MARCH 2012


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Tana's Tech Tip

Veri-Shred's New "Notes" Feature is Truly Noteworthy!

Veri-Shred offers many new reports and exciting features. One that is receiving rave reviews from ASI users is the newly introduced "Notes" feature.

The “Notes" feature allows dispatchers to create "stop notes" for drivers which provide specific instructions related to regular route stops. They're also highlighted on the device so they're easily seen by the driver, ensuring a client's special service request is fulfilled.

Notes is also integrated into the Intermec CN70 mobile computer. For a demo and more information, be sure to drop by our booth at the upcoming NAID Expo.

Not going to the NAID show? Contact ASI today for more information about what's new with Veri-Shred, including the Notes feature!


Register for ASI WebShare Webinars & Receive One Free!

We've just released the latest in our webinar offerings, the WebShare Veri-Shred Series and the WebShare VCK-SQL Series. Consisting of 3 webinars per series these are a great way for new users to learn the basics and for existing users to acquaint themselves with the latest enhancements.

Register today for all 3 in a series and receive one for FREE!

Visit the ASI Learning Center for loads of educational and support information available online and onsite.

Upcoming Events

NAID Annual Conference
March 30-April 1, 2012
Anaheim, CA

Shred School
April 25-27
Spartanburg, SC

PRISM Annual Conference
May 15-May 17, 2012
Las Vegas, NV

ASI Users Seminar
September 12-13, 2012
Cleveland, OH

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NAID Show - Bring on the Magic!
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Like many of you, I'm preparing to head out to the NAID Annual Conference and Expo, which looks to be a pretty exciting and innovative event. What a perfect venue too, since Walt Disney is considered to be one of the most innovative businessmen of all time. If you've had a chance to read a few Walt Disney quotes, it's easy to see why so many were happy to work with him as they created magic. Here's one example:

I've always maintained that you can't just coast, if you do, you go backwards. It's just a slow way of liquidating... Let's do anything to get some action, you see?

The fact that you've made the investment to attend NAID demonstrates that you subscribe to this ideology as well. You're not the kind of business person who's happy accepting the status quo. You're looking for opportunities and knowledge to generate forward momentum.

Personally, there are quite a few educational sessions and activities on the program that have peaked my interest and curiosity. For example, the NAID team really knew what they were doing when they booked Jeffrey Gitomer and Tom Adams for morning keynotes. Both of these guys are experts in their fields, not to mention, full of energy – an exciting way to kick off each day.

ASI is proud to be an active participant in the NAID annual event, both as an event sponsor, exhibitor and as host of a Vendor Session entitled “The Importance of Good Software.” If you're considering software for your business, you'll want to attend this session to be held at 3pm on Friday, March 30th . We'll share ways the right software generates value for you business and unique services it can assist in delivering to your customers.

And of course, we'll also be on-hand on the expo floor. Visit us at the booth and see why the Intermec CN70 mobile computer is nearly indestructible. (Until then you can check out these videos.) We'll also provide live demonstrations of all of our ASI software solutions for destruction companies, records centers and media vaults.

So bring your sense of wonder to the NAID Annual Conference & Expo. If you'd like a few more “pearls of wisdom” from Walt Disney, click here. See you at the show!

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Register & Receive A Free Webinar

We've just put together the latest WebShare webinar schedule. This schedule is a bit different from previous schedules in that these webinars consist of 3 in a series: WebShare Veri-Shred Series targets destruction operations; WebShare VCK-SQL Series focuses on records centers.

This is a great review for those who have been using ASI software solutions for awhile and an excellent way for our new ASI users to familiarize themselves with some of the basics in preparation for the ASI Users Seminar in September.

The next scheduled WebShare webinar is

Veri-Shred System Settings
March 4, 2012
10am-11am & 2pm-3pm EDT

Register today for the full 3-webinar WebShare Series (Veri-Shred and/or VCK and VCK-SQL) and receive the third webinar for FREE!

Visit the ASI Learning Center for loads of educational and support information available online and onsite.

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ASI Users Seminar Takes You "Back to Class"

"One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty, until you try."

-- Sophocles

It is the philosophy that we learn by doing that is behind this year's ASI Users Seminar. Scheduled for September 12-13th in Cleveland, Ohio, this year's event features a dual-track schedule of classroom and computer lab educational sessions for both records centers (running VCK and VCK-SQL) and destruction companies.

Within the classroom, members of the ASI Team will provide attendees with in-depth instruction that will then be put to practical use within the computer lab. It's an excellent opportunity for front-line employees to jump in and learn in a truly interactive environment.

There will also be industry experts on-hand sharing their tips and techniques on growing your business. We'll have a complete online brochure available shortly, with a complete educational agenda, social schedule and accommodations information.

We also invite you to visit the ASI Users Seminar page on our website for pics from our 2010 Users Seminar and for the latest updates on this year's exciting event.

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Why Do Some Salespeople Fail?
Ray Barry
President, Total Training Services

When I speak with business owners in the information destruction and records management industries, one of the biggest issues they face with their business is finding the right sales professionals for their business and helping their sales professionals maintain their success. Many business owners think that hiring sales people is like a "roll of the dice" but that is not necessarily the case and it doesn't have to be that way.

If we identify the main reasons that some sales people fail we can help qualify the best candidates moving forward and then put the right process in place to ensure success for our sales professionals. There are many reasons why some sales people don't work out even if you feel like you have made a good hiring decision (not including being lazy).

Here are the top 10 reasons some sales people fail (in my opinion):

1) Most sales people don't prospect effectively and efficiently and they end up spending valuable sales time with prospects who most likely will not be buying

2) Lack of proper training. Sales Superstars don't happen by accident. Just like athletics, it takes practice to become great.

3) They don't utilize a consistent step by step sales process and their results are inconsistent and each opportunity is handled differently which is hit or miss.

4) They try to persuade and convince their prospects to buy their services using manipulative tactics which turn prospects off and creates sales resistance.

5) Most sales people talk too much in the sales call. They also talk too much about their company and the prospects feel disrespected and neglected. Top Sales professionals invest at least 80% of time letting the prospect talk about THEM.

6) They do "sales presentations" instead of finding out what their prospect really wants and why.

7) They neglect to determine the decision making process of their prospects and timeframe of the decision and also spend too much time with non-decision makers.

8) They try to close at the end of the sales process. Sales Superstars on the other hand start closing at the beginning of their sales process through a great line of questioning.

9) They learn the "old school" way of handling objections which don't work anymore. Customers are used to the same old sales stuff. The manipulative tactics just don't work anymore. Top sales professionals eliminate most objections proactively with their sales process.

10) Lack of guidance from ownership and management. Sometimes sales people fail because they are not properly guided by ownership and they are "micro-managed".  They need a coach, not a manager. Sales training is what's needed to become a sales person...... Sales coaching is what's needed to become a sales champion.

Having a developed step by step sales process can help eliminate the fatal errors above. A process which keeps focus and all the attention on the prospects and clients. One that answers the question of : "What's in it for THEM"?

If you want your sales professional (s) to become a sales champion, make sure they avoid these common mistakes and you're hiring of future sales professionals will not be a "roll of the dice".

Reprinted from Total Training Services newsletter, March 2012.

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