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Tana's Tech Tip

Audits Made Easy with VCK Daily Work Order Report

An ASI VCK user recently asked if there was a VCK report that would display all activity for service requests placed by one of their customers who was performing an audit to review their offsite storage needs. 

The Daily Work Order Report fits the bill perfectly, allowing a user to query information pertaining to work order service requests. For example,  a user can use this report to identify  how many retrievals and/or deliveries a particular customer ordered on a given date or within a specified date range. Results can be displayed in summary or detail and can also be exported to Excel.

You will find this report in:
VCK /Office/Work Order/Daily Work Order Report

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Doughnuts to Dollars
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

There I sat, munching away, enjoying the time spent with my daughter Megan, at her school's recent “Doughnuts for Dads” breakfast. Then it struck me. This is it. This is my last “Doughnuts for Dads” breakfast. With two older sons, I had enjoyed this annual tradition many times in previous years. Yet, in a few short months, Megan would be leaving elementary school and entering middle school -- and a new chapter in her life. A few days later, as my soon-to-be 16-year-old son sat studying for his driver's license, I was reminded of how excited I was when I entered this very important phase of my newly mobile life. Since then, I've navigated through many new phases of my personal and my professional life, some more successfully than others to be sure, but always with an eye to what's coming next.

If you ask me, growing a business for success isn't so different from raising your kids to be successful adults. Both require constant attention and nurturing, especially during the early years. As they start to take their first steps, you're still pouring all your energy into meeting their daily needs, yet you find you can breathe a bit easier. Through discipline administered with plenty of love, patience and good luck, it isn't long until you're running just to keep up, they're growing so fast. Along the way, you reach out to any person, organization or resource for information and education to help you better usher them along their way toward success.

I think this is part of why I so value my relationships within the RIM industry. They provide a stream of new information and support that, through the years, have helped ASI grow into a more successful company and be a better member of the RIM services community. It is also why I believe in being an engaged participant and contributor to the organizations that support our industry. Whether attending an industry event, such as the recent PRISM/NAID Joint European Conference or hosting our ASI Users Seminar, growing a business, like raising a child, requires vigilance and active involvement. Of course, when your hours, days and years of investment yield a thriving successful “adult”, the sense of pride this creates is immeasurable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think my wife just realized this is her last “Muffins for Moms” breakfast. What can I say? Growing up isn't easy – for any of us.

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Boost Client Satisfaction with VCKweb.NET

If you've considered providing your clients with online access to their offsite records information, you should take a look at VCKweb.NET. VCKweb.NET is ASI's newest addition to its suite of software solutions and was developed to interface seamlessly with VCK-SQL. (VCKweb.NET is not compatible with VCK )

Hosted by you, the records center, VCKweb.NET, makes it possible for your clients to enter data, request boxes and files, perform refiles and permanent withdrawals, as well as request cartons be destroyed that have met their retention period. Client access to their account information is accomplished by accessing the VCK-SQL database via the Internet. File and carton information are added directly to VCK-SQL.

Immediate access to their account information and the ability to initiate service requests boosts client satisfaction. VCKweb.NET also enables you to operate more efficiently. For more information about VCKweb.NET, contact ASI today at Sales@AndrewsSoftware.com. An ASI Sales Associate can discuss hardware requirements, accessibility and other important considerations to be taken into account when determining if VCKweb.NET fits your business goals.

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Veri-Shred and Roadnet Anywhere Offer Big Benefits to Small Business

Any shredding operator today will tell you that the cost of keeping vehicles on the road is expensive. You might even equate it to, pardon the pun, highway robbery. Sky-high fuel costs are just one reason ASI's Veri-Shred destruction software provides integrated route optimization by utilizing Roadnet Anywhere. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution yielding secure, confidential destruction services to your clients, productively and cost-efficiently.

With Veri-Shred and Roadnet Anywhere, you'll achieve:

  • Unsurpassed service efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Streamlined business processes and accountability with advanced mobile scanner functionality
  • Flexible scheduling capabilities.
  • Reduction in mileage and driver overtime
  • Happier, more satisfied customers.

To determine if Veri-Shred with Roadnet Anywhere integration could work for your destruction operation, or to schedule an online demo, contact ASI today at Sales@AndrewsSoftware.com.

Leadership Lessons from the Chile Miners
Steve Tobak

Like millions, perhaps billions, my eyes were glued to the screen as the rescue capsule brought the first Chilean miner to the surface to see his wife and children for the first time in 69 days.

In spite of all the media attention and the emotionally charged atmosphere, what really struck me was something I did not expect to see. When the first rescue worker descended the shaft and emerged from the capsule to greet the 33 trapped men, I was floored by how disciplined, organized, strong, and in good spirits the miners appeared to be. Every single one of them. And no, they weren't just putting on a show for the cameras. After 69 days trapped in that hell-hole, I seriously doubt that was even possible.

Don't forget, not only were these men trapped under a half mile of rock in 90+ degree heat for more than two months, but for the first 17 days after the mine collapsed, they subsisted on just two days of food and water without a hint that anyone even suspected they had survived the cave-in. But they organized, supported each other, and in my mind, demonstrated the very best of what the human race is capable of doing under extremely challenging conditions. Here are 4 leadership lessons we can all learn from these 33 extraordinary men:

  1. Humans really are at their best under extreme adversity.
    We need look no further than the poise and control of all those miners when they greeted the first person they'd set eyes on in 69 days to know that humans have a surprising ability to pull together and do amazing things under extraordinarily challenging conditions. Even in business, challenges bring out the best in us.
  2. Leadership, management, and organization are not just business concepts.
    They're human concepts, terms that attempt to capture how men and women uniquely organize in groups or teams to take on extraordinary challenges, even the chaos of the physical world. We attempt to replicate these concepts in the business world, but they occurred first in nature.
  3. Embracing emotion aids survival.
    All the hugging, kissing, and crying by almost everyone present throughout the ordeal, including Chile's president and the rescue workers, wasn't unique to this extraordinary event. I've spent time in South America, including Chile, and the people are very open, comfortable, and in touch with their emotions. I think that contributed to the miner's survival. Feelings are our warning and guidance systems. I wonder if corporate America's outwardly stoic nature, especially with respect to emotion, is success-limiting behavior.
  4. Democratic organizations or “social collectives” where everyone has a voice are inherently problematic.
    Not to mention they would fall completely apart in times of crisis, which all companies face. Had it been every man for himself instead of shift leader Luis Urzua (pictured with Chile President Sebastian Pinera) taking control, the miners would never have survived. As Jena McGregor explains in her Washington Post column:

    “Immediately after the miners became trapped, Urzua reportedly got all of them to share in the sacrifice by rationing their two-day supply of food to last 17 days–when they were finally discovered–and to eat their food together at the same time. He crafted a disciplined structure to their subterranean lives, setting up orderly work shifts and creating a map of the miners' topography to help rescuers. And he appealed to his compatriots' emotional needs, encouraging miners to talk on camera to their families, serving as a “calming” presence …”

Bottom line: While not a “leadership lesson” per se, I'd be remiss if I didn't call attention to the flawless execution of every stage of the rescue operation. It was truly impressive. And you know what? Not only did I find this entire experience inspiring, but knowing that there are unheralded leaders like Urzua scattered around the globe fills me with hope and optimism for all of us.

Reprinted from Steve Tobak's blog on www.bnet.com, Oct. 14, 2010.

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