm someone who will push you beyond all reasonable limits. Someone who will ask you not to just fulfill your potential but to exceed it. Someone who will expect more from you than you may believe you are capable of.”

On loyalty “The absolute heart of loyalty is to value those people who tell you the truth, not just those people who tell you what you want to hear. In fact, you should value them most. Because they have paid you the compliment of leveling with you and assuming you can handle it.”

On making a mistake "When a player makes a mistake, you always want to put them back in quickly -- you don’t just berate them and sit them down with no chance of redemption.”

On attitude “Attitude is a choice. What you think you can do, whether positive or negative, confidence or scared, will most likely happen.”

On quitting “Quit? Quit? We keep score in life because it matters. It counts. Too many people opt out and never discover their own abilities, because they fear failure. They don’t understand commitment. When you learn to keep fighting in the face of potential failure, it gives you a larger skill set to do what you want to do.”

Source: www.entrepreneur.com, June 28, 2016
Author: Grace Reader

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