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The new webinar schedule has been posted. We have changed from bi-weekly sessions to weekly sessions. Be sure to check out the FREE sessions available. REGISTER TODAY!!!

SelectedASI Learning Center
Here you can view all ASI product help manuals.

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Have an issue you need assistance with? Get help today by creating a support trouble ticket.

Upcoming Events

PRISM/NAID Joint Expo and Annual Conference
May 14-17, 2006
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PRISM Business Across Borders
September 4-6, 2006

HHGFA - Household Goods Forwarders Association
October 9-12, 2006

ARMA - Association of Records Managers and Administrators
October 22-25, 2006

InfoKeeper Update

SelectedLegal Hold is a new feature that has been recently added to InfoKeeper. This feature enables authorized users to place boxes on legal hold or to remove them from legal hold. When boxes are placed on legal hold they can be viewed but no changes can be made to the boxes or files within those boxes. The boxes cannot be requested for retrieval, destruction and/or permanent removal. Box/file edits and new file data entry have also been deactivated.

SelectedYou can now search on multiple items in the InfoKeeper. For example, if you have a request for 10 files and you search for them by medical record number, you can now enter all 10 medical record numbers simultaneously, click search and, if found, all ten items will be returned. Click Request All and voilá your request has been made. You can perform a multiple request search in any character field. Save time and call today to have this new feature activated for all your InfoKeeper accounts.

The Legal Hold feature and Multiple Item Searching must be activated by ASI for each customer. Please contact support at to have one or both of these features activated for your InfoKeeper accounts.

Did You Know...

SelectedYou can upload all work orders into the Symbol PPT8860/8866 scanner for driver scanning load verification.

Selected Veri-Shred, ASI's document destruction software, integrates with Microsoft MapPoint 2004.

SelectedASI provides weekly online webinar training sessions, called WebShare. These training sessions cover proper instructions and features & functions of our many records and information management software solutions. Click here to view the WebShare schedule.

SelectedVCK can interface with the following accounting packages: QuickBooks, Sage, Peachtree, and Syma.


How I Doubled my Business in 6 Months!!

Joe Incarnato, owner of Metropolitan Archives, Landover, Maryland wins more times than not – in fact he wins 76% of the time and here’s how.

My nine step process

  1. Get the appointment at a high level, CFO if possible.
  2. Ask for sample box and / or file data. If not available use generic (where you are not releasing any private information) data that fits the prospects industry model. ASI has helped me with this in the past.
  3. Prepare the quote.
  4. Set up an InfoKeeper Demo with fields modified to fit the customer’s business. Use the data provided in “2” above to establish the field structure needs. ie. Hospital -- first name, last name, date of birth and social security / patient number. Law firm -- matter number, billing attorney, responsible attorney, client name etc.  Make sure there is at least one pull down “combo box” in the demo.



  5. Use your prospect's computer during the demo.  Create a shortcut on their desktop to remind them of you later when you are gone.
  6. Have your prospect run the key board during the demo.
  7. Show simplicity and accuracy on their end – employees can do their own data entry, searches and requests,  this saves money and time.
  8. Turn on Retention Scheduling (if appropriate) and show how easy it is to take a major step towards compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GLB, FACTA, SBO etc.
  9. Write the order

Joe says “Nearly every employee of nearly every prospect uses the web to conduct daily business --- so why should the RIM side of the business be any different?”

He goes on to say the competition

  • does not employ sales people who are comfortable selling a web solution
  • does not have a web solution that competes with InfoKeeper
  • doesn’t have a clue and is selling a box on a shelf instead of technology

Joe goes on to say “My goal is to demo InfoKeeper on every call, which opens the door for a formal quote or setting up a second appointment and second demo using the client field structures, client sample data (if available),  a mock retention scheduling table, sample reports and much more!  Find their pain or need and return with a solution.” Joe continues by saying “After spending fourteen plus years working for a competing record center, it was absolutely clear the market wants and needs a simple user friendly technology solution. It was also clear the sales force had to be totally comfortable selling that solution. We attribute our success to having the best technology and a sales force with the best combination of technology, RIM knowledge and sales talent.”

In the past six months we added many accounts but four were significant

Law Firm                15,500 cube
Accounting Firm      1,700 cube
Law Firm                 60,000 cube
Law Firm                 10,000 cube

All were sold using InfoKeeper and technology as our base advantage over the competition.

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Support Implements New Software

In December of 2005 a new software solution was purchased for the support department. This software package is a comprehensive customer support application that enables us to coordinate and manage everyday support activities as well as track all calls, build a knowledge base and much more. When a user calls in for support an incident report is immediately created by the support representative. This incident report contains all history concerning the question or problem and can be viewed at any time.

This package also contains an "End User Desktop" application (EUD) that allows you, the user, to do the following:

  • View Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
  • Search the knowledge base
  • Enter new incident reports
  • View past incident history
  • View informational headlines

When you have a question or problem simply login and create an incident report. The incident will then be assigned to a support representative and will be handled in the order in which they are received. For emergency requests a direct phone call is best.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the "Login" link under the Support heading on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Click the "Forgot Password/Login" link.
  4. Enter your email address and click the "Submit" button. If your name has already been entered into the EUD application by a support representative you will receive an email with your login information, if not, you will be prompted to register.
  5. To register, click the "Register" link under the Support heading on the left hand side of the page. Follow the on-screen prompts. As soon as you submit you are ready to utilize the features.
  6. To enter an incident, click the "Submit Incident" under the Support heading on the left hand side of the page. Fill in the incident report and click submit. You can also upload any attachments relating to the incident if applicable.

User's can be designated as an administrator by a support representative. Administrators have the ability to view all other user's incidents. Call support if you would like to be designated as an administrator.

By taking these proactive steps we are striving to not only maintain the level of support that users have come to expect but enhance the level of service by making it available to more people.  This software provides everyone with more information, improved documentation, better tracking, and more accessibility.  The customer service experience is about to get even better.

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Don't Let the Competition Step Between You and Your Customer

Andrews Consulting Services, Inc. (ACS) Launches New Website

Developed with the expertise of our friends at Flourish Press, the ACS website is an effective tool for informing prospects and clients, and of course generating business.

In addition to setting the stage with a run-down on who we are, the business sectors we serve, testimonials and case studies, and what differentiates us…

  • Adherence to Six Sigma methodology
  • Software tools to help support sound RIM program management
  • History of working directly in and with the offsite RIM industry

The site also provides an education on Records and Information Management (RIM).  What is RIM, why it is important, the services we offer, and how they will benefit the prospect.

The ACS site also offers a ‘Resources’ section including…

  • Informative answers to RIM related FAQs
  • “Ask an ACS Expert”, allowing prospects to ask an ACS consultant specific questions on the subject of RIM with a response within 24 hours.
  • A “RIM Self Audit” to help prospects assess their present RIM scenarios
  • Links to RIM related articles and RIM industry events and associations
  • Information on the regulations steering the industry

Our goal is to help YOU, our partners and resellers respond to your customer's needs. Customers are searching for professional, third party solutions to the constantly changing world of RIM regulations. ACS is proud to present itself as your professional ally and service provider for RIM consulting services. Don't let a competitor step between you and your customer to provide retention scheduling work flow and other solutions to SOX, FACTA, HIPPA, GLB and/or other regulations. ACS is prepared to serve any industry, in any location, as made evident by a current working contract for a California hospital.

For further information on ACS, please contact Jim Miller at 800-807-2093 x210 or

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Do You Shred?

If you don’t, you should be and here’s why...

Today, an already exploding industry is being fanned from all directions causing the shredding community to ramp up resources to deal with the growing demand.  The market for shredding machines today stands around $350 million tall and is expected to continue growing.

So where is the demand coming from?  New legislation, the fear from identity theft, laws that force not only larger companies, but anyone who employs just one person are all legally accountable to dispose of employee information in a responsible way, so says The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) who recently published new rules for the provision of disposal. This law requires the destruction - "shredding or burning" or "smashing or wiping" - of all paper or computer disks containing personal information "derived from a consumer report" before it is discarded.  Along with financial penalties and a firm enforcement of the law, companies are being motivated to follow through.

FACTA is just one of many recent laws aimed at protecting consumer and company privacy, including medical records, credit information and corporate trade secrets.  There are many laws, state and federal that in some shape or form penalize corporate America in the name of protecting consumer information.  There is a contention that more focus should be shifted to managing the problem of identity theft rather than disciplining the company, (or individual) who fell victim to it.  Either way, shredding, it seems, is fast becoming a way of life, and so it should.  From an environmental perspective, the US is still a long way from some European countries regarding the levels of paper that reach the recycler, but it’s moving in the right direction.

From a completely different angle, the market for recycled paper continues to grow to the point where Americans are recycling paper at an all-time high, recapturing more than 300 pounds per person each year. That's about half the paper produced in the United States.  Add to which, there is a healthy exporting of scrap paper to China, where the demand for cardboard, packaging and boxes has reached a point where they can no longer produce the pulp needed to meet demand themselves.  Since the cost to ship remains relatively low, the China market for scrap paper is now growing at 50% per year.   All of which helps energize the shredding industry and supports anyone already thinking about getting in the business.  So, to come full circle, DO YOU SHRED?

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