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A Year in the Life of ASI - 2005


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A Year in the Life of ASI - 2005

  • Client base expands into Kenya with a VCK installation.
  • VCK webCONNECT™ is released. VCK webCONNECT provides records center clients with all of the functions and flexibility of Visual Corporate KeeperŪ (VCK) and the online access to their account information offered by InfoKeeper. Unlike, InfoKeeper™, VCK webCONNECT is hosted and maintained by the records center.

  • February
  • Andrews Records Management, Inc. was sold to Cintas.
  • Andrews Software reorganizes management - Lee Miller is President & CEO, assuming responsibility for day-to-day operations and Scott Bidwell is appointed Vice President of Sales & Marketing.
  • WebShare Webinars, ASI's online education and training program, begin.

  • March
  • Significant update released for Veri-Shred™ including improved daily work flow & routing reports.
  • ASI introduces the Symbol PPT8860 as its new generation of barcode scanners, providing users with an all inclusive scanner for warehouse, driver scanning and destruction called ASI Mobile.  The driver scanning portion enables drivers to load verify before leaving the record center and scan verify pickups and deliveries.  

  • April
  • VCK is installed in the Netherlands.
  • Attended NAID conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Andrews Consulting Services, Inc. (ACS) was formalized and Doug Detloff joins the Andrews Companies as Director of ACS.

  • May
  • VCK is installed in India.
  • Attended the PRISM conference in Sanibel, Florida. Lee Miller receives the 'Volunteer of the Year' award from PRISM.

  • June
  • ASI Mobile, running Microsoft Pocket PC with SQL Server and .NET, receive its “Designed for Windows Mobile" Certification from Microsoft.

  • July
  • An update for Visual Vault Keeper is released.

  • August
  • Tana Schaad joins the ASI Team as a member of customer support.
  • ASI sponsored a table at the Dave Thomas celebrity cook off as a fund raiser for the NorthEast Ohio Adoption Services (NOAS).

  • September
  • Jim Miller joins the ASI Team as a Sales Representative.

  • October
  • ASI attends the NAID European Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • The 2005 User's Seminar is held in Cleveland, OH. To view the 2005 User’s Seminar press release, click here.
  • A second Veri-Shred update is released providing users with mapping & routing functionality integrating with Microsoft MapPoint.

  • November
  • New ASI website is launched.
  • An update was made to the Data Entry portion of InfoKeeper, which will check to make sure box barcode numbers belong to the customer doing data entry. This prevents mis-keyed barcode numbers from being entered into the system.
  • Visual Corporate Keeper can now be translated into any language.

  • December
  • VVK webCONNECT™ was released, providing end users web access to their tape inventory in real time. VVK webCONNECT is hosted and maintained by the records center and interfaces directly with Visual Vault Keeper. This program enables users to deposit and withdrawal tapes without records center intervention.
  • New software was purchased to help optimize the handling of trouble tickets in customer support. This program will be available to all customer, enabling them to login and create their own trouble tickets and view past history. Look for this new software to be implemented first quarter of 2006.
  • A significant update to Visual Corporate Keeper was released. This update contains over 90 new features and enhancements. Click here to view the release notes.
  • ASI played Santa Claus for two children from NOAS.

  • webCONNECT
    By: Kevin Baird, Developer

    Our web-based product InfoKeeper was first launched in 1997.  The original product only tracked boxes (Not files), and didn’t have many of the features available today, such as Destruction, Permanent Withdrawals, Box/File Editing, and National services.  Over time, InfoKeeper has evolved into a fantastic client tool for managing box and file records.

    The original InfoKeeper concept was designed more as a complimentary program to Visual Corporate Keeper.  However, requests were made by our clients to expand on its many features, and deliver an even higher end product.  Some customers requested a version of InfoKeeper that would run at the Record Center, and integrate directly with the Record Center’s data.  Others requested an InfoKeeper tool for Visual Vault Keeper.  And still others requested taking Visual Corporate Keeper and making it a fully web based product.

    So ASI listened to all of these points, and formed a new plan to release three new products. VCK webCONNECT, VVK webCONNECT, and our as-yet-unnamed rewrite of VCK.

    VCK webCONNECT is our record center run version of InfoKeeper.  It integrates directly with the VCK data, and provides clients with a real-time look at their data.  As a version 1 product, it is not yet as full featured as InfoKeeper, but provides most of the tools clients are looking for, including search and query, box adds, requests, services, refiles and more.  Its strongest benefit is that it integrates directly with the VCK giving the Records Center more control of their data.  In addition, it can provide a look at your data from any machine within your organization that has a web-browser, and not just machines installed with the VCK.

    VVK webCONNECT is our new vault software for the client; also integrating directly with the Visual Vault Keeper.  It allows real time access to tape data entry, tape withdrawal, and search & query right over the web.

    Both of these products should be available from ASI by the time you read this.

    The final product that will ultimately replace InfoKeeper, is still in development here at ASI.  We have a lot of fantastic things planned for this product, and we think everyone will be really excited about the features it will deliver.  We’re building it on a technology platform that will allow us to take InfoKeeper to the next level and carry the product far into the future as operating systems change, and technology improves.  We’re looking forward to showing you all of its new features at a future date.

    ASI was one of the first companies to produce a web-based client tool, and continues to deliver new software to keep your business competitive.  Talk to an ASI representative today about the many web offerings we can provide your business.

    VCK Tips-N-Tricks
    By: Jennifer Frohlich, Education Specialist

    Printing or E-mailing Invoices while some are Adjusted

    When an invoice is adjusted the Print button on the Invoicing screen becomes disabled.  However, there is a way to print or email a group of invoices while others are adjusted. To accomplish this use the Set Filter Option located in the upper right hand corner of the Invoicing Screen.  Select Adjusted = False and Grand Total > 0.  Also, select E-Billing = True if you want to email invoices.  Since no adjusted invoices are present in the current view the Print button becomes enabled. 

    ASI Accounting Package Interfaces

    ASI has created several different programs that interface with popular accounting packages.  Those accounting packages include QuickBooks, Sage, Peach Tree and Syma.  If your business uses one of these accounting programs, contact ASI Sales for more information on our interface programs. 

    Scan Error Notification

    Scan Error Notification is a warehouse operations feature in VCK that allows the record center to track boxes and files that receive certain errors during scanning.  For example, if a box gets scanned by mistake for destruction the error generated is “Box was NOT requested for Destruction”.  What happens if the user dumping the wand doesn’t see the error?  The box can potentially get destroyed in error.  By using Scan Error Notification you can track all boxes that receive this error.  The person responsible for checking the Scan Error Notification log daily will see this box was scanned in error and can ensure that the box does not get destroyed by mistake.  Once the box has been scanned back in, the user can mark that the box has been fixed and verified in the Scan Error Notification Log.  

    Quick Edit Work Order

    If you right click in the work order field in Quick Edit Work Order the system will populate the last work order number you edited.  If you then left click once it will bring up that work order.

    Support News Flash
    By: Brian Chivers, Support Manager

    Due to an increase in business and growth of the Andrews Companies, our team is making strides to improve the flow of communication for support and sales to better serve your needs.

    Beginning in December, the telephone system was updated with several new options.  Andrews Software, Inc. launched a new division called Andrews Consulting Services (ACS) that offers records and information management consulting services to “corporate America”.  Feel free to contact the sales department for further information regarding ACS.  With this addition, the automated attendant can now forward an incoming call to either ASI or ACS depending on a client’s or prospective client’s needs.  Please listen carefully to the menu choices next time you call in for assistance.  Users calling for support will be directed to a holding queue if all lines are busy. This will ensure calls are answered in the order they are received and no calls are lost.

    Those of you who frequent our website may have noticed a new look.  Our site contains features from the previous design including the product information pages and links to frequently asked questions, etc. as well as some new ones.  To access the support section of the website a username and password is required.  If you don’t already have a username and password you can request one directly from the website.  A confirmation email will be sent back to you as soon as the username and password has been activated. 

    Finally, starting the year in January, the ASI support department will be using a new help desk software solution also open to all end-users.  This new system will give us the ability to better manage incoming support requests, log interaction and user history, and track hardware purchases in addition to many other features.  The best part is that all ASI customers will be able to link from our website and login to electronically create call tickets for specific needs.  Administrators for each customer account can also view call tickets created by others within the same company.  You will have options to see the status (open, pending, closed, etc.) for any tickets you or your company have in the system, not to mention the opportunity to see how often or why others in your organization may be contacting support.  Other features include self-help links, knowledge base, and product notices.  We feel that having this web ability will enhance your support experience while improving our methods for doing business.  Look for dates on our Web Share training schedule that will be focused on getting started and utilizing this proficient support tool.  You are invited and encouraged to take part in this latest feature to assist your knowledge development and progressive business needs.

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