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Scott Bidwell, President/COO

For many of us, autumn brings brilliant colors and cooler temps, perhaps even a flurry of snow. It also brings a flurry of trade shows and conferences. Most recently, ASI's VP of Sales Jim Macmillan attended Ray Barry's Sales and Operations Workshop Shred School workshop held in Las Vegas. Prior to that, Jim spent time with attendees of the European Information Management Conference held in Brussels.

As we approach December, the ASI team will be traveling to Phoenix to participate in PRISM International's Fundamentals Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to provide solid fundamental skills training in commercial records center management. It is designed to cover all major areas of operations, sales, and marketing; the four pillars of commercial information services; economics; facility planning; prospecting; legal contracts and regulatory issues; resources and services available to PRISM International members; and a tour of an operating facility. It's an excellent opportunity for those new to the industry to gain critical knowledge of this dynamic industry.

As I look ahead to the event, it also occurs to me that, while market forces and technology continue to drive changes in how the RIM services industry may conduct certain tasks, the need for these tasks remains the same. Whether operating a records center, media vault, shred operation or a hybrid of these services, clients expect a high level of efficiency, confidentiality and security. While in Phoenix, I'm looking forward to spending time with attendees as we discuss these topics. I hope to see you there!

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Tech Tip:
Veri-Shred Route Planning Offers More Than Mapping
Tana McAtee, Quality Control Manager

In speaking with several users recently, I’ve discovered an apparent misconception that the Route Planning screen in Veri-Shred is pertinent only for those using a mapping software in conjunction with Veri-Shred. While the Route Planning screen is used in conjunction with mapping software, it offers significant value to ALL users -- with or without a mapping software in place.

Here are few examples of the operational advantages offered by Veri-Shred's Route Planning screen:

Modify/Remove Service Address
Perhaps your office is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. Using the Route Planning screen, you can remove a service address from the day or you can move a service address to another day in the future. Either way, these two features work just as they do from the Calendar; the service schedule is only changed for that one, single service.

Moving Service Address to Alternate Route
Veri-Shred's Route Planning screen makes the task of changing service addresses to alternate routes a simple one. As with modifying or removing the service address, the route assignment change is applied only for that one service. The addresses within a route can also be placed into the order in which the driver will perform the services. This is a critical part of the efficiency provided by Veri-Shred in preparing drivers to service shred shred customers. The Daily Run Sheets (a.k.a. driver manifests) will print one per route, in the order that the service addresses were saved on the Route Planning screen. When the Service Orders are printed, they will also print by route. The service locations within the routes will print in the order they were saved on the Route Planning screen as well. Lastly, for those using ASI Mobile 3, the service addresses will be loaded into the scanner(s) in the order they were saved on the Route Planning screen. If using mapping software, the order will be altered (if user chooses to optimize) and saved so that the Daily Run Sheet, Service Order printing, and ASI Mobile 3 listing will be ordered the same as the maps created.

As these two examples demonstrate, clearly there are many efficiencies to be gained by utilizing Veri-Shred's Route Planning screen, for both shred operations that are using mapping software or those without. For more information on how Veri-Shred's Route Planning feature can benefit your shred operation or to schedule training, contact an ASI support specialist.

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You're invited to register today for these upcoming ASI WebShare webinars:

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Tues., December 11, 2012
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VCKweb.NET Overview
January 8, 2012
10am-11am & 2pm-3pm EDT

Visit the ASI Learning Center for loads of educational and support information available online and onsite.

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Final Shred School a Success in Vegas
Jim Macmillan, VP of Sales

Earlier this month, ASI attended Ray Barry's Shred School. Held in Las Vegas, the event was a resounding success, attended by both industry vets and newcomers.

Those who have attended Shred School already know that it's special. What makes it utterly unique, however, is its feeling of exclusivity. Over its lifetime the support for Shred School among industry veterans, or "Shredding All Stars" as Barry prefers to call them, has continued to grow. Bringing together such a concentrated collection of knowledge, expertise and experience into one room creates a phenomenal learning environment. If you’re serious about the shredding industry, I can’t think of a more valuable way to spend your time.

Over these past four years, ASI has provided support by sharing insight into the value of technology - particularly software - to grow and sustain a profitable shredding business. Although software is gaining more visibility as a vital component of the business, it still plays second fiddle to the glitzy purchases of trucks and shredding equipment.  It's particularly satisfying when attendees recognize and appreciate that software is as glitzy and frankly, as necessary, as any other element of the business.

The sad part to this story is that the Vegas Shred School was the final Shred School of the year - and for the foreseeable future, since Shred School founder Ray Barry recently accepted a position as VP of Sales with Access Information Management, bringing an end to the most educational two-and-a-half days available in the industry.

There is a bright side; however, since the end of Shred School also brings to an end Ray’s constant drip-feed as to why the Beatles are the best band on the planet and why he can’t understand why there aren’t more Notre Dame fans to support his football obsession. Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge and yourself Ray - even your Beatles bias. We're a better industry for it!

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European Info Conference Held in Brussels
Jim Macmillan, VP of Sales

Attendees gained exceptional industry knowledge from phenomenally well-presented educational sessions during the recent European Information Management Conference. A longtime supporter of the European Conference, ASI was also on-hand for this valuable industry event.

Presented jointly by NAID, PRISM,and ARMA in an effort to create more value for both venders and attendees, this event did not disappoint. What might be considered disappointing is that attendance is still low for an industry event of this caliber. The reasons are unclear. The venues are excellent, the quality of speakers and content is outstanding and there is a concerted effort made to provide content relevant for both the European and U.S. markets. The association planning teams clearly work hard to ensure it is an event that provides maximum value for the investment.

ASI is proud to be a supporter of this valuable conference and will continue to support it. We urge our colleagues who have considered attending to do so for all of the above reasons.

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