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Tana's Tech Tip

Walk-in business?
Veri-Shred's New POS feature ensures it doesn't walk away.

Veri-Shred newest feature is Point of Sale (POS).  If your business serves a growing number of walk-in customers who are dropping off material for shredding, Veri-Shred's new POS feature is for you. Because you can add the customer, enter a price, and print a service order – all in one screen – it is a great tool to streamline the sales process. If this tool would be beneficial for your destruction operation, contact ASI Support to schedule an update to the most recent version of Veri-Shred. 

You're also invited to register to attend the WebShare session on October 26 to learn more about POS and how this solution can work for your business.  

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Ready to Soar?
Scott Bidwell, President/COO

I'm tackling quality, or the lack of it, in this month's article. This is not only because we're including an announcement about ASI's newly created Quality Assurance Unit either. I'm truly confounded at the persistently diminishing quality of good and services. From newly purchased clothing whose buttons fall off after one wearing to cars that are total losses in what would've been a "fender bender" twenty years ago, things just aren't made to last. Then there's the "service" sector. I found myself standing at a checkout counter the other day, ready to spend my hard-earned dollars on their products, only to find that I had to wait for the cashier (late teens/early twenties) to finish texting before she could ring up my purchases. I'd like to say this is the first time I've encountered this, or that it is always the younger generation. Sadly, that is not the case.

I know, I know. I sound like a curmudgeon. I'm okay with that, because I don't think I'm the only person who's scratching his head on this. Day after day, we're bombarded with how desperate these economic times are, with no bright light on the horizon. This alone would seem to necessitate a company delivering service and products that shine above the rest - just to maintain market share. Yet, the sour marketplace seems to have soured quality right along with it.

It's my opinion that, whether times are good or bad, a company dedicated to the best in product and service is going to deliver just that. When times are tougher, they'll deliver even more on that promise.Although a bit simplistic it may be, I also think it's a commitment to higher quality that is the key to pulling out of this economic nose dive. It's only by holding ourselves, our products and services to being the best we can be that we can truly soar again.

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Gimme 5:
Ken Krucenski, Roadnet Technologies

Ken Krucenski
This month's "Gimme 5" expert is Ken Krucenski, National Sales Manager for Roadnet Technologies . Ken is responsible for business development and managing a domestic sales team that works specifically with the small to medium sized business throughout all areas of distribution.

Because ASI's destruction and records center software offers an integrated routing solution via Roadnet Technologies' route optimization software, Roadnet Anywhere , we asked Ken to share his thoughts on how companies can maintain their competitive edge utilizing such innovation routing solutions.

1. With rising fuel costs, it's more important than ever for businesses to run efficiently. How does Roadnet Anywhere deliver business efficiency for RIM services companies?

Today, more than ever, businesses are being squeezed by margins. Roadnet Anywhere offers multiple tools that enable companies to operate their fleets efficiently and profitably. Our powerful route optimization tool reduces transportation costs and miles driven. It will suggest the best route for those last minute add-on orders and its GPS tracking enables real-time monitoring of vehicle activity and location. This is especially helpful for proactive response to service situations and route exceptions.

Another exciting benefit for companies contemplating expansion, whether by facility or vehicle or new geographic market is the ability to consider “what if” scenarios. Roadnet Anywhere looks at the metrics related to the proposed growth scenario (cost per mile, for example) so the company can assess whether it makes sense for their business.  It also helps identify more efficient productivity scenarios utilizing existing resources.

2. Is there a "customer profile" Roadnet Anywhere is best suited to serve?

The client best served by Roadnet Anywhere is a small to medium-sized business operating 1-10 vehicles. Currently, our average customer operates five vehicles. As a company grows and its transportation requirements become more sophisticated, we're also able to continue to serve them with our more robust solution, Roadnet Transportation Suite.

 3. What does "Anywhere" apply to and why should this matter to business?

Roadnet Anywhere was developed especially for the small to medium-sized business owner/operator. Almost without exception, these owner/operators wear multiple hats and require solutions that enable them to work with a great deal of flexibility without sacrificing performance. With Roadnet Anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer and an internet connection, they are able to route vehicles and manage their transportation requirements – anywhwere, anytime.  

4. ASI has been able to integrate its Veri-Shred and VCK-SQL software solutions with Roadnet. Are you able to give us a sense of how this partnership benefits the ASI customer?

 Customers are our most important asset. I'm proud to say that Roadnet Technologies has a 97% customer retention rate. In executing this integration, Roadnet Technologies and Andrews Software have tackled the tough questions and cleared the high hurdles. This enables the RIM services companies to get up and running quickly with minimal delays – especially important to the small and medium-sized business owner/operator.

5. What's "coming down the road" so to speak in the world of route optimization and GPS?

Roadnet Technologies is the leader in route optimization tracking. We also see our role being more inclusive of the overall health and well-being of a company's transportation division. Our Roadnet Telematics solution addresses this by providing a risk and safety management tool to reduce unsafe driving behavior and improve vehicle longevity. With Telematics, vehicles are serviced according to need versus a schedule (predictive maintenance), which boosts efficiency since this reduces the number of days a truck is off the road. Telematics also offers tools to monitor a vehicle's use and activity. For example, is a truck often idling? One hour of idling equals one gallon of fuel used, so this can be an important factor in improving cost efficiencies. Telematics can also assess whether drivers are braking harshly or doing jack-rabbit starts, creating unnecessary vehicle wear-and-tear as well as being safety issues. The system is able to provide the driver with an audible prompt when these scenarios are detected, which boosts safety, vehicle longevity, and can contribute to reduced insurance premiums.

Ultimately, it's about providing RIM services companies with the tools necessary to enable them to remain as profitable, efficient and competitive in today's challenging market. With Roadnet Anywhere and ASI's suite of software solutions, I think we're able to accomplish this for these growing businesses.

We'd like to thank Ken for sharing his insights and information. If you'd like to learn more about Roadnet Anywhere from Roadnet Technologies,visit . Ken can be reached directly at .

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ASI Growth Sparks New QA Unit

As ASI continues to grow, expanding its solutions and service offerings, client satisfaction remains a top priority. It's this commitment to our customers that has led Andrews Software, Inc. to create a Quality Assurance Unit.

The key directive of the Quality Assurance Unit is to verify that all ASI software solutions, new or evolved, are designed, developed and offered to clients in the most comprehensive way, with the highest standards. This is accomplished via planning to establish objectives, documentation, monitoring/testing and revisions as needed.

Officially launching October 1st , this newly created unit will be led by ASI support veteran Tana McAtee. Tana's career in the RIM services industry began 11 years ago as a customer service representative for Andrews Records Management. She accepted a position as a Support Specialist with ASI in September 2005 and has assisted customers with numerous software installations, online and onsite training, development of training materials, and resolution of support issues. Tana will be transitioning into her new position as she completes current client support projects. We're excited to have Tana heading this new unit and are confident her leadership in this area will result in ASI client expectations being not only met, but exceeded.

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