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Are you using an Intermec scanner and struggling with the screen alignment? When touching an item on the screen with the stylus, does something different open?

If you've experienced either of these headaches, it's time to align your screen. In the scanner, tap Start/ Settings. Tap the System tab, then tap Screen. Tap Align, then touch each cross point as it moves around the screen. Voilà! Alignment achieved!

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PRISM Annual Conference
May 11-14 , 2010
Reno, Nevada

ASI Users Seminar
Sept. 14-15 , 2010
Hyatt Regency at the Arcade

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What Didn't Stay in Vegas
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

You've heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” right? I just attended the NAID Annual Conference, which was held in The City that Never Sleeps, and I have to confess that I brought something home with me. Before your mind starts contemplating what deeds of debauchery I could be referring to, let me clarify – what I came home with is a more positive and brighter outlook – one that might only be rivaled by the neon lights along the Vegas Strip.

Yes, the recession is still biting at our heels; however, it was heartening to talk with conference attendees, who by and large, are enjoying a surge in business activity. There was an unquestionable buzz of optimism throughout the conference and trade show that I can only attribute to a general sense that, perhaps we've weathered the worst of the recessionary storm – that, or Bob Johnson spiked the coffee being served at the breaks!

From the keynote speaker (who set the tone for keeping our eyes on what's really important), two days packed with educational and vendor sessions meant to provoke thought and build business, to a trade show floor bustling with activity, Bob and the entire NAID team organized another outstanding event. If their goal was to help businesses and people connect to grow, both professionally and individually – mission accomplished.

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Book Now to Attend the ASI Users Seminar

The ASI 2010 Users Seminar will be held September 14-15, 2010 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade. Set within a historic landmark in downtown Cleveland, the Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade offers an ideal location across from the East 4th Entertainment District and is just blocks from major sporting arenas that house the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Indians. It is also the perfect backdrop for the Users Seminar's two full days of interactive educational sessions and relaxed social activities.

Attendees of this year's Users Group Seminar who stay at the Hyatt Regency will enjoy:

  • Affordably priced room at $119/single per night
  • Complimentary in-room Internet
  • Complimentary breakfast coupons for use in the Hyatt's1890 Restaurant or 1890 Coffee Bar
  • Discounted valet parking of $15.00
  • Double Gold Passport Points

Click here to book your room online.

If you prefer to make your reservation by phone, call:

Toll-free: 1-888-421-1442 or 1-402-592-6464.

If booking by phone, be sure to mention you are attending the Andrews Software Users Seminar to receive the specially negotiated room rate.

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Importing Data Using VCK-SQL &

The educational agenda for the 2010 ASI Users Seminar will be filled with sessions designed to drive efficiency to help boost customer service and the bottom line using ASI solutions. One of these sessions will be devoted to the data import functionality currently available in VCK-SQL. We also found a little program from "" which is a plug-in for Microsoft Excel that can be used to help you manipulate spreadsheets you receive from your customers. This can be particularly useful when setting a relationship between two different Excel tables or spreadsheets using the customer box number, for example, as the key between the two files. Assuming “” has been downloaded and installed; let's merge two separate Excel tables into one table by using a common value that exists in both.

Step 1: Open both Excel tables, one is considered the ‘Master Table', the other is considered the ‘Lookup Table'. It is the Master Table that will be receiving data from the Lookup Table. Highlight all cells in the Master file, click on the ‘' tab and select ‘Merge Tables Wizard'.

Step 2: A new window will launch. Since you have highlighted all cells in the Master Table the first step in the wizard will be pre-populated with the range of cells. Select ‘Next'.

Step 3: Select the correct file name and sheet name (Lookup Table). In the field below, define the range of cells you wish to use, for example, A1:B5. Select ‘Next'.

Step 4: Check off ‘Master Table has headers' and ‘Lookup Table has headers'. This will make it easier to correctly identify the columns. Select the matching columns by placing a check on the left-hand side. This should be the common value that exists in both tables, for example, ‘Customer Box Number'. Select ‘Next'.

Step 5: Now select the columns to be added to the Master Table by placing a check on the left-hand side, for example, ‘VCK Barcode Number'.

Step 6: Select Finish. A progress bar will denote the time required to process your request. This can take several minutes. Once completed, a message box will appear detailing how many matching rows were found and how many columns have been added. Select ‘Okay'.

Step 7: The new columns will now have been merged into the Master Table. You are now free to manipulate this table as needed.

This is one of many ways to import data using VCK-SQL. To download this document or to see the many other resource documents available online, visit the ASI Learning Center.

For more information, contact or plan to attend the ASI Users Seminar September 14-15, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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ASI Hosts Vendor Session at NAID event

Over 60 NAID Annual Conference attendees packed the conference room where the ASI Vendor Session was held on Wednesday, March 3rd . The focus of the session was to discuss the merits of Veri-Shred, ASI's destruction software. It was an enthusiastic audience, peppering co-presenters Jim Macmillan and Jim Miller with questions on everything from route planning and optimization to mobile devices to barcode scanning and beyond.

“Our approach wasn't only focused on looking at software,” said Jim Macmillan. “We also discussed factors the attendees might want to think about when running a shredding business – what's important, what can potentially drain resources and time, tasks that appear simple at face value but may become complex without the proper planning. We were then able to associate these factors with software features that effectively address these areas of considerations.”

Some of the Veri-Shred features that were discussed included scheduling, forecasting, calendar controls and how to get the most from them, route planning and optimization, barcode scanning and validation, shredding certificates, invoicing and the advantages offered by mobile devices.

For more information about Veri-Shred, contact or visit the ASI website.

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Can We Please Move On?
Susan Biro,

Lately I have found myself having a similar conversation with a number of clients. The conversation begins with my client stating they want to increase their visibility within their organization and better position themselves to work at a more senior, strategic level. They want to be noticed and earmarked for succession by supervisors; to be seen as a thought leader by peers; and, ultimately, to position themselves as someone ready to participate in the larger decisions facing the company.

What is surprising to me is that these are the same people who will either completely fail to show for one of our scheduled sessions, send an email stating they need to reschedule at a minute's notice, or arrive late and unprepared for our time together, and then fail to apologize for their lack of professionalism.

I often find that the way a client manages their time with me is indicative of how they manage themselves with others. Therefore, some of the behavior I experience is serious cause for concern. If my client is unable to successfully arrive at our meeting -- on time, prepared, and having followed through on the commitments they made at our last meeting -- it is almost guaranteed that they engage in this (poor) behavior with others. How then are they to be seen as the kind of person and professional ready for more responsibility? Perhaps they are unaware of how some of their behavior is negatively impacting their professional advancement.

To read the full article, click here.

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