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Special Urgent

This utility allows a user to tag a specific box or file. If any activity scan is committed on that item then on-screen notification occurs during the upload process of the hand- held devices. It is an especially useful tool for identifying “missing” items and for communicating needs relating to boxes and files between the records center office and operations staff.

Upcoming Events

European Information Management Conference
November 5-7, 2012
Brussels, Belgium

Shred School
November 14-16, 2012
Spartanburg, SC

PRISM Latin American Forum
November 29-30, 2012

Hotel Almirante Cartegena, Columbia

PRISM Fundamentals Workshop
December 4-5, 2012

Arizona Biltmore

See you in Brussels!

In November, we'll be off
to attend the European Information Management Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

We're proud to be an event sponsor of this exciting joint event between NAID-Europe, PRISM International and ARMA.

Click here for detailed event info.

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Given recent weather, Mother Nature's
been dishing more tricks than treats

this October. It is our sincere hope
that you and those you care about most are safe and sound in the wake of recent events.


What's your domain worth?
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

Something’s up. Your web site, which normally hums along generating new leads, sales, and so forth, has gone eerily quiet. After some digging you discover that it hasn’t been hijacked by a competitor or kicked out of a major search engine either. It’s been sniped.

Luckily this didn't happen to us. Unfortunately, it did happen to someone that I know, and since this isn’t something that you hear about all that often, I thought it might be appropriate to share the information so it doesn't happen to you. Domain sniping is a booming business and once your domain name has been sniped, retrieving it can be difficult. Here’s how it happens.

Because domains are only leased or rented for a certain period of time, you must renew them in advance of their expiration - or you risk losing them forever. Most reputable domain registrars send renewal emails but perhaps your spam filter automatically deleted it, or you’ve changed email addresses and forgot to update the info with the domain name company. Whatever the reason, your domain name expired. Your next step is to go to your registrar’s site to renew the URL. Hopefully, it’s available and you’re able to do so. Often, you find that your domain name has been purchased out from your nose. You’ve been sniped.

A person’s motivation for domain sniping is usually an honest one. More and more often, there are less honorable intentions at work. In the case of the latter, the purchasing party watched your domain, waiting for it to expire. They then waited through the hold period and the second it was available, snatched it up. Their only intention is to sell the domain back to you or another party – at a greatly increased rate. To provide a little extra purchasing stimulus on your part, they may even use your URL to setup pornographic banners in the hope that you’ll pay to avoid the damage to you or your company’s reputation.

If this happens, there’s not a lot you can do. If your site is trademarked, you might be able to sue for cybersquatting, but you will probably pay more in legal fees. Aside from that, nothing illegal has occurred so your recourse is to negotiate with the domain sniper or purchase a new domain name. Either way, be sure to note when your URL is due for renewal to avoid what can be a costly and time-consuming headache.

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Planning that Weathers the Storm

“In fair weather prepare for foul.” This quote from author Thomas Fuller is worth heeding, particularly when it comes to businesses and their disaster recovery/business continuity planning.

As we prepared this newsletter, the disaster-preparedness of businesses are being tested by Hurricane Sandy as she churns up the U.S. east coast. Over the weekend a massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake rocked Canada’s west coast. Hopefully, those of you who are in the path of these natural disasters are safe and sound, as are those you love and care about most. Secondarily, I sincerely hope your business interests are protected.

While both of these incidents are serious natural disasters, they present very different scenarios when it comes to disaster planning and business continuity. There are typically a few days between a hurricane developing and actually impacting an area, whereas an earthquake provides little warning before it strikes. Both underscore how critical it is that companies implement DR/BC plans, yet many businesses remain unprepared as this graphic demonstrates:

If you have a DR/BC plan in place, you’ve taken a significant step in protecting your business assets and those of your clients. Step 2 is to regularly test your plan and adjust as needed. If you have yet to develop a DR/BC plan, don’t delay. You never know what Mother Nature is planning to throw at us next.

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There's an App for That app

Technology, particularly mobile technology, can prove invaluable during times of distress or urgency. Check out this excellent article published by the Disaster Recover Journal. It provides information and links for numerous mobile apps to assist with business and personal disaster preparedness.

One example is Life360. Designed primarily for families to set up private networks, it’s also useful for groups. Activated by any member in a crisis, it shows where every person in the network is and asks them to indicate if they are safe or need help.

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ASI Hosts "Great Pumpkin" Carving Contest

October wouldn't be complete with the ASI team coming together for their Halloween pumpkin carving contest. Strictly BYOP, this year's entries included everything from intricately carved creations to less elaborate orbs.


Congratulations go to winner Kevin Baird for presenting the most inspired pumpkin and to Pete Fifield for his minimalistic entry. A big thanks goes to everyone for making it a fun event for all.








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ASI Tests Successfully on New MS Releases
Kevin Baird, Programming Manager

Recently Microsoft has released Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012. ASI has been extensively testing our applications on each with no operational issues detected. We have also passed certification testing with Microsoft for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 certification is pending as soon as it is officially released.

Microsoft also recently released Windows RT, its tablet OS that runs on ARM processors. Windows RT isn't designed to run traditional Windows software. Software has to be specifically written for it. ASI will evaluate customer adoption of Windows RT over time, as well as Microsoft's continued support of it and make determinations on adapting our software for it when needed.

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