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Tech Tip:
VCKweb.NET Speaks Your Language

As part of our client global support plan, the latest release of VCKweb.NET (16.1.0.x) is now available in the following languages: Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

This feature creates a more positive user experience since it allows VCKweb.NET users to select their preferred language upon login. It can be changed at any point in time from the home screen.

This latest version also includes new features to the "View Another User's Cart" function along with over 20 other enhancements and fixes.

For full details, view or download the VCKweb.NET 16.1.0.x Release Notes*.

*A login is required to view Release Notes. If you do not have a login, please contact ASI Support.

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NAID Annual Conference & Expo
April 7 - 9, 2016
Orlando, Florida

PRISM International Annual Conference
May 16 - 19, 2016
Bonita Springs, Florida

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The Blurred Lines of Customer Service
Scott Bidwell, ASI President/COO

customer service imageLast month, I asked "What is 'just right' customer service?" This month, I'd like to explore how easily a vendor can contribute to
a customer having a lower level of satisfaction when the lines between included services and extra services become blurred.

Consider this scenario. A records center client requests a box, for next day delivery. The records center has a scheduled delivery going out today, so they deliver the box without applying the same-day rush delivery fee. This happens one or two more times, until the one time, the client requests a same-day delivery and is charged the fee. The client is upset that they've been charged because "you haven't charged for this before."

In this example, the vendor would say the client has received superior service because, though they charged the client the typical rush fee on the fourth delivery, they fulfilled the client's requests at no additional charge three times prior. The client sees it differently. To them, the vendor provided same-day delivery at no charge three times and inexplicably, charged for the fourth. The vendor, quite unwittingly, has created a situation where the client expects this service as part of their standard menu of services vs. as the premium service it actually is.

How can we avoid these awkward, and often resource-depleting scenarios?

I'll be simplistic here. Whether it's a personal or a business relationship, difficulties arise most often due to a lack of communication. If you provide premium service at no charge, or at a standard rate, that's great! Be sure this is clearly communicated to the client so they appreciate the extra consideration. Go the extra step to include the service on their monthly invoice to reflect the typical fee with the reduction applied. This assumes, of course, that your contracts and Service Level Agreements clearly define these services, but that's a discussion for another newsletter!

See it First at NAID Annual Conference!

Visit the ASI team at next week's NAID Annual Conference & Expo, Booth #511 for demonstrations of the latest software releases including:

ASI Mobile 4.0 for Veri-Shred Preview
Drop by the booth for a pre-release demo of the next generation of driver scanning functionality for ASI Mobile for Veri-Shred Windows & Android mobile app.

VCKweb.NET New Release
Featuring new functionality that helps ensure chain of custody integrity, plus multi-language support (see Tech Tip and Release Notes for more detail).

These new releases will be available for demo at the ASI booth, along with the complete suite of ASI RIM Services Solutions. We also invite you to email Jim Macmillan directly to schedule a personalized consultation/demo.

New ASI Mobile 4.0 at NAID

ASI Mobile 4.0 screenshotThe ASI Team will be traveling to Orlando for the NAID Annual Conference & Expo soon where we'll be showcasing the new release of ASI Mobile 4.0. This is an exciting release for ASI Mobile users, most significantly because shredding, warehouse and driver scanning functions are performed from a single application.

As a web services-based application, ASI Mobile 4.0 sends and receives information via ASI's Universal Web Services from any Internet connection. These are detailed in the ASI Mobile 4.0 Help Manual & Release Notes document which is available online.

More specifically, we'll provide pre-release demonstrations of the next generation of the driver scanning functionality for the new ASI Mobile for Veri-Shred Windows & Android mobile app to be released later this summer, iOS to follow shortly thereafter.

Be sure to visit us at Booth #511 during the NAID Expo, or email Jim Macmillan directly to schedule a personalized consultation/demo. You can also contact ASI Support if you would like more information on how to put ASI Mobile 4.0 to work for your business.

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