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PRISM International
February 14-16, 2007
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2007 NAID Annual Conference
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Release notes for the VCK & Veri-Shred Updates

SelectedClick here to view the VCK release notes.

SelectedClick here to view the Veri-Shred release notes.

We will also be hosting webinars to educate users on the new features and enhancements included in these updates. Please check the WebShare schedule for dates.

Microsoft Updates

Recently, Microsoft made a Critical Update patch available to all Windows users. This update includes the new Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7). As a result, ASI has discovered an incompatibility between IE7 and the VCK e-billing feature. We have created a software patch to correct the issue. If you experience this issue please contact ASI so we can provide you with the fix.

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Veri-Shred Update v 1.1.180
By: Jennifer Fröhlich, Project Manager

We are happy to announce the latest Veri-Shred update has been released and has been receiving rave reviews. If you haven't been updated yet, please contact ASI to schedule yours today.

Customer setup has received a complete overhaul and the process of setting up new customers can be completed more efficiently than ever before. We've included more customer specific billing options, giving you the ability to accommodate just about any billing scenario a customer might have. For example, some customers may wish to be billed per tip, while another may want to be billed per pound, or by capacity. Whether customers are invoiced daily, weekly or monthly, with detailed invoicing or a one page summary, Veri-Shred is flexible enough to handle it.

We understand not every shredding facility prefers the same view of their Daily Service Orders. Some prefer more detail and others prefer less. Veri-Shred has several variations to choose from. Select from a quick route summary (Daily Run Sheet) including all customers or a summary page (Condensed Service Order) per customer or a detailed service order per customer.

Veri-Shred management reports offer you a wide variety of information to ensure you know what's going on in your business.

  • Do you know exactly how many bins you have placed and where each one is located?
  • Do you know how many empty bins you have? Is it time to order more bins?
  • How many bins have you placed but haven't serviced in 30, 60, 90 or 120 days?
  • Do you know, on average, how full or empty bins are over a specified time period?

The management criteria interface allows you to decide how you want the information presented. You can group and display information by route, by customer address, by bin location stop, or by bin type.

In conjunction with the Veri-Shred update, we have also released ASI Mobile, version 2.8. ASI Mobile v2.8 provides transient functionality to accommodate additional shredding materials not on the original schedule. You can service 20 additional containers or pick up 100 boxes to be destroyed with one additional scan. These items will be added to the service order and invoiced according to the customer specific billing settings.

With over 50 installations added in the last 18 months, Veri-Shred continues to evolve through enhancement requests further securing its place as the 'heavy hitter' of software within the shredding community. Our goal is to provide you, with the tools necessary to not only meet, but exceed the needs of your customers, as well as the needs of the entire shredding industry. Veri-Shred is an industry specific solution designed specifically for the shredding industry, not a box on the shelf "retrofitted" solution.

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What Can IT Really Cost You?
By: Scott Bidwell, VP Sales & Marketing

There seems to be an insurance program for just about everything under the sun. We insure our cars, buildings, houses, and spouses just to name a few. In fact if you “Google” insurance, you will receive over 404,000,000 results. If you were to reference Wikipedia, it would describe insurance as the following… “Insurance in law and economics, is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of catastrophic financial loss. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a potential loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for a premium and duty of care.”

So, you are probably wondering where we are going with this? Let’s take a moment and focus on risk management and how risk management can impact our respective businesses. My sense is each and every person reading this article, at one time or another, has walked through their respective operations performing some sort of “Risk Assessment” either formally with their insurance company, or informally on your own. Each time you go through the motions you probably see something new, or observe an area which needs attention. For example, the college student hired to maintain the facility grounds has inadvertently left a gas can in the warehouse, or a driver has pulled a van into the warehouse to unload it because of adverse weather conditions outside and he didn’t want to get wet. We could probably go on and on with creating a “Risk Assessment” check list, but let’s park the check list for another day. The point is, each and every time you perform this process you are looking for ways to mitigate your risks. Risk to the physical plant, the business, and ultimately to your customer. Let’s face it, without your customer, the rest seems to be less important.

One area which can generally slip under the radar screen, is what transpires between the time your driver leaves your facility to make his deliveries and the time he returns. When you did your “Risk Assessment”, did you ride with all your drivers? Or was it a situation of “Out of site, out of mind”? Has a driver ever failed to deliver an item either because he left it in the warehouse, or it was inadvertently placed on another truck? Or worse yet, has your driver delivered the wrong file or box to the wrong customer?

Here’s the scenario, ABC Law Firm and XYZ Law Firm both make requests from the records center for case files to be delivered to them the next day. Your veteran driver, who has been with you for many years, who has a great track record for accuracy, and the customers love him, inadvertently delivers an ABC file to the XYZ Law Firm. What goes through your customer’s mind? “If they did this to me, then how many other customers do they do this to, can I be the only one?” How much time is then spent on damage control trying to keep the customer? Unfortunately this probably happens more times than we would like to admit, and until the human factor is replaced by some sort of “Futuristic Computer Controlled Robot Delivery Driver” (FCCRD), it is bound to happen again, unless we look at ways to help mitigate the risk.

While ASI has not yet released the FCCRD, we do have ASI Mobile. ASI Mobile is the industries most sophisticated hand-held delivery error trapping application available on the market today. A few key features are as follows:

  • Load Verification - verify that all items being loaded onto the truck are also on the work orders for delivery
  • Scan Validation – point of delivery verification that items being delivered are on the work order for delivery
  • Delivery Receipt – listing all items delivered, picked up, as well as any discrepancies
  • Delivery Receipt – listing all shred bins serviced including the capacity and time of service
  • Digital Signature Capture – your customer signs on the scanner screen which is downloaded to the work order in Visual Corporate Keeper becoming part of the work order history
  • Chronological timeline of an items activity from initial scan to final resting place

Not only does ASI Mobile contain the Driver Scanning application, it also houses the Veri-Shred scan verification application and Visual Corporate Keeper’s warehouse scanning application. Whether your employee is servicing a destruction bin, delivering a carton or file, or working in the warehouse, ASI Mobile provides one solution for all activities and in our opinion helps you to reduce your risk. In addition to the detailed error trapping ASI Mobile provides, both records centers and shredding operations are realizing additional cost savings in the office because work orders are edited automatically based on the activities which actually took place while the driver was out on the road. So in short you have an insurance program which can actually save you money.

For more information or to find out how to implement ASI Mobile for $2,995* per truck, or approximately $100* per delivery vehicle per month, please contact us at sales@AndrewsSoftware.com.

*does not include shipping, taxes, duties, finance charges or additional supplies.

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ASI Gives Back

Northeast Ohio Adoption Services (NOAS) is a non profit adoption agency providing adoption and foster care services to teens and school-age children in the child welfare system. Each year at Christmas NOAS provides an Angel Tree for children from the child welfare system. These children will have their holidays brightened with donations of suggested items that are written and posted on the Angel Tree. Over 500 children are celebrating, thanks to the generous support of friends.

For the past several years ASI has proudly participated in this event. Each member of ASI donates money and then we shop to fullfill the requests on each child's wish list. This year we are being Angels to Crystal, who is 16 and Ryan, who is 17. We are happy to be able to bring smiles to their faces this Christmas.

If you would like more information on NOAS, please visit their website at www.noas.com.


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