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2006 Users Seminar - A Success
By: Scott Bidwell

We just finished the ASI 2006 Users Seminar, and the feedback has been extremely positive.  For those who were able to attend thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules. We hope you have had the opportunity to implement at least one idea derived from your two days of educational sessions and networking with other ASI users.  If you were not able to make it, we missed you and unfortunately you missed a couple days of great educational sessions.  Not to mention you had an opportunity to get your hands on (literally in a computer lab) the latest software enhancements, plus users had an opportunity to use ASI Mobile with the Symbol 8866 scanner.
During the wrap-up session we asked for suggestions and ways we could improve.  Well, I’m not sure if you ever stood up in front of your customers and said, “Hey, what can we do better?”, but it can be a little unnerving.  One can’t help but wonder if the intention to have a positive exchange of ideas will turn negative and you find yourself dodging bullets in front of your best customers.  In fact, others have shared stories of chair throwing events during conferences held by other software suppliers. Fortunately for all of us, this session proved to be a positive and open exchange of information, and all the chairs remained on the floor. We even received some positive accolades and other attendees chimed in with suggestions on what they were doing to solve a particular issue or need. The end result, it was a great exchange of information, especially the insight provided by one user to another software user. 

Along these same lines, and after much discussion, ASI has decided to invest in additional technology to provide you with the ability to exchange your ideas and knowledge with other ASI users, in a positive environment.  The “ASI Support Forum” can be accessed from the Support Forum link off the ASI website and is a free subscription service for all ASI clients.  Once you subscribe to the Support Forum, you will receive emails from posters (people with questions or answers) giving you the opportunity to provide your insight to their question, or learn from the feedback of others.

Subscription is easy, simply go to http://www.andrewssoftware.com/sup_SupportForum.aspx select Login Request, fill out your information and choose “Subscribe to ASI Support Forum”. You can also select “Subscribe to ASI Newsletter” but if you are reading this, then you are probably already a subscriber.  You will receive an email message confirming your subscription.  Simply hit “reply” to the message and the process is complete.  Once confirmed you will receive a “Welcome” email message providing instructions and details on how to use the list.  Over the next couple of months, as more and more users subscribe, the amount of information sharing will increase. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the use of the ASI Support Forum please feel free to contact me at SBidwell@AndrewsSoftware.com or 800-807-2093.  We look forward to working with you now and well into the future.

Please enjoy these pictures from the 2006 ASI Users Seminar.

Users Seminar Users Seminar

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

Users Seminar PicUsers Seminar Pic

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

Users Seminar Pic Users Seminar Pic

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Technology Wins Almost Every Time
By: Lee Miller

Are you Embracing Technology?
It's Changing Every Day

If you are used to seeing the competition in the rear view mirror then chances are you are embracing technology. If your competition is looking at 'you' in the rear view mirror then chances are technology put them there. Big or small, the organization that embraces technology can beat the competition at most every turn in the road.

ASI is spending much time, money and energy developing the best training programs in the industry, just for you. Why? Because we want to help you be #1 in your market. That's our mission! Educate the troops so they win 80% of the time.

Basic premise says - - you can't sell or use what you don't know or understand.

Here's Our Plan

Between now and the end of the year we have 10 WebShare training sessions scheduled. Register a minimum of 3 employees for those Webinars that apply to your business and we will credit your account with 50% of the cost. That's as many as ten hours of knowledge and training for as many employees as you can gather around the tube!!

Click here to view the WebShare schedule.

Those using only Veri-Shred, Visual Corporate Keeper or Visual Vault Keeper and who would like to learn something about the other associated market(s)/products are welcome to attend all WebShare programs.

The following checklist might provide good reason to participate.

Does every new prospect presentation include:

  • An InfoKeeper (IK) demo using field captions unique to the prospects business?
  • A scanner and portable receipt printer?
  • A this year vs. last year customer activity management report?
  • A demo of how the scan file provides an audit trail showing every bin was visited - - SOX compliance?
  • A schedule "A" showing lower unit service costs using IK?
  • A list of every bin and it's location?
  • A detailed example of automated Retention Scheduleing using IK?
  • An example of how their InfoKeeper database can be downloaded for Disaster Recovery purposes?
  • A demo of how IK can provide a National database and service structure?
  • A demo of how the data entry field structures can be re-arranged on the IK screen to match the order of data entry?
  • A demo of how the prospects administrative manager can control employee access to IK?

Does every Driver know enough to:

  • Help the end user find and order something using IK?
  • Load all his/her work orders in the scanner and complete the day's run?
  • Carry and use a scanner/printer eliminating the need to separate new adds from refiles or write the barcode numbers on the work order?

Do all Customer Service Representatives know how to:

  • Teach the customer IK?
  • Run invoicing?
  • Setup a new customer?
  • Send invoices via E-Billing?
  • Create schedules for each driver/route?

Does every Warehouse employee know how to:

  • Run an open location report?
  • Use pallet cards to track incoming items and confirm accurate shelving?
  • Run an overflow location report?
  • Run an overdue staged file report?
  • Run a grid overhaul?
  • Research a locationally challenged box, file or tape?


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Marathon Relay Results

Support The ASI Team

On September 30, 2006 members of the ASI Team took part in the Akron Road Runner Marathon Business Challenge Relay. Some of us are feeling great and some of us are still recovering. The day was cold and rainy but we all showed up and finished the race.

Our two teams:

The ASI Archives - Jim Miller (6.2m), Richard Warren (3.1m), Tony Kovalik (6.2m), Konstantin Guiler (3.1m) & Dave Campion (7.6m) - Total Time: 4:44:41

The ASI Shredders - Brian Chivers (6.2m), Jennifer Frohlich (3.1m), Scott Bidwell (6.2m), Tana Schaad (3.1m) & Jim Macmillan (7.6m)- Total Time: 3:58:15

Although, the time shows the Shredders won, we all feel like winners for completing a full marathon. It was a great team building event and we all hope to participate next year!


Marathon Pic

Marathon Pic

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